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weed, n.1 1. in context of smoking. (5 subsenses) 2. as a plant. (2 subsenses)
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weed, n.2 a hatband.
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weed, n.3 1. an ill-conditioned, weak horse. 2. a weakling, a feeble and thus contemptible person. 3. as sense 2, used derog. of a sports fan (seen as invariably physically inferior). 4.  a stranger, an ousider.
weed, v.1 to speak.
weed, v.2 1.  to steal small amounts, e.g from a warehouse, so as not to alert the victim. 2.  to steal part rather than all of a potential booty; thus weeding n. and adj. 3. to take, to steal; thus weeding n. 4. to separate.
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weed, v.3 1. to lend, esp. money; thus weed a holler note until mother comes in, to lend someone $100 until their gambling luck changes. 2. to give, to hand.
weed, v.4 1. to chew tobacco. 2.  to smoke marijuana; thus weeding n.
weed-hound (n.) a marijuana user.
under weed, n.1
weed house (n.) a family home from which marijuana is sold.
under weed, n.1
weedman (n.) a marijuana dealer.
under weed, n.1
weed tea (n.) marijuana tea.
under weed, n.1
weed the peter (v.) of an employee, to steal small amounts from the till.
under weed, v.2
weed the swag (v.) to embezzle part of the booty before dividing what remains with one’s gang.
under weed, v.2
weeder, n. 1.  a villain who steals a proportion of the gang’s joint booty. 2.  a thief. 3.  one who steals in small amounts to avoid detection.
Weedgie, n. see Weedjie n.
weedhead, n. a marijuana smoker; also attrib.
weedheaded, adj. intoxicated by marijuana.
weeding dues, n. ‘Speaking of any person, place, or property, that has been weeded [i.e. robbed], it is said “weeding dues have been concerned”’ (Vaux).
Weedjie, n. a native of Glasgow; also attrib.
weed out, v. to smoke marijuana to excess.
weeds, n. 1. clothes. 2. see weed n.1 (1d)
weeds, the, n. 1.  a hobo camp. 2.  the outskirts, the suburbs.
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weedy, adj. 1. of a horse, weak-legged, lacking strength. 2. of humans, weak, cowardly, spineless. 3. of things, boring, troublesome, small, insignificant. 4. of speech, indistinct, unemphatic.
weedy-weedy, v. to inform.
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