Green’s Dictionary of Slang

team n.

1. [1930s+] a gang of criminals.

2. [1950s+] a squad of police.

3. [1980s+] (Aus. prison) a group of inmates.

In compounds

team-handed (adv.)

[1950s+] (UK Und.) working in a group.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

team cream (n.) [SE team + cream v. (1a)]

[1960s+] (orig. gay) an orgy.

team player (n.)

[2000s] (S.Afr. gay) a homosexual male; he in turn is on the team.

In phrases

double-team (v.) [farming jargon double-team, to employ two teams of animals to haul heavy weights through difficult terrain; subseq. adopted in football use] [mid-19C+] (US)

1. (also double teen) to gang up on, to use extra force against.

2. to work as a pair.

whole team (and a/the dog under the wagon) (also full team)

[mid-19C–1910s] (US) a phr. used to indicate one’s own or another’s importance, energy etc; usu. as ain’t I/he/she/they the whole team.