Green’s Dictionary of Slang

niggerhead n.1

[all fig. uses of nigger n.1 (1) + SE head; alleged resemblance]

1. [19C–1940s] (orig. and chiefly US, also negro head, nigger-foot, nigger twist) cheap, dark tobacco designed for smoking and chewing.

2. [mid-19C+] (US) any outcrop of dark, rough, rounded or lumpy rock, stones or boulders.

3. [mid-19C+] any clump or hummock of thick vegetation, swamp grass, ferns, grass etc.

4. [late 19C–1960s] (US) a dark raincloud.

5. [20C+] peaks of coral that jut above the surface of the sea.

6. [1900s] an ox-eye daisy (with a large black centre).

7. [1900s] (US campus) hard black candy.

8. [1910s] a piece of stone, a small boulder.

9. [1930s] (US) a shoe-nailing machine.

10. [1930s–60s] (US Und.) a type of round wall safe.

11. [1950s+] (W.I.) a black person’s naturally kinky hair.

In compounds

niggerhead rum (n.)

[1910s–30s] (US) strong, dark rum.