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dingbat, n.1 a strong drink.
dingbat, n.2 1. a ball of dung on the buttocks of sheep or cattle. 2. a cannon-ball, a bullet, a flying missile.
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dingbat, n.3 1.  a coin, a banknote; thus in pl., money. 2. a blow or slap on the buttocks. 3.  verbal squabbling, physical pushing. 4.  an affectionate embrace, esp. mothers hugging and kissing their children. 5. the penis.
dingbat, n.4 one of various types of muffin or biscuit.
dingbat, n.5 a term of admiration.
dingbat, n.6 anything for which one cannot specify the proper name.
dingbat, n.7 1. a fool, an idiot. 2. a tramp, a vagrant. 3.  a derog. term for an Italian. 4. a labourer. 5.  a batman, an officer’s servant. 6.  a woman. 7.  a derog. term for a Chinese person.
dingbat, adj. 1. foolish, stupid, idiotic. 2. of alcohol, notably strong .
dingbatitis, n. 1.  drunkenness, very heavy drinking. 2.  nervousness; neurosis.
dingbats, n. 1. madness. 2. delirium tremens.
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dingbats, adj. eccentric, crazy.
ding-batty, adj. mad, crazy.
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