Green’s Dictionary of Slang

buttock n.

also buttocks, buttock-whore

[mid-16C–early 19C] (UK Und.) a prostitute, esp. one who dispenses her favours for free; also as adj.

In compounds

buttock and file (n.) [file n. (1); Ware and others define it as ‘a shoplifter’ but Partridge (DU) rejects this as erroneous, however see sense 1]

1. [mid-17C] (UK und.) an act of shoplifiting by a prostitute.

2. [mid-17C–late 19C] (UK und.) a prostitute who doubles as a pickpocket, usu. with the help of her man.

buttock and tongue (n.)

[17C–early 19C] a shrewish woman.

buttock and twang (n.) [twang n.1 (2)]

1. [late 17C–early 19C] a prostitute who does not double as a pickpocket.

2. [18C] a robbery executed by a prostitute who lures a customer, picked up in a tavern, into a dark alley where she picks his pocket and her male accomplice knocks down the victim so that both can escape.

buttock-ball (n.)

see separate entry.

buttock-banqueting (n.)

[mid-16C–mid-17C] working as a prostitute.

buttock broker (n.)

[late 17C–early 19C] a brothel-keeper.

In phrases

go buttock-stirring (v.)

[19C] to have sexual intercourse.

SE in slang uses

In compounds

buttock and trimmings (n.)

[late 18C–early 19C] an Irish wager, a rump of beef and a dozen of claret.

buttock penance (n.)

[early 18C] a caning or thrashing at school.