Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Brit n.


a Briton.

[US]Blackwood’s 169 453: They said; ‘the Brit is at his old game : let us give him time, and smash him [...] as we did at Magersfonteiname .
[US]E. Pound letter Feb. in Paige (1971) 268: Tho I admit the company of bro. hoff will be more entertainin’ than that of the prospective Ogden and whatever other bloody brits one can scare together.
[US]G. Swarthout Skeletons 75: God bless the Brits.
[UK](con. 1940s) O. Manning Sum of Things 424: The Aussies blamed us and the Brits for lack of air cover.
[UK]S. Gee Never in My Lifetime in Best Radio Plays (1984) 61: He said he killed a Brit.
[UK](con. 1960) C. Logue Prince Charming 255: Most Brits don’t care that much what happened to the Jews and the gypsies and the homos.
[UK]Indep. on Sun. Real Life 11 July 3: This August over a million Brits will crowd onto the Spanish island of Ibiza.
[UK]Observer Escape 9 Jan. 19: We love the Brits.
[UK]R. Antoni Carnival 55: ‘Where you guys from?’ the one beside me asked. ‘UK?’ [...] ‘You guys Brits?’ he repeated.
[Scot]L. McIlvanney All the Colours 115: [D]riving Yanks and Brits around.
[UK]Eve. Standard (London) 29 Feb. 🌐 The Brits leave their mark on Tinseltown.

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