Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pissy adj.1

[piss n.]

1. [1930s+] redolent of urine, usu in odour but also colour.

2. [1950s+] drunken.

3. [1960s+] unpleasant.

4. [1960s+] weak, ineffectual, trifling.

In compounds

pissy-ass (adj.) (also piss-ass) [arse n. (4)/-ass sfx/-assed sfx]

1. [1940s+] (also pissy-arsed) extremely drunk.

2. [1950s+] (US, also piss-assed, pissy-assed, pissy pants) insignificant, useless, juvenile.

3. [1960s] a synon. for bloody adj. (1), fucking adj. etc.

4. [1960s+] unpleasant.

pissy-eyed (adj.)

1. [1960s+] (US) extremely drunk.

2. [1980s+] (N.Z.) (mildly) drunk.

pissy weed (n.) [weed n.1 (4)]

[2000s] (US black/drugs) marijuana that burns with a slightly urinous smell.