Green’s Dictionary of Slang

bottom n.3

also bottom man
[metaphorically rather than always physically ‘on the bottom’; the anton. of top n. (5)]

1. [1970s+] in sado-masochistic sex, a passive or masochistic person.

2. see bottom woman

SE in slang uses

In compounds

bottom bandit (n.) (also botty burglar)

[1990s+] a male homosexual.

bottom boy (n.)

[1970s] (US gay) one who enjoys anal intercourse.

bottom burp (n.)

[1980s+] a fart; generally a children’s usage, but popularized on BBC TV’s 1980s comedy The Young Ones.

bottom dealer (n.) [card imagery; lit. one who deals from the bottom of the pack]

[1930s+] (US) a swindler, a cheat.

bottom feeder (n.) [SE bottom-feeder, a fish that feeds off the sea- or riverbed] [1970s+] (US teen)

a despicable, unpleasant person; thus bottom-feeding adj.

bottom-knock (v.)

[2000s] (US black) to have sexual intercourse.

bottomless pit (n.)

[late 18C–late 19C] the vagina.

bottom line

see separate entries.

bottom man (n.)

see main sense above.

bottom rib (n.) [supposedly the rib taken from Adam and used in the creation of woman]

[1970s] (US black) a wife.

bottom road (n.) [the ‘bottom’ of the UK]

[1930s] (UK tramp) a road leading from London to the South Coast.

bottom-wetter (n.)

see separate entry.

bottom woman (n.) [SE bottom, a foundation] [1960s+] (US black)

1. (also bottom, bottom baby, …bitch, …ho, …lady) the most reliable and experienced of a pimp’s stable of prostitutes.

2. one’s (attractive) girlfriend.

In phrases

bottom of a woman’s tu quoque (n.) [Grose’s unexpurgated ms ****, i.e. cunt n. (1) is euphemised as tu quoque n.]

[late 18C–early 19C] the crown of a woman’s head.

deal off the bottom of the deck (v.) (also deal from the bottom of the deck/pack)

see under deal v.

wind up one’s bottom (v.)

[mid-17C] to leave a mouthful of alcohol in the glass, considered rude to one’s fellow-drinkers.