Green’s Dictionary of Slang

cream v.

[cream n.1 ]

1. lit. or fig. refs. to ejaculation.

(a) [1910s+] of a man, to ejaculate.

(b) [1940s–50s] (US) to vomit.

(c) [1940s+] of a woman, for the vagina to become wet.

(d) [1950s+] in fig. use, i.e to find something extremely exciting; to be very desirous of doing something.

2. in fig. use, the perceived superiority of cream to milk.

(a) [1920s+] (orig. US) to kill, to destroy, to beat up comprehensively, to overcome easily.

(b) [1930s+] (also cream up) to win a sporting competition, to pass an examination easily or decisively, thus do anything well.

(c) [1950s–60s] of a driver, to go fast.

(d) [1990s+] in fig. use, to do something to excess, e.g. drinking.

In phrases

cream (in) one’s jeans (v.) (also cream (in) one’s pants) [1950s+]

1. to ejaculate or become vaginally wet while still fully dressed.

2. in fig. use, to become very excited.

cream the cheese (v.)

[1990s+] to masturbate; to bring to orgasm.

cream up (v.)

see sense 2b above.

get creamed (v.)

[1940s+] to be wholly defeated, lit. and fig.