Green’s Dictionary of Slang

wank n.

[wank v.]

1. [1940s+] (also wank-off) an act of masturbation.

2. [1970s+] in fig. use, self-indulgence.

3. [1980s] (US campus) a person who is logged on to a computer (usu. the Internet or involved in hacking) for a long time.

4. [1990s+] nonsense; thus wankology n.

5. [2000s] something worthless.

6. see wanker n. (2)

In compounds

wank-bucket (n.)

[2010s] general term of abuse.


see separate entries.

In phrases

not worth a wank (adj.)

[1970s+] worthless, useless.

posh wank (n.) [posh adj. (1)]

[1990s+] an act of masturbation while wearing a condom.