Green’s Dictionary of Slang


a. ante
adj./adjs. adjective/adjectives
adv./advs. adverb/adverbs
Afk. Afrikaans
Amer. American
Anglo-Ind. Anglo-Indian (in usage labels)
Antg. Antiguan
Anthol. Anthology
approx. approximate/approximately
AS Anglo-Saxon
attrib. attributive/attributively
Aus. Australia/Australian
Autobiog. Autobiography
backform. backformation
backsl. backslang
Baha. Bahamian
Bdos Barbadian
Bel. Belizean
Bk/bk Book/book
C century
c. circa
Calif. California
Can. Canadian
Carib. Caribbean
Carib.E. Caribbean English
Ch. Chapter
Col. Colonel
col. column
Coll. Collected
Colloq./colloq. Colloquial/colloquial
comb./combs. combination/combinations
con. context
Contemp. Contemporary
Da. Danish
derog. derogative/derogatory
dial. dialect
Dict. Dictionary
dimin. diminutive
Dmnca Dominican
Du. Dutch
ed. editor/edited by
edn edition
eds. editors
Encyc. Encyclopedia
Eng. English
esp. especially
ety./etys. etymology/etymologies
Etym. Etymological
euph. euphemism/euphemistic
Eve. Evening
excl. exclamation
ext. extension/extended
f. from
fem. feminine
fig. figurative/figuratively
form. formation
Fr. French
Gaz. Gazette
Ger. German
Gk Greek
Gloss. Glossary
Gren. Grenadian
Guyn. Guyanese
Hbk Handbook
Heb. Hebrew
Hind. Hindi
Hisp. Hispanic
Hist. History
Ibid. ibidem (in the same book)
Icel. Icelandic
Illus. Illustrated
illus. illustration
imper. imperative
Ind. Indian
Indep. Independent
interrog. interrogative
Ital. Italian
Jam. Jamaican
Jap. Japanese
joc. jocular
journ. journalistic
Jr Junior
Jrnl Journal
juv. juvenile
L.A. Los Angeles
Lang. Language
Lat. Latin
Lex. Lexicon
Lib. Library
Ling.Fr. Lingua Franca
Lit. Literature
lit. literally/literal
Mag./mag. Magazine/magazine
masc. masculine
MDu. Middle Dutch
ME Middle English
Med. Medieval
Mex. Mexican
MHG Middle High German
milit. military
Misc. Miscellany
mispron. mispronunciation
mis-sp. mis-spelling
MLG Middle Low German
Ms./ms. Manuscript/manuscript
Mss./mss. Manuscripts/manuscripts
n. noun
naut. nautical
N.O. New Orleans
No./no. Number/number
Norw. Norwegian
N.Y. New York
N.Z. New Zealand
obs. obsolete
occas. occasionally
OE Old English
OF Old French
OHG Old High German
ON Old Norse
onomat. onomatopoeia/onomatopoeic
Orig. Original
orig. originally
pej. pejorative
Pers. Persian
Phila. Philadelphia
phr./phrs. phrase/phrases
pfx prefix
pl. plural
Port. Portuguese
poss. possibly
P.R. Puerto Rico/Puerto Rican
prep. preposition
prev. previous entry or subentry
prob. probably
pron. pronunciation
Pt Part
publ. published
pvb proverb
RAF Royal Air Force
redup. reduplication
ref. reference
rhy. sl. rhyming slang
RN Royal Navy
Rom. Romany
Rus. Russian
S. Afr. (in titles) South Africa/South African
S.Afr. (in usage labels) South African
S.Afr.E. South African English
S.Afr.Du. South African Dutch
St Saint/Street
St Lu. St Lucian
SAmE Standard American English
Sat. Saturday
SAusE Standard Australian English
Sc. Scene
Scot. Scottish
SE Standard English
Sec. Secretary
Sel. Selected
Ser. Series
S.F. San Francisco
SF science fiction
sfx suffix
sing. singular
Skrt Sanskrit
Sl./sl. Slang/slang
SNZE Standard New Zealand English
Sp. Spanish
sp. spelling
spec. specifically
subseq. subsequent/subsequently
Sun. Sunday
Sw. Swedish
synd. syndicated
synon. synonym/synonymous
Thes. Thesaurus
Tob. Tobagonian
trad. traditionally/traditional
trans. translator/translated by
Trib. Tribune
Trin. Trinidadian
t/s typescript
Turk. Turkish
UKVI UK Virgin Islands
ult. ultimately
Und. Underworld (i.e. criminal cant)
unpub. unpublished
US United States
USVI US Virgin Islands
usu. usually
v. verb
var. variation/variant
Vocab. Vocabulary
Vol. Volume
Wash. Washington
W.I. West Indian
WWI First World War
WWII Second World War
Yid. Yiddish
Yorks. Yorkshire

Short Forms of Reference

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