Green’s Dictionary of Slang

speel v.1

[Scot. speel, to clamber]

to run away, to decamp.

implied in speel (on) the drum under drum n.3
[UK]Swell’s Night Guide 61: Hook it, you gonniff, cross kid – hook it scarper, speel!
[UK]‘Ducange Anglicus’ Vulgar Tongue 38: As a pig was marking, I speeled to the crib, where I found Jim had been pulling down sawney for grub.
[UK]Leaves from Diary of Celebrated Burglar 80/2: Iv thau loiks bettir, thau kin speel ’ome an’ I’ll do it mysen.
[UK]Sl. Dict. 303: Speel to run away, make off.

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