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nasty, n. 1. anything unpleasant, varying as to context (cf. nasties n. (3)). 2.  anyone unpleasant, threatening or scary; often in pl. 3. sexual intercourse; thus do the (big) nasty under nasty n. 4. the vagina. 5. the penis.
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nasty, adj. 1. first-class, exciting, particularly enjoyable or admirable. 2. attractive, sexy; often in negative sense, i.e. promiscuous, amoral. 3. aggressive, hostile, bad-tempered. 4. with ref. to speech or writing, sexually suggestive (whether explicitly or not); raw, earthy. 5. difficult. 6.  dirty.
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nasty, v. to have sexual intercourse.
nasty, adv. 1.  fast. 2.  extremely (whether pleasant or unpleasant), e.g. nasty cool, very cool indeed. 3.  of language, obscenely.
nasty-ass (adj.) 1. of a person, unpleasant. 2. of a place, thing or animal, dirty, disgusting.
under nasty, adj.
nasty-behind (adj.) of a female, promiscuous.
under nasty, adj.
nastygram (n.) an unpleasant note or letter or a communication that brings bad news.
under nasty, adj.
nastyman (n.) 1. the member of the garrotting team who actually does the choking. 2.  a thief’s assistant. 3.  a sexual pervert.
under nasty, adj.
nasty-mouthed (adj.) foul-mouthed, given to using obscene language.
under nasty, adj.
nasty nigger (adj.) ill-mannered, boorish.
under nasty, adj.
nasty up (v.) to make a mess of, to dirty.
under nasty, adj.
nasty bit of work, n. an unpleasant person.
Nasty-toe-cheese, n. the city of Nacodoches; also its prison.
nasty snacks (n.) insults, abuse.
under snack, n.1
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