Green’s Dictionary of Slang

pee v.

[abbr./euph. piss v. (1)]

1. [late 18C; mid-19C+] (also pee-pee) to urinate; thus pee-er n., one who urinates.

2. (US black) to abuse verbally.

3. [1970s+] (US) to do something very well [fig. use or abbr. SE perform].

4. [1980s+] to rain (hard); usu. as pee down [var. on piss v. (3)].

In phrases

pee between two heels (v.) (also straddle a chamberpot) [the position of a woman when urinating]

[1940s–60s] (US black) a phr. used when referring to a woman, or to female qualities, e.g. the finest bitch that ever peed between two heels.

pee off (v.) [abbr./euph. piss off v.]

1. [1940s] to leave, to depart.

2. [1950s] to annoy, to irritate.

pee on (v.) [1990s+]

1. to treat harshly, to bully.

2. to ignore, to dismiss.

pee (oneself) (v.)

[late 18C; 1960s+] to fig. (or lit.) urinate on oneself due to extreme emotion, esp. in the context of being utterly terrified or hugely amused.

think it’s just to pee through (v.) (also think it’s just to piss through) [piss v. (1)]

[20C+] a phr. denigrating an unsophisticated, inexperienced youth who supposedly has yet to appreciate the alternative function of his penis; also used of a similarly unsophisticated young woman.

wouldn’t pee on...

a phr. demonstrating one’s absolute contempt for someone.