Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Bristol Cities n.

also Bristols
[rhy. sl.; Bristol City = titty n. (1)]

the female breasts.

[UK]J. Franklyn Dict. of Rhy. Sl. 43/2: Bristol City Titty (breast). Early 20 C.
[UK]F. Norman Guntz 12: She certainly had a wonderful pair of Bristols.
[UK]D. Nobbs Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (1976) 48: ‘Christ, you’ve got a marvellous pair of Bristols on you,’ would sound crude.
[UK]R. Barker Fletcher’s Book of Rhy. Sl. 43: Some girl went past, with an upturned nose and Bristol Cities to match.
[UK]Barltrop & Wolveridge Muvver Tongue 11: One media-invented rhyming phrase that has gone into general use is ‘Bristols’ (short for Bristol Citys).
titwanker Urban Dict. 10 Apr. 2003 🌐 titwank The act of pleasuring oneself by thrusting the erect member between a generous pair of bristols. Typically concludes with the delivery of a pearl necklace. Phwoaar! She’s got a shirtfull. I’d love a good titwank in those.
[UK]Solar Project ‘Zeitgest’ 🎵 on Time [album] You wanna feel my Bethlehem steel / Mary Poppins, TNT, Bristol City / I bite into your cats and kitties.
[Aus]Pete’s Aussie Sl. Home Page 🌐 Bristol cities, Bristols: titties.
[UK]B. Dark Dirty Cockney Rhy. Sl. 31: Men have travelled from Crawley to Carlisle for a look at her Bristols.
[US]J. McCourt ‘Vilja de Tanquay Exults’ in Queer Street 394: Now she’s got to work, / Buckle on them Bristol Cities [i.e. fake breasts] / [...] and bust her arse.
[UK]Observer 20 Feb. 30/2: Hunched over the keyboard, typing incessantly about my bristols.
[UK]Guardian CiF 6 Mar. 🌐 They had a stripper Sunday lunchtime - [...] it was the first time, as a young lad, I had seen a pair of Bristols in public.