Green’s Dictionary of Slang

tit n.2

[SE tit is an archaic var. sp. of teat]

1. [late 19C+] a breast, usu. a woman’s; usu. in pl.; thus titless adj.

2. [1910s+] (orig. milit.) anything considered to resemble a breast or, more often, the nipple, e.g. a button or a small switch etc.

3. [1950s+] (also nipple) in fig. use, something on which one ‘feeds’, e.g. a hand-out, a government grant [suggests the simplicity of a child’s finding its mother’s breast].

4. [1960s+] something extremely simple and usu. rewarding, esp. a criminal scheme.

5. [1970s+] the nipple.

6. [2000s] (also bluetit) an English police helmet [resemblance].

In derivatives

titsy (adj.)

[1970s+] (US) featuring bare-breasted women; having attractive breasts.

In compounds

tit-bag (n.) [SE bag. Note synon. naut. use tit-hammock]

1. [1940s+] a brassiere.

2. [2000s] a term of abuse.

tit fuck

see separate entries.

tithead (n.) [sense 1/sense 6] [1980s+]

1. a general term of abuse.

2. a weakling.

3. an English policeman.

tit-kisser (n.)

[1970s] (US) a womanizer.

titless wonder (n.)

[1930s+] (orig. RAF) a flat-chested woman.

tit man (n.) (also tits man)

[1950s+] a man who finds a woman’s breasts her most appealing feature; as opposed to an ass-man under ass n.

tit-off (n.)

[1970s] (Aus.) the caressing of a woman’s breasts.

tit pants (n.)

[1990s+] a brassiere.

tit-proud (adj.)

[1950s] (N.Z.) of a woman, proud of one’s breasts.

tit-puller (n.)

[2000s] (N.Z.) a dairy farmer.

tits and arse

see under tits and ass.

tits and ass

see separate entries.

tits deep (adj.) [var. on ass deep under ass n.]

[2000s] totally involved with, with an excessive amount of.

tit show (n.)

[1960s+] a burlesque or striptease show.

tit spanners (n.) [the image of a man groping a woman’s breasts in an ungainly fashion]

[1970s+] (S.Afr.) the hands, not necessarily in a sexual context.

tit-sucker (n.)

[1940s] (US) a weak, babyish person.

tit-wank (n.) [wank n. (1)]

1. [1990s+] an act of intercourse in which the man rubs his penis between the woman’s breasts.

2. [1990s+] a general term of abuse.

In phrases

all tits and teeth (adj.)

[1910s+] used to describe a woman who capitalizes on her physical charms, esp. her smile and (presumably) large breasts, to make up for the lack of more subtle attractions; sometimes expanded by a third-row chorus-girl.

bit of tit (n.) [SE bit]

1. [1920s+] a woman regarded as a sex object.

2. [1980s] sexual intercourse.

bushel of tits (n.)

[1970s] (US) a woman with large breasts.

full tit (n.) [i.e. the image of pressing hard on a button or switch]

[1950s+] (N.Z.) the greatest possible effort.

get one’s tits out (v.) [the image of a woman revealing her breasts both as a gesture of her own lack of inhibition and as a display for male delectation, esp. in phr. ‘get your tits out for the lads!’]

[1990s+] to act in an uninhibited manner; usu. of a woman, but not necessarily so.

get on someone’s tits (v.) (also …teats, … tit, …tit-ends) [1930s+]

to infuriate, to annoy.

have one’s tit in a tight crack (v.)

[1920s+] (Can.) to find oneself in trouble, in an unpleasant situation.

have one’s tit in a wringer (v.) (also get one’s tit caught in a/the wringer)

[1950s+] (US) to be in difficulties, to be foolish.

lick tits (v.)

[1990s+] (UK black) to run errands and perform small tasks.

living off the tit

[1960s+] living in luxury, overly protected.

not give a fish’s tit (v.) (also not give a rat’s tit)

[1940s–50s] not to care in the slightest.

off one’s tits (adj.) (also out of one’s tits)

1. [1970s+] intoxicated by drugs.

2. [1990s+] very drunk.

3. [1990s+] an intensifier, meaning extremely bored.

…one’s tits off (adv.)

[1990s+] a general intensifer.

on someone’s tit (adv.)

[1980s] (US campus) pursuing, lit. or fig, thus being annoying.

on the hind tit (adj.)

[1940s] feeling angry, aggrieved.

on the tit (adj.)

[2000s] (Aus.) dependent.

pull someone’s tit (v.)

[1910s+] (Aus./N.Z.) to tease.

put someone’s tits in a tangle (v.)

[1930s+] (Aus.) to discomfit, to embarrass, to irritate someone.

set of tits (n.)

[1970s] a sexually attractive woman.

suck (the) hind tit (v.) (also suck hind titty) [1920s+] (US)

1. to be inferior, to take a secondary role; thus hind tit n., bad, unfair treatment.

2. [1960s–80s] to curry favour.

sugar tit (n.) (also sugar titty)

[1910s+] (US) something comforting, someone desirable.

sweet tits (n.)

[1990s+] a male-to-female term of affection.

tit off (v.) [on the model of jerk off v. (1)]

[1970s] (Aus.) to caress a woman’s breasts.

tits and zits (adj.) [zit n.2 (1)]

[1970s+] (US) pertaining to teenage love and sex.

tits on a bull (also …boar (hog), …canary)

[1940s+] something utterly useless; usu. in phr. no more use than tits on a bull etc (cf. useless as tits on a nun ).

tits on toast (n.) [the belly-pork often has nipples still attached]

[1900s–50s] (N.Z.) belly-pickled pork on toast.

tits-up (adj.)

[1970s+] (orig. Can. prison) dead, i.e. laid out on one’s back; thus in fig. use, ruined, destroyed; esp. in phr. go/gone tits-up.

tit up (v.)

[1960s] to fondle a woman’s breasts.

useless as tits on a nun (adj.) (also …a tit on a hand, …tits on a boar (hog), …on a bull, worthless as tits on a hog)

[1930s+] (US/Aus.) utterly useless (cf. tits on a bull ).

In exclamations