Green’s Dictionary of Slang

befok adj.

also bafok
[Afk. befok, fucked adj.1 ]

(S.Afr.) finished, over, unhappy, lacking in good sense, crazy, exhausted.

[SA]F. Dike First South African 22: Hey, but Mtshiselwa is bafok.
[SA]A. Dangor ‘Waiting for Leila’ in Waiting for Leila (2001) 24: Maybe that’s why he’s so befok.
[SA]Frontline Aug. 54: I don’t suppose it’ll ever end. It’ll go on until the blacks get the vote, and then we’re befok [...] Guys who spend long enough living in the bush end up bedonderd, but that’s just normal army befok, it’s not bossies like from war.
[SA]IOL News (Western Cape) 15 June 🌐 ‘Befok’ is the best word for crazy.