Green’s Dictionary of Slang

coke n.1


1. [late 19C+] (also coc, coco) cocaine.

2. attrib. use of sense 1.

3. [1910s–30s] a cocaine user.

4. [1920s+] any injectable opiate drug, usu. morphine or heroin.

5. [1980s+] crack cocaine.

6. see cokie n. (2)

In compounds

coke-blunt (n.) [blunt n.3 (2)]

[1980s+] a mixture of hashish/marijuana and cocaine, made into a cigarette when rolled in a tobacco leaf, taken from the wrapper of a Phillies Blunt cigar.

coke bug (n.)

[2010s] (drugs) a non-existent insect which a cocaine addict believes is crawling on their skin.

coke-dropper (n.)

[1930s] (Aus. drugs) a cocaine dealer.

coke-eater (n.)

[1940s] a cocaine addict or user.

coke fiend (n.) (also coco fiend) [fiend n. (1)/SE fiend; later use tends to be ironic]

[late 19C+] (drugs) a cocaine user.

coke-freak (n.) [-freak sfx]

[1980s+] (drugs) a regular usual of cocaine.

cokehead (n.) [-head sfx (4)]

[1920s+] (drugs) a regular cocaine user; also as adj.; thus coke-headed adj.

coke horrors (n.) [horrors, the n. (4)]

[1950s] (drugs) paranoid hallucinogenic delusions occasioned by an excessive/long-term use of cocaine.

cokehound (n.) [-hound sfx]

[1930s] (drugs) a cocaine user.

coke oven (n.)

[1940s–70s] (US drugs) a place where one buys cocaine.

cokeover (n.) [play on SE hangover]

[1980s+] (drugs) the after-effects of a cocaine binge; also attrib.

coke party (n.)

[1920s–30s] (drugs) a party at which the principal aim is to consume cocaine.

cokeslut (n.) [slut n. (3)]

[1990s+] a regular cocaine user.

coke squad (n.)

[1910s] (US police/Und.) the Narcotics Squad.

coke stare (n.) [SE stare; the rigid gaze that may overtake the more paranoid cocaine user]

[1970s+] (US black) the ‘evil eye’, a deliberately aggressive and unpleasant look.

coke-water (n.)

[1930s] (US prison) cocaine dissolved in water.

In phrases

blow coke (v.)

[20C+] (drugs) to inhale cocaine; thus coke-blower, a cocaine sniffer.

coke up (v.)

1. [1930s+] (drugs) to take cocaine.

2. [1970s] to consume any drug.