Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pointy-head adj.

also pointy-headed
[pointy-head n.]

(US) intellectual, cultured.

[US]A. Baraka Tales (1969) 13: Will you listen to this little pointy head bastard calling me funny looking.
[US]Life 31 Mar. 41: There came the nemesis of federal judges and pointy-head intellectuals and briefcase-toting bureaucrats.
[US]Harper’s Mag. June 52: The pointy-headed bureaucrats, the Establishment, the system, the straights.
Atlanta Constitution (GA) 30 Aug. 17/4: I helped the Gov’nuh blame it all on those ‘integrating, scallywagging, race-mixing, pointy-headed liberals who can’t even park their bicycles straight’ .
[US](con. c.1970) G. Hasford Phantom Blooper 212: John Wayne movies murdered my son. Them pointy-headed politicians hung him up like a hog for slaughter.
B. Gillette Dittoshead’s Guide to Adult Beverages 113: [...] depending on which pointy-headed elitist professor you consult.
[Can]Gazette (Montreal) 15 Nov. 11/1: [cartoon caption] The toddler ate candy and sniffed wet paint until he became a pointy-headed boss.