Green’s Dictionary of Slang

grease v.1

1. [early 16C+] to corrupt, to bribe.

2. [17C] to cheat, to deceive.

3. [late 17C; late 19C+] to curry favour with, to toady to; thus greasing n.

4. [20C+] to smooth over problems, esp. from authorities.

5. [1900s] (Aus. und.) to pay (for participating in a crime).

6. [20C+] to embellish, to add to.

In phrases

grease a fat sow in the arse (v.) (also grease a fat pig in the arse, ...tail, grease a fat sow in the britch, stuff a fat pig in the tail, ...fat sow in the arse)

[late 17C–early 19C] to give money to a rich man or woman.

grease one’s mitts (v.)

see under mitt n.

SE in slang uses

In phrases

grease down (v.)

see separate entry.

grease (off) (v.) [mid-19C–1920s]

1. (also do a grease) to slip away.

2. (also grease out) to go away.

grease one’s/the gills (v.)

see under gills n.1

grease one’s throat (v.) (also grease one’s swallow, ... tonsils)

[late 19C–1910s] (US) to drink alcohol.

grease someone in the fist (v.) (also grease someone’s fist)

[late 16C–early 19C] to bribe someone.

grease someone’s duke (v.)

see under duke n.3

grease the rails (v.) (also grease the track) [ironic use of SE]

[1910s–40s] (US) to be run over by a train; to commit suicide by throwing oneself on the tracks.

grease the wheel (v.)

[mid-19C–1900s] to have sexual intercourse.

grease up (v.)

[1970s+] (Aus. prison/US gay) to prepare with a lubricant for anal sex.

In exclamations

grease me!

[1940s] (US black campus) a non-specific expression of approval.