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daddy, n. 1.  a general term of address. 2.  an accomplice who is pre-ordained to win the prize in a fake raffle or lottery. 3. the old man, generally an aged pauper, in charge at a tramp’s lodging house or casual ward. 4. the man who gives away the bride at a wedding, trad., but not invariably, her father. 5. an influential, powerful person, e.g. a civic leader. 6. as the daddy, the supreme example, the most important, powerful, the best, the best known etc, often as the daddy of them/us all. 7.  an older man who is willing to provide the various material desires of his younger mistress or, if gay, male lover. 8. a boyfriend, a lover; also as a term of address. 9.  a form of address to a black male, esp. by a woman to her lover. 10.  a Cadillac . 11.  a pimp, a prostitute’s boyfriend. 12. a masculine lesbian. 13.  a leader (through intimidation and other influence) of the inmates in a borstal or prison. 14. an older male homosexual; a masculine homosexual. 15.  the ‘active’ or ‘masculine’ partner of a homosexual couple. 16.  a customer, a client. 17. an unspecified object, a thing.
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daddy, adj. first-rate, excellent.
daddy!, excl. a general expression of surprise and approval.
daddy-one (n.) a lover or any man who provides for a woman.
under daddy, n.
daddy-bag (n.) the testes and the scrotum.
under daddy, n.
daddy tank (n.) see under tank n.1
under daddy, n.
daddy-o, n. 1.  a term of address between males. 2.  a boyfriend, male lover, husband. 3.  a pimp. 4. any male. 5.  a thing, an object. 6.  the exemplar. 7. a macho, ‘butch’ male homosexual.
dandyfunk, n. a mixture of powdered biscuit, molasses and fat.
daddy tank (n.) an area set aside to provide protective custody for effeminate homosexuals or lesbians.
under tank, n.2
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