Green’s Dictionary of Slang

stir v.

[abbr. SE stir up trouble]

1. to gossip maliciously, to cause trouble deliberately by so doing; thus stirring n. and adj., troublemaking.

2. (orig. Aus.) to tease, to provoke.

3. (Aus., also stir it) to cause trouble (other than through gossip etc); thus stirring n., troublemaking.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

stir-about (n.)

1. [late 18C+] porridge; also attrib.

2. [late 19C] any pudding that requires stirring.

3. [1910s] prison.

stir-shit (n.) [shit n.]

[late 19C–1900s] a sodomite, a male homosexual.

In phrases

stir it up (v.)

[1950s+] of a woman, to masturbate.

stir one’s stumps (v.) (also bestir one’s stumps, start one’s stumps, stir a peg, …a stump, …one’s pins, …one’s shanks) [SE stir + stump, a leg, stumps n. (1)/peg n.1 (2a)/pin n. (2)/SE shank]

[late 16C+] to get a move on; to dance; to do one’s duty keenly.

stir shit out of (v.) [shit n. ]

[1940s+] (N.Z.) to criticize harshly, to reprimand severely.

stir tar (v.)

[2000s+] (US) of a white man, to have sex with a black woman.

stir the pot (v.)

[2000s] (N.Z.) to deliberately cause trouble.

stir the sauce (v.)

[1950s+] to masturbate, usu. of a woman.

stir (the) shit (v.) (also disturb shit) [backform. f. shit-stirring under shit n.]

[1950s+] to go out of one’s way to make trouble, esp. by gossiping or telling tales.

stir up (v.)

[late 19C] to visit without any previous announcement.

stir-up Sunday (n.) [the collect for that day begins with the words ‘Stir up ...’]

[mid-19C+] the Sunday before Advent.