Green’s Dictionary of Slang

stroke v.1

[20C+ use is mainly US black]

1. [mid-17C+] to have sexual intercourse; thus stroking n., sexual intercourse; strokability n., sexual potential.

2. [1960s+] to masturbate; also used in a number of combs., e.g. stroke one’s beef, …one’s ego,’s poker,’s steven, ...the bloke, ... the dog, ...the goat, ...the trumpet.

In compounds

stroke book (n.) (also stroke mag, ...magazine, ...rag)

[1960s+] a pornographic book or magazine.

stroke house (n.)

[1970s] a cinema showing pornographic films.

stroke job (n.)

[2000s+] (US) reassurance, albeit insincere.

stroke picture (n.)

[1970s+] a pornographic film.

In phrases

stroke one’s lizard (v.)

see under lizard n.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

stroked out (adj.) [fig. use of sense 2 above]

[1960s] exhausted.

stroke out (v.) [i.e. to suffer a stroke]

1. [1970s+] to die.

2. to collapse.