Green’s Dictionary of Slang

-queen sfx

[SE queen/queen n. (2a)]

1. a combining form indicating a female enthusiast or a woman that is the best at something (cf. -king sfx).

[US]Maledicta III:2 236: It can be a title [...] and even used for women [...] and by the heterosexual public (‘I’m a tennis queen’).
[US]P. Munro Sl. U. 155: She is a total fraternity queen. She spends all her times at fraternities.
[UK]K. Sampson Awaydays 45: I know them vaguely from Rupert’s, where they’ve got a bit of a rep as Nosh Queens.
[UK]K. Sampson Powder 146: ‘I’m missing you . . .’ ‘Fuck that, slush queen!’.
[US](con. 1973) C. Stella Johnny Porno 211: Some cocaine addict porno-queen wannabe.
[US]F. Bill Donnybrook [ebook] ‘Probably shacked up drunk with some trailer queen’.

2. (orig. US gay) a combining form indicating a male homosexual enthusiast.

[US]‘Swasarnt Nerf’ et al. Gay Girl’s Guide 13: queen: [...] This popular and common word is found as a suffix (-Queen) in innumerable compounds, to denote a homosexual specializing in any activity.
[US]‘Swasarnt Nerf’ Gaedicker’s Sodom-on-the-Hudson 9: There is something of a rendezvous for the Wall Street queens in the Federal Hall Museum.
[US]Homosexuality & Citizenship in Florida 24: Glossary of Homosexual Terms [...] types of queens: 69 queen / Browing queen / Reaming queen/ Belly-wh queen / Hand queen / Golden shower queen. (All of the above are fairly well self-explanatoiry).
[US]Guild Dict. Homosexual Terms 8: clothes queen (n.): The male homosexual who pays constant attention to his wardrobe. [Ibid.] 14: eyeball queen (n.): A homosexual who derives more pleasure just from looking than from anything else. [Ibid.] 20: green queen (n.): A homosexual who gets gratification from having sexual intercourse near the trees and bushes of parks. The dangerous aspect of this activity adds to his pleasure. [Ibid.] 39: railroad queen (n., obs.): The homosexual who cruises the ‘jungles’ where tramps hang out or live. [Ibid.] 42: snowflake queen (n.): A male homosexual who likes to have semen from orgasm by masturbation sprinkled over him while lying down; it is not unusual to open the mouth to try to catch a few drops.
[US]L. Bangs in Psychotic Reactions (1988) 35: However gratingly shrill their amphetamine-queen hysteria.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 20: alley queen one who enjoys and seeks out sex in alleyways. [Ibid.] 25: auntie-queen young man who seeks the companionship of older men. [Ibid.] 35: levis queen homosexual with a jeans fetish. [Ibid.] 39: buy queen a homosexual man who has a desperate compulsion to buy furnishings for the home. [Ibid.] 52: coffin queen 1. one who finds the usual business of death [...] erotic. [Ibid.] 59: dalmation [sic] queen (fr dalmation dog = the mascot of the firehouse) any fireman. [Ibid.] dangle queen 1. gay exhibitionist. [Ibid.] 128: one who likes watching what he’s doing sexually in a mirror [...] mirror queen.
[US]Maledicta III:2 236: It can be a title [...]. Queen can also be a suffix with or without derogatory overtones: leather queen, nostalgia queen, opera queen, hair queen.
[UK]A-Team Storybook 34: Ann picked out the cocktail stick [...] and drove it deep into the crime queen’s chair.
[US]R.O. Scott Gay Sl. Dict. 🌐 auntie queen: young man or teenager who seeks the love and companionship of older men. . [Ibid.] belly-queen: [...] 2. gay male that is attracted to trim, lean stomachs, for sexual purposes. [Ibid.] Bog Queen: A gay man who frequents public toilets for sex. [Ibid.] Mitten Queen: A gay man who likes to masterbate [sic] others [Ibid.] Opera Queen: A devoted gay fan of the opera or divas [Ibid.] Potato Queen: (Asian) guys preferring white men [Ibid.] Size Queen: A gay man who is especially interested in partners with large penises.
[UK]Guardian G2 12 Jan. 3: Dame Edna was a saucy, antipodean gossip queen.
[SA]K. Cage Gayle 80/1: locker room queen n. 1. gay man who joins a gym primarily to hang about in the change rooms and get thrills from seeing other, usually straight, men in the showers and sauna 2. gay man who hangs about gym locker rooms for the purpose of having sex.
[NZ]W. Ings ‘Trolling the Beat to Working the Soob’ in Int’l Jrnl Lexicog. 23:1 65: Queen is often preceded by a noun or adjective that indicates a place of residence, character or preference. Indicative of this are terms like bog queen, bitchy queen, closet queen (one who hides his homosexuality), drama queen, kumara queen (a man who prefers sex with Maori men), potato queen (a man who prefers sex with European men), leather queen (one who gains sexual gratification from wearing leather), Auckland queen, size queen (a man who prefers partners with large penises).
[UK]P. Baker Fabulosa 297/2: sea queen 1. a gay sailor, particularly a steward or waiter in the Merchant Navy. 2. a gay man who seeks sex with sailors.