Green’s Dictionary of Slang

screaming adj.

[SE scream; note 19C Adelphi Theatre playbills, which advertised a ‘screaming farce’]

1. [mid-19C+] first-rate, splendid, amazing.

2. [mid-19C+] very funny.

3. [mid-19C+] a general intensifier, utter, extreme.

4. [1920s+] (US) of clothing or colours, loud, bright, garish.

5. [1930s+] blatantly homosexual; usu. as screaming queen

As a general intensifier

In compounds

screaming uglies (n.)

[1980s+] (US campus) an extremely messy or ugly look.

In phrases

In exclamations

screaming yellow zonkers!

[1970s] a general excl.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

screaming eagle (n.) [the image engraved on it]

[1940s] (US) a GI discharge button, issued after WWII.

screaming gasser (n.)

[1940s] (US black) a police car moving at speed and sounding its siren.