Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hide v.2

[SE hide/hide n. (1a), the human skin]

to thrash, to flog.

[UK] ‘The Mot Is On The Turf Again’ in Cuckold’s Nest 28: Here man keeps close behind her tail [...] And he swears he will well hide her, / Unless she picks a kiddy up, / To pay her well to ride her.
[UK]Dickens ‘Slang’ in Household Words 24 Sept. 75/2: For the verb to beat I can at once find [...] to hide, to tan, to larrup [etc.].
[UK]Hotten Dict. of Modern Sl. etc.
[UK]Cassell’s Mag. May, 80: [...] some said that Kavanagh and his friends were coming over to hide Jacky after dinner [F&H].
[UK]Punch 29 Aug. 98: And the silver-topped rattan with which the boys I used to hide [F&H].
[UK]Marvel 29 May 2: The boss had been hiding a little chap.