Green’s Dictionary of Slang

hide v.1

[a practice carried out on 18C plantations to discipline rebellious slaves]

(W.I.) to murder, dismember and bury secretly.

[WI]J.B. Moreton Manners and Customs in W.I. 84: [H]e gave strict orders to the watchmen to hide every slave which they might find breaking the corne or canes, i.e. to chop and murder them, and bury them secretly [DJE].

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In compounds

hide-up (n.)

(Aus.) a hideout.

[Aus]Western Star (Toowoomba, Qld) 14 May 5/4: Many animal films have been from hide-ups built in imitation of bushes, trees, antheaps, and so on.
[Aus]Tweed Dly (Murwillumbah, NSW) 30 Nov. 2/5: The naturalist was waiting patiently with his camera in a ‘hide-up’ which lie had carefully built of stone near a waterhole.
[Aus]Examiner (Launceston, Tas.) 24 Dec. 5/2: What I did remember about this room was that Old Man Fayne had a queer hide-up In It, whigh I caught him using as I happened to be passing the open door.
[Aus]Voice (Hobart, Tas.) 22 Aug. 1/6: One [track], after running for a distance parallel with the river, converged to a hide-up in the scrub.

In phrases

hide one’s/the baloney (v.)

see under baloney n.