Green’s Dictionary of Slang

puckfist n.

also puckfoist
[SE puckfist, the Puff-ball, Lycoperdon Bovista]

a braggart.

[UK]Jonson Every Man Out of his Humour I i: To be enamour’d on this duty turf, This clod, a whoreson puck-fist!
[UK]Dekker & Webster Northward Hoe I i: Doe you laugh you vnseasonable puck-fist?
[UK]Jonson Alchemist I ii: But, for your sake, I’d choke, ere I would change / An article of breath, with such a puck-fist.
[UK]J. Taylor ‘A Kicksey Winsey’ in Works (1869) II 38: These puckfoyst cockbrained coxcombs, shallow-pated.
[UK]J. Taylor ‘An Armado’ in Works (1869) I 84: A man had far better speak to the Master [...] than to any of these Pucke-foists.
[UK]J. Taylor ‘Watermens Suit’ in Works (1869) II 173: And howsoever we are slightly esteem’d by some giddy-headed corkbrains or mushroom painted puck-foysts.
[UK]T. Randolph Hey for Honesty II iii: Now the ’spital-house on the Puck-fist tribe of them.
[UK]W. Scott Kenilworth II 134: He that would refuse to swallow a dozen healths on such an evening, is a base besognio, and a puckfist.