Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pig’s arse! excl.

also pig arse! pigs! pig’s body! ...bum! ...ear! ...tit!
[arse n. (1)/ass n. (2)/bum n.1 (1)/tit n.2 (1)]

a contemptuous excl., often negating a previous statement.

[Aus]E. Dyson ‘Benno’s Little Boshter’ in Fact’ry ’Ands 5: ‘Pigs to you!’ said Benno, with incredible scorn.
[Aus]Sun. Times (Perth) 8 Nov. 4/7: Pig’s body ter them blokes [...] you come along er me, old cock.
[Aus]Aussie (France) VIII Oct. 16/2: ‘Three kilos., be blowed!’ put in a Lance-Jack. ‘It’s fully six. I did it last week coming back from leave.’ ‘Pig’s ear to that!’ exclaimed another Digger. ‘It’s not more than one kilo. I did it going on leave.’.
[Aus](con. WWI) A.G. Pretty Gloss. Sl. [...] in the A.I.F. 1921–1924 (rev. t/s) n.p.: pig arse. A contemptuous ejaculation.
[Aus]N. Lindsay Saturdee 165: Peter had to cover his confusion by saying ‘Pigs to you’ as he went out kicking the door.
[Aus]‘Lament to a Beaufort’ in Mess Songs & Rhymes of the RAAF 19: We love our Bristol Beauforts, Oh yes! Pig’s Fucking arse!
[Aus](con. 1941) E. Lambert Twenty Thousand Thieves 183: Pigs to that! [...] A jack-up, that’s the shot.
[US]J.E. Macdonnell Jim Brady 47: ‘Pig’s arse,’ answered Greg.
[Aus]‘Nino Culotta’ They’re a Weird Mob (1958) 47: ‘She’s worn out.’ ‘Pigs she is. There’s a lot of life in ’er yet.’.
[Aus]B. Humphries Barry McKenzie [comic strip] in Complete Barry McKenzie (1988) 77: Pigs I haven’t!!! I can crack a fat with a flamin’ skinful.
[Aus]D. Niland Pairs and Loners 13: Pig’s bum to your reputation!
[NZ]G. Slatter Pagan Game (1969) 102: And do they? Pig’s arse. They’re all too well off.
[Aus]S. Gore Holy Smoke 8: ‘Pigs’, calmly retorted old Bill. ‘I say pigs to that sayin’.’.
[Aus]D. Ireland Burn 43: ‘Git away from her or I’ll drop ya.’ ‘Pig’s tit you will.’ [Ibid.] 76: ‘Your woman needs better clothes.’ [...] ‘Pigs she does,’ Joy says elegantly.
L. Ryan Shearers 119: ‘Ar, pigs to you!’ ‘In your dinger, too!’ [OED].
[Aus](con. 1941) R. Beilby Gunner 147: Pig’s arse! You let us over-sleep.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett You Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids (1989) 128: Pig’s arse! If it hadn’t been for you [...] I’d of got ripped off.
[Aus]B. Humphries Complete Barry McKenzie [cover]: They say that pommy bastard Captain Cook discovered Australia. Pig’s arse! If it wasn’t for me Oz wouldn’t be on the flamin’ map.
[NZ]McGill Dict. of Kiwi Sl. 83/2: pig’s arse / bum / ear derisive exclamations.
[Aus]Penguin Bk of More Aus. Jokes 390: A voice could be heard from the rear of the room. ‘Pig’s fucking arse we are!’.
[NZ]McGill Reed Dict. of N.Z. Sl. 157: pig’s arse/bum/ear Exclamation of doubt and derision. ANZ.

In exclamations

in a pig’s arse! (also in a pig’s! in a pig’s ass(hole)! ...butt! ...ear! ...eye! ...gizzard! ...hole! ...kapooch! ...knuckle! ...navel! ...neck! ...patrot! pyjamas! ...poke! ...prick! ...rib! ...rump! ...snout! ...tonsil! ...valise! ...whinny! in the pig’s...) [US rural catchphrase in the pig’s ass, referring to bestiality and, as such, the subject of a variety of coarse jokes, which depend on the mistaken orifice (the anus rather than the vagina) and the mistaken object of affection (the pig rather than the woman); arse n. (1)/butt n.1 (1a)/hole n.1 (1a)/prick n. (1)]

(orig. US) a disdainful, excl. of negation; completely impossible, absolutely not! I don’t believe you! go away! also as adv.

[US]Life in Boston & N.Y. (Boston, MA) 8 Oct. n.p.: All ‘Josephine’s’ are beauttiful [...] (in a pig’s rib!).
[US] popular song cited in G.L. Cohen Studies in Sl. Pt 2 (1989) 112: We’ll hoist Old Glory to the top of the pole; / And we’ll all re-enlist—in a Pig’s asshole.
[US]Brudder Bones’s Stump Speeches 5: ‘This rock shall fly / From its firm base’ – in a pig’s eye.
[US]R.G. Hampton Major in Wash. City 55: In a pig’s eye they will, but I don’t let on.
[US]Flynt & Walton Powers That Prey 81: Losers in a pig’s eye!
[US]W.N. Harben Abner Daniel 213: ‘In a pig’s valise!’ sneered the red-headed man.
[US]G. Bronson-Howard Enemy to Society 330: I suppose you’d tear right up to him and hang one on him, hey? Yes, you would! In a pig’s eye! Nobody ain’t fergot the rat way you acted last night.
[US]C.S. Montanye ‘Hoodwink’ in Detective Story 30 Apr. 🌐 In the pig’s eye! Spug Wales ain’t handin’ out stuff like this.
[US]G.H. Mullin Adventures of a Scholar Tramp 304: It is, in a pig’s ear!
[US]C. Coe Hooch! 76: ‘In a pig’s eye!’ Flenger rapped back.
[UK](con. WWI) J.B. Wharton Squad 194: ‘Are we gonna rest now?’ ‘In a pig’s pink pyjamas.’.
[US]P.J. Wolfson Bodies are Dust (2019) [ebook] ‘Go ahead, ask him for it. You’ll get it—in the pig’s neck, you will’.
[US]V.F. Nelson Prison Days and Nights 29: Does that make him the kind of man who should have all that power? In a pig’s neck!
[US]L. Berg Prison Nurse (1964) 114: I run myself ragged getting all dolled up in a clean shirt and a shave. But does she come? In a pig’s eye, she does!
[US]J. Conroy World to Win 333: That’s the song and dance they allers hand me. In a pig’s butt! Times ain’t never goin’ t’ change.
[US]S. Kingsley Dead End Act III: Yuh’ll git it, yuh stool pigeon! In a pig’s kapooch yuh will!
[US]J.T. Farrell World I Never Made 449: Tact, my eye! Tact in a pig’s ass-hole!
[US]R. Chandler ‘Pearls Are a Nuisance’ in Spanish Blood (1946) 99: ‘Have the kindness to unlock the door.’ [...] ‘In a pig’s valise,’ the fat man said nastily.
[US] joke cited in G. Legman Rationale of the Dirty Joke (1972) I 221: On his return home his wife asks, ‘Have you been faithful to me, honey?’ ‘I sure have.’ ‘In a pig’s ass, you have!’.
[US]S. Sterling ‘Ten Carats of Lead’ in Black Mask Stories (2010) 234/2: ‘That lets you out.’ ‘In a pig’s whinny, it does’.
[US]‘Digg Mee’ ‘Observation Post’ in N.Y. Age 3 Aug. 10/3: ‘Cheese cake’ did not fall from that motorcycle...he jumped...(in a pig’s eye).
M.S. Michel X-Ray Murders 50: You did in a pig’s tonsil.
[US]R.L. Bellem ‘Dead Don’t Dream’ in Hollywood Detective July 🌐 ‘And I c-can go home?’ I leered at him. ‘In a pig’s knuckle you can go home.’.
[US](con. 1944) N. Mailer Naked and Dead 16: Do you think I’d bitch? In the pig’s hole I would.
[US]A. Hynd We Are the Public Enemies 131: ‘We’re gonna get married.’ ‘In a pig’s eye you are.’.
[US]R. Chandler Little Sister 87: ‘In a pig’s valise,’ Alfred said.
[US]R.L. Bellem Blind Man's Fluff' in Thrilling Detective: Feb. 🌐 ‘Leave Maggie out of this, Ransom.’ ‘In a pig’s knuckle,’ I growled.
[US]J. Jones From Here to Eternity (1998) 29: ‘In a pig’s asshole,’ Leva said, completing the chant.
[UK]K. Amis letter 4 Oct. in Leader (2000) 293: They tried to make me do some Chaucer this year; in a pig’s arse I said.
[Aus]T.A.G. Hungerford Riverslake 161: In a pig’s eye!
[US]S.F. Examiner 12 Sept. Pt I Comic Weekly 6: In a pig’s poke. I won’t stand by and let You get hurt.
[US]M. Shulman Rally Round the Flag, Boys! (1959) 17: You think a built like that comes walking down the streets every day of the week? In a pig’s valise, buddy!
[US](con. 1950) E. Frankel Band of Brothers 72: The gen’rul told the padre that / he would – in a pig’s eye!
[UK]R. Frede Entry E (1961) 30: In a pig’s ass, Bogard!
[US]W. Brown Teen-Age Mafia 80: In a pig’s rump they wouldn’t blame him.
[US](con. WWII) B. Cochrell Barren Beaches of Hell 122: ‘Think you’ll get rotated now?’ ‘In a pig’s navel.’.
[US]T. Williams Night of the Iguana Act III: latta: Just give me the bus key, Larry. shannon: In a pig’s snout – like yours!
[US]H. Selby Jr Last Exit to Brooklyn 33: I wont tell them anything Vinnie. You know that. Honestly. Inna pigs ass.
[US](con. 1950s) McAleer & Dickson Unit Pride (1981) 329: ‘I don’t think I’ll get another hard-on for a month.’ ‘Oh, sure, in a pig’s patrot!’.
[US]San Diego Sailor 71: Another time, perhaps, I said [...] ‘In the old pig’s hole!’ I thought.
[US]R.A. Wilson Playboy’s Book of Forbidden Words 99: In a pig’s eye is an expurgation of in a pig’s ass.
[US](con. 1945) E. Thompson Tattoo (1977) 387: All the brothers are brave and all the sisters are virtuous – in a pig’s ass!
[UK]P. Larkin ‘Vers de Société’ in High Windows 35: You’d care to join us? In a pig’s arse, friend.
[US]J. Sayles Union Dues (1978) 366: ‘Where you from?’ ‘North End.’ ‘In a pig’s gizzard you are. You got any ID?’.
[US]W.J. Caunitz One Police Plaza 190: You can’t find out who this guy is? In a pig’s prick.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Godson 85: ‘Les,’ he almost stammered. ‘You can’t do this.’ [...] ‘Pigs arse I can’t,’ replied Norton.
[US]E. Weiner Howard the Duck 167: Yeah, sure. In a pig’s eye!
[Aus]R.G. Barrett White Shoes 102: ‘I thought you came from New York?’ ‘In a pig’s ass I do.’.
[Ire]P. McCabe Breakfast on Pluto 60: Which [money] I said I couldn’t take. I did? In a pig’s ear, sweety-pie.