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hang, n.1 a euph. for damn n.
hang, n.2 a hangover.
hang, n.3 a job, esp. one that may not be ideal but supports one’s living.
hang, n.4 1. a loiterer, someone who spends a lot of time at a place. 2.  a place where one ‘hangs out’. 3. a social occasion, a rock or other concert, a party. 4. time spent relaxing, loitering.
hang, v.1 1. a euph. for to hell with...! under hell n. 2. in passive, a euph. for damn v. (2)
4 sub-entries
hang, v.2 1. to be in difficulties; thus hanging, in great difficulties . 2.  to impose upon, to blame, to make a criminal charge against .
39 sub-entries
hang, v.3 1. to loiter, to stand around aimlessly, to relax. 2. to inhabit, to live.
2 sub-entries
hang, v.4 1.  to behave, usu. in combs., e.g. hang loose v.; hang tough v. 2.  to endure, to suffer, to handle pressure. 3.  to leave someone waiting.
6 sub-entries
hang, v.5 1. to be under the influence of drugs. 2. to be in need of some drugs.
hang, v.6 1. to murder. 2. to beat up.
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hang, v.7 to turn a corner in a motorcar; as in hang a left, hang a right.
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hang!, excl. a general excl.; see also hang it (all)! under hang v.1 ; hang me! under hang v.1
hang an arse 1. to hang back, to be afraid to go forwards. 2. to have large buttocks.
under arse, n.
hang one’s ass out to run a risk, to risk one’s life (cf. have one’s ass hanging (out) under ass n.).
under ass, n.
hang someone’s ass to defeat thoroughly, to trounce.
under ass, n.
hang it in your ass! an excl. of contempt, often accompanied by a gesture, the right forefinger is hooked over the left thumb, which in turn makes a circle with the left forefinger.
under ass, n.
hang a b.a. (v.) to expose one’s buttocks for the purpose of evoking shock and/or amusement.
under b.a., n.2
hang up one’s boots (v.) see under hang up one’s... v.
under boot, n.2
hang out the broom (v.) of a man, to admit to one’s being cuckolded.
under broom, n.1
hang one’s fanny out (v.) see hang one’s ass out under ass n.
under fanny, n.1
hang out the flag of distress (v.) 1. to advertise charges for board and lodging. 2. to live in furnished accommodation. 3. to be a street prostitute.
under flag of distress, n.
hang it (all)! a general excl. of frustration, annoyance.
under hang, v.1
hang me! a general excl.
under hang, v.1
hang on someone’s door (v.) to place blame on someone.
under hang, v.2
hang something on (v.) 1.  to bring a charge against a criminal, whether justified or not, to allot blame; often as hang one on. 2. to name.
under hang, v.2
hangaround (n.) an aimless person, a loiterer.
under hang, v.2
hang dog (adj.) plentiful.
under hang, v.2
hang-down (n.) the penis (cf. hang-low n.).
under hang, v.2
hang-house (n.) the room or building that holds the gallows.
under hang, v.2
hang-in-chains (n.) a villain, a desperate looking person.
under hang, v.2
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