Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pitch v.

[fig. use of SE pitch, to throw]

1. [mid-19C–1910s] (UK Und.) to pass counterfeit coins.

2. [early 19C+] to tell a tale, to speak persuasively.

3. [mid–19C] (UK Und.) to follow a given begging speciality.

4. [1930s+] (drugs) to sell drugs.

5. in sexual uses [baseball imagery; ult. fig. use of SE pitch, to throw].

(a) [1960s+] (gay) to be the active partner in anal sex or in sado-masochism.

(b) [1980s+] (Aus. prison) to act in an ostentatiously homosexual manner.

(c) [1990s+] (US campus) to ejaculate.

In phrases

pitch a fork (v.) (also pitch the fork) [sense 2 above + ? play on SE pitch, throw / pitchfork]

[mid-19C–1930s] to tell a story, esp. a sad or romantic one.

pitch a yarn (v.)

see under yarn n.

pitch boogie (v.) [boogie n.4 (3)]

[1950s] (US) of a man, to seduce a woman.

pitch it strong (v.) (also pitch it hard,, ...into) [strong adv. (1)/hot adv. (1)]

[mid-19C+] to speak forcefully, to state a case with feeling or enthusiasm, to exaggerate.

pitch on (v.)

1. [late 17C–19C] to target.

2. [1930s+] (Aus.) to nag, to attack verbally, to tell off.

pitch the crack (v.) (also crack the pitch) [SE crack, a break / to break]

[mid-19C] (UK Und.) to stop doing something.

pitch the cuffer (v.) [SE cuffer, a yarn or story; ult. cuff, to discuss, to tell a story]

[late 19C–1900s] to tell exaggerated stories, esp. as a confidence trickster.

pitch the dirt (v.) [dirt n. (5)]

[1950s] (US) to gossip (maliciously), to slander.

pitch in the pot (v.)

[mid-19C] a drinking game, whereby the company throw pennies into a tankard, the winner — taking the pence of their rivals — being the person who is most accurate.

pitch the tale (v.)

[mid-19C+] to tell exaggerated stories, esp. as a confidence trickster.

pitch (the) woo (v.)

[1930s+] (Aus./US) to utter affectionate pleasantries.

straight pitching (n.)

[mid-19C] (UK Und.) working without accomplices.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

pitch a ball (v.) (also pitch a party) [ball n.3 (1)/play on SE]

[1930s] (US black) to host or enjoy oneself at a party.

pitch a tent (in one’s shorts) (v.)

[1990s+] (orig. US) to get an erection.