Green’s Dictionary of Slang

freak n.1

[note 16C freke, a man, often derog./SE freak, a monstrosity (of nature), often as exhibited in a show]

1. [late 19C] (US campus) an exceptional student.

2. [late 19C+] (US, also freako) an offensively eccentric or crazy person.

3. [20C+] an obsession.

4. [mid-19C+] an obsessive; usu. in comb. (see -freak sfx).

5. [1900s] (US campus) a fool.

6. [1900s] a person.

7. [1920s+] one who enjoys non-standard sexual practices.

8. [1940s] an impotent man.

9. [1950s+] (orig. US black) an effeminate man, a male homosexual.

10. [1950s+] (US black, also freakette) a woman, usu. sexually aggressive and adventurous.

11. [1960s] a piece of bad luck.

12. [1960s+] (orig. US) a young person devoted to the ‘counter-culture’ or ‘alternative society’; by extension, a drug user [like many parallel usages on the bad = good model, the young people in question adopted the name, which is synon. with ‘extreme hippie n.2 (3)’, after they had been branded as ‘freaks’ by their critics].

13. [1960s+] (US campus) an unattractive person.

14. [1970s+] a lesbian; a prostitute who deals with lesbian clients.

15. [1980s+] (US campus) an extremely beautiful, good-looking woman, usu. but not always a member of one’s own peer group.

In derivatives

freak-a-zoid (n.) [-zoid sfx]

[1990s+] (US black teen) an eccentric, an obsessive, a freak; also as adj.

freaksome (adj.) [coined in late 1990s US TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

[1990s+] eccentric, bizarre.

In compounds

freak book (n.)

[1960s] (US prison) a pornographic book.

freak daddy (n.) [daddy n. (7)]

[1980s+] (US campus) an attractive man.

freak fuck

see separate entries.

freak magazine (n.)

[1990s+] (US black) a pornographic magazine.

freak mama (n.) [mama n. (1)]

[1980s+] (US campus) an attractive woman, with overtones of sluttishness.

freaknasty (adj.) [nasty adj. (2)]

[2000s] (US) sexually exciting and poss. perverse.

freak party (n.)

[1960s+] perverted or otherwise out of the ordinary sex.

freak show (n.)

[1960s+] a sexual display or performance, usu. of unorthodox sex.

In phrases

get one’s freak on (v.)

1. [1990s+] (US) to get into a particular mood, usu. with ref. to sex.

2. to enjoy sexual eccentricities.