Green’s Dictionary of Slang

jit n.3

also git
[? var. on jism n. (2); or the SE jet of ejaculated semen]

(US campus) semen.

L. Taunton Cherry Boy n.p.: I could almost trace the beginnings of my warm jit as it begans its journey to the top of my cock.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Mar. 4: jit or git – semen.
[US]W. Wharton Birdy 33: My jockey shorts are slimy with jit.
‘Hot Smoke and Sassafras’ 20 Aug. 🌐 Cum dripped from almost every part of her cute face! Her lips, cheeks and nose... even her dangling hoop earrings, were blasted with flying ‘jit’ (a particularly nasty local street term we used to describe sperm).
‘Agatha’s Revenge 01’ on 29 Dec. 🌐 I had no idea you were a cum guzzling jit junky!

In compounds

jitbag (n.) [SE bag/-bag sfx]

1. a condom.

T. Bielavitz ‘True Dog Stories for Young Readers’ in J. Koyen Crank #2 🌐 Bob, like most puppies, would eat anything and so we all took great enjoyment in checking his shit for interesting things [...]. Once, while playing volleyball in the side dirt lot, I went to throw some of his shit aside by picking it up with a stick, but it fell into two pieces, held together by a used rubber. He had eaten someone’s jitbag.

2. a general term of abuse.

EHOWA.COM 🌐 Only jerkoffs get no deal, so even if you get a ticket, your conduct at the stop still dictates what I do. ‘No your honor, he wasnt a jitbag, so i dont mind recommending a reduction in fine and waiving points.’.
[US]The Ragin’ Mop The Wookie Dictionary 🌐 jitbag (n) 1. [...] A form of shitbag [...] jerkoff, who hasn’t got a clue.
T. Wolfenden One Man’s Island [ebook] The jitbag he'd drilled in the stomach had a little time to scream his goddamn head off for help, just like poor Paul probably did when those three were sodomizing him with broken bottles.