Green’s Dictionary of Slang

Acknowledgements for the Online Edition

In the first place I should draw users’ attention to the Acknowledgments pages as laid out in the print edition. I remain hugely grateful to everyone whose names are included there.

For GDoS Online my first, and perhaps greatest thanks should go to Philippe Climent and his team at IDM in France. In 2012, quite unexpectedly, Philippe took it upon himself to offer me a free subscription to the program (DPS) that IDM have created and which I (as do several major reference publishers) use for the research database on which all data is collected. Without that generosity this work would almost certainly not exist.

I have no reluctance in noting again those who, during the past often highly frustrating years, have maintained their encouragement for what I have been trying to do in taking GDoS off the page and moving it on line. The lexicography of slang is by its nature a solitary path. This last five years have been exceptionally so. With their support they have all rendered it far less lonely, and I am very grateful.

I play no favourites by placing them, unsurprisingly, in alphabetical order:

I would also like to make mention of the late Madeline Kripke, the doyenne of dictionary collection, who sadly died aged 76, a victim of Covid-19, in April 2020. I have written at length about Madeline for the Dictionary Society of North America's journal Dictionaries. She was a central figure in the world of slang lexicography and all of us who are involved remain in her debt.

In addition, indeed in pride of place as regards her contribution to research, I must once more thank Susie Ford. I have long since lost count of the number of citations she has added to the dictionary; I can only say that without her continuing dedication it would be an infinitely lesser work.

The original concept, design, and development of Green’s Dictionary of Slang Online was made by Daphne Preston-Kendal.