Green’s Dictionary of Slang

boob n.3

[bub n.4 but note earlier booby n.2 ; since 1970s one of the terms esp. favoured by women]
(orig. US)

1. the female breast, usu. in pl.

[US](con. 1910s) J.T. Farrell Young Lonigan in Studs Lonigan (1936) 89: Studs didn’t usually pay attention to how girls looked, except [...] to notice their boobs, if they were big enough to bounce.
[US]H. Miller Sexus (1969) 305: I felt her sloshy boobs joggling me.
[US]J.P. Donleavy Ginger Man (1958) 166: I should have been a priest and have [...] a housekeeper with boobs like pyramids.
[US]H. Selby Jr Last Exit to Brooklyn 256: She had a nice pair of boobs.
[US]S.J. Perelman letter 14 Jan. in Crowther Don’t Tread on Me (1987) 275: Some crazy little actress with big boobs.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett Godson 127: [O]ut of the bra her boobs looked rounder and juicier than ever.
[US]C. Hiaasen Skin Tight 31: I want you to look at my boobs.
[Aus]R.G. Barrett White Shoes 37: The sheila with the big boobs.
[UK]Indep. Real Life 25 July 3: ‘Shake the boobs!’ she whoops, arms outstretched.
[US]H. Dowd ‘Crazy Summer’ 🌐 She released it and moved forward and bent over me and let her boob drop down to a couple of inches above my face.
[SA]K. Cage Gayle 57/2: Betty Boobs n. white woman with large breasts.
[Aus]L. Redhead Peepshow [ebook] The glossy paper had been shredded across her neck, boobs and pussy.
[US]C. Hiaasen Nature Girl 7: The man squeezed my boob.
[SA]Sun. Times (S. Afr.) 6 Jan. 13: Ventner, wearing the tightest pants teamed with a boob-hugging gold top.
[Aus]L. Redhead Thrill City [ebook] My boobs were on the modest side.
[UK]K. Koke ‘Could Have Been’ 🎵 Pretty face, small waist, big bump-per. / Tight pum, firm boobs in her jump-per.
[Aus]T. Spicer Good Girl Stripped Bare 18: ‘Those boobs are too big for you!’ many-rolled Mrs Mangles from the fibro next door would yell.
[US]T. Pluck Bad Boy Boogie [ebook] ‘Those aren’t boobs, Tony. They’re tits. Big, beautiful tits’.

2. the chest of a fat male.

[UK]J. Mowry Six Out Seven (1994) 21: Really, he wasn’t much more than terminal chubbs, but had big bouncy boobs and wouldn’t take off his shirt with his homeys.
[SA]IOL News (Western Cape) 12 Nov. 🌐 he looks like he has man boobs.

In derivatives

In compounds

boob job (n.) (also tit job) [tit n.2 (1) + job n.2 (2)]

cosmetic/plastic surgery on the breast, usu. for enlarging with some form of implant.

[US]D. Jenkins Dead Solid Perfect 119: ‘I’m going to get a tit job and buy some clinging outfits, and go on all the talk shows and become the darling of the medical and literary world’.
[US]C. Hiaasen Tourist Season (1987) 259: Half the girls get boob jobs and butt tucks.
[UK]Indep. on Sun. Real Life 6 June 3: My first step was[...] to have a boob job.
[UK]Guardian Sport 19 Feb. 12: Boob job?
[UK]Guardian Weekend 17 Mar. 11: On the road girls used to boast about the cubic capacity of their titjobs. ‘I’ve got 840s.’ ‘I’ve got 1220s.’.
[US]J. Stahl Plainclothes Naked (2002) 53: He made [...] a jumpy young skeleton with a boob job as a mommy speed freak.
[Aus]L. Redhead Peepshow [ebook] The padded bra was great [...] an instant tit-job.
H. Davidson ‘Magpie’ in ThugLit Sept./Oct. [ebook] ‘Because some starlet wouldn’t get her boob job?’.
[US]C. Hiaasen Squeeze Me 189: He’d said she should consider a boob job.
boob tube (n.)

1. a woman’s tight, strapless top, usu. of knitted or elasticated fabric.

[UK]Daily Tel. 25 Oct. 17/1: You wear strapless boob tubes of gold lamé, much-ruched, with your 1950s pirate pants.
My Weekly 2 Aug. 16: Now the rush around to find [...] a variety of tops from waterproofs to ‘boob-tubes’.
[UK]Guardian G2 30 Sept. 3: A girl in a boob tube does the Jane Fonda workout.
[US]Hip-Hop Connection Jan./Feb. 14: You won’t see me wearing those kinda short-shorts and boobtubes.
[Scot]T. Black Gutted 212: She wore a bright pink boob tube and a black leather mini.

2. attrib. use of sense 1.

[Aus]M.B. ‘Chopper’ Read Chopper 4 90: I don’t reply to chesty boob tube blondes.

3. see also under boob n.2