Green’s Dictionary of Slang

booty n.2

also boody
[SE body; note butt n.1 ]
[1920s+] (US black)

1. the vagina; thus by metonymy woman, esp. as a sex-object and generic for sex (whether with a man or a woman); also attrib.

2. the buttocks, the rectum; thus booty-struck, obsessively lecherous; bootyhole, the anus.

3. (also bootie) generic for the body, thus a person.

In compounds

booty-buffer (n.) [SE buffer, one who polishes]

[1990s+] a male homosexual; a heterosexual who enjoys anal intercourse.

booty call (n.) (also b.c., boody call) [sense 1 + SE call] [1990s+] (orig. US black teen)

1. a late-night rendezvous; thus as v. to call for such a rendezvous.

2. a person used for casual sex.

booty-chokers (n.)

[1990s+] (US) extremely tight sweat-pants.

booty-dooty (v.)

[1980s] (US black) to have anal intercourse.

booty drought (n.) [sense 1 + SE drought/drought n. (2)]

[1980s+] (US black/campus) a lack of sex.

booty-funk (adj.) [sense 2 + funk n.1 (3), lit. ‘stinky-arse’]

[1990s+] (US campus) unattractive.

booty-ho (n.) [sense 1 + ho n.1 ]

[2000s] (US black) a female one dislikes as a person but finds exciting sexually.

booty juice (n.) [sense 1 + juice n.1 (2) ]

[2000s] (US black) a mix of sweat and vaginal juices.

booty shorts (n.)

[2010s] (US) extremely tight, short shorts.

In phrases

bust some booty (v.) [1980s+] (US black)

1. to perform sexual intercourse.

2. to perform anal intercourse.

get some booty (v.) (also get some boody) [1970s+]

1. (US black) of a male, to have sexual intercourse.

2. to have homosexual anal intercourse.