Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Greek adj.

[Greek n.]

1. Irish.

implied in Greek fire

2. (also Persian) a generic term for homosexual.

[UK]C. Deveureux Venus in India I 82: Searles was a long time in Persia before he married, and he got the Persian taste for boys!
[US] (ref. to late 19C) N. Kimball Amer. Madam (1981) 236: I never had much to do with that kind of Greek stuff.

3. pertaining to anal intercourse; esp. in combs. below.

A. Crowley ‘A Ballad of Passive Paederasty’ in White Stains n.p.: [They] vainly proffer cunt and cheek; / Then, angry, they miscall me weak, / Till one, divining me aright, / Points to her buttocks, whispers ‘Greek!’ — / A strong man’s love is my delight!
[US]‘Boxcar Bertha’ Sister of the Road (1975) 178: If you’re going to hustle in any kind of joint, you’ve got to learn to be French and maybe Greek.
[US]M. Richler Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1964) 80: That one likes it the Greek way.
[US]R. Price Blood Brothers 237: It’s Greek to me [...] Greek, you know, up the ass? Queer?
[Aus]Tracks (Aus.) Sept. 43: Dear Pipple, As they say in the trade, your ‘Greek’ experience has left its mark [Moore 1993].
[US]Alt. Eng. Dict. [Internet] Greek Anal Intercourse. Mary likes to have it Greek.
[US](con. 1964–8) J. Ellroy Cold Six Thousand 229: Prev. ment’d aka dominicdonkey domdellacrocio appears in the homosexual films ‘Greek Man,’ ‘Back-Door Man,’ ‘Hung Man,’ ‘Big Dick Man,’ ‘12-Inch Man,’ ‘Moby Dick Man,’ ‘Moby Dick’s Delight,’ ‘Moby Dick Misbehaves,’ ‘Moby Dick’s Greek Vacation’ & ‘Moby Dick Meets the 69 Boys’.
[US]J. Stahl ‘Pure’ in Love Without 167: Her aching a-hole begged to differ. She called it her Greek chorus.

In compounds

Greek culture (n.) (also Greek arts)

anal intercourse, usu. in homosexual advertisement use.

[US]Trimble 5000 Adult Sex Words and Phrases.
[US]R.A. Wilson Playboy’s Book of Forbidden Words.
[US]Murray & Murrell Lang. Sadomasochism (1989) 34: backgammon n. Greek* especially done repeatedly and furiously. ‘wanted: Young lady for backgammon, French lessons, light SM’ [personal ad, restroom wall, OSU main library, 3/10/87] Also G, Gr, GR, Greek arts, Greek culture.
[US]H. Rawson Dict. of Invective (1991) 180: Greek. (1) Incomprehensible talk, gibberish; (2) anal intercourse [...], usually in such phrases as Greek arts, Greek culture, or Greek way.
Greek love (n.)

1. (gay) pederasty.

[US]D.W. Cory Homosexual in America 105: A homosexual is sometimes called a Greek [...] and homosexual friendship called Greek love.
[US]Trimble 5000 Adult Sex Words and Phrases.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 100: Greek love [-way] pederasty [...] 1. love expressed by an older man for a boy 2. anal intercourse.
[US]Maledicta IX 56: Greek love n [R] Pederasty; homosexual slang.

2. anal intercourse, irrespective of age.

see sense 1.
Greek way (n.) (also Greek fashion, Greek style) [sense 3]

1. (gay) pederasty.

[US]Trimble 5000 Adult Sex Words and Phrases.
[US]Maledicta IX 56: Greek way n [R] Pederasty; homosexual slang.

2. anal intercourse.

[US]Trimble 5000 Adult Sex Words and Phrases.
[US]Maledicta II:1+2 (Summer/Winter) 158: The Greek Way Anal intercourse, sodomy.
[US]Maledicta III:2 160: Greek fashion n Anal intercourse; from the belief that this perversion is popular in Greece.
[US]R.O. Scott Gay Sl. Dict. [Internet] anal intercourse: [...] Syn: Greek fashion; Greek style; Greek way, greeking.
[US]J. Ellroy ‘The Trouble I Cause’ in Destination: Morgue! (2004) 188: Harry Hungwell. A hunk homo. [...] The studly star of Stan Stevens’s flick The Greek Way.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

Greek fire (n.) [the burning sensation; SE Greek fire, a highly combustible composition used in warfare]

(UK Und.) bad whisky.

[UK]Clarkson & Richardson Police! 321: Bad whisky ... Greek fire.