Green’s Dictionary of Slang

freak n.1

[note 16C freke, a man, often derog./SE freak, a monstrosity (of nature), often as exhibited in a show]

1. (US campus) an exceptional student.

[US]W.C. Gore Student Sl. in Cohen (1997) 19: freak n. A student who is exceptionally proficient in a given subject.
[US]E.H. Babbitt ‘College Words and Phrases’ in DN II:i 36: freak, n. A student who is exceptionally proficient in a given subject.

2. (US, also freako) an offensively eccentric or crazy person.

[UK]Bird o’ Freedom 1 Jan. 3/2: To my great sorrow and indignation, this scrumptious symphony in cheap serge was accompanied by a male freak, who looked as if his mother had bought him ready made at a Christmas bazaar at so much a foot.
[UK]Marvel XIV:358 2: Look here, you bearded freak.
[NZ]Grey River Argus (NZ) 28 Dec. 7/3: The t‘ar baby’ knocked him out in sixteen rounds [...] while he got two newspaper decisions against the coloured freak.
B. Fisher ‘Mutt and Jeff’ [comic strip] In bed with your clothes on, eh? Up to the attic for you, you freak.
[UK]‘Sapper’ Third Round 574: Old goodman is a pretty fair freak, but he does wash.
[UK]Wodehouse Right Ho, Jeeves 189: Gussie, [...] now doubtless looked upon in the neighbourhood as the world’s worst freak.
[US]O. Strange Sudden Takes the Trail 143: Curious is puttin’ it mild – yo’re a freak.
[UK]P. Larkin letter 1 Oct. in Thwaite Sel. Letters (1992) 190: The Lake District was quite pretty, but loused up with numerous freaks tricked out in the cast off clothes of the AEF.
[Aus]D. Niland Big Smoke 96: Suddenly a billy-cart screeched at his nerves, and he jerked around to see it, driven by a nine-year-old freak in goggles.
[US]H. Selby Jr Last Exit to Brooklyn (1966) 18: Dont touch me Harry, you big freak.
[US]D. Goines Dopefiend (1991) 11: Porky was just a fat freak with good dope.
[UK]R. Dahl Twits (1982) 69: Those two fearful frumptious freaks eat Bird Pie every week for supper!
[US]S. Morgan Homeboy 107: I meant the little space freak.
[UK]Indep. Rev. 20 July 8: Hello freako! I hear you say.
[UK]Guardian Rev. 14 Jan. 5: A white freak taking out whites.
[US]J. Ellroy Hilliker Curse 4: A neutral parent would have cropped out the freako little boy.

3. an obsession.

[US]A.H. Lewis Confessions of a Detective 136: Inspector Val examined track after track, to make certain that Settle, in some crazy or criminal freak, had not maneuvered a return by walking backward.
[UK]K. Amis letter 8 Sept. in Leader (2000) 291: What’s this freaka windbreaka freak about finding out whether [Pee Wee] Russell’s alive or dead?
[US]T. Wolfe Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test (1969) 13: Freak referred to styles and obsessions, as in ‘Stewart Brand is an Indian freak’ or ‘the zodiac—that’s her freak’.

4. an obsessive; usu. in comb. (see -freak sfx).

[UK]R.S. Surtees Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour 22: The old ladies [...] alone looked on the hound freak with other than feelings of approbation.
implied at -freak sfx
[US]R. Price Ladies’ Man (1985) 50: I was no freak for money.
[UK](con. 1975) W. Sherman Times Square 277: He’s a freak for booze.
[US]Hip-Hop Connection Dec. 13: I’m a freak for beats.

5. (US campus) a fool.

[US]E.H. Babbitt ‘College Words and Phrases’ in DN II:i 36: freak, n. Fool, blockhead.
[UK]‘Doss Chiderdoss’ ‘The Lure of the Lucre’ Sporting Times 1 Aug. 1/4: To bestow ’er fickle smiles an’ ’er false kisses on a freak / Who’ll be comin’ into money after Christmas.
[US]Eble Campus Sl. Apr. 3: freak – loser.

6. a person.

[US]S. Ford Shorty McCabe 39: He was a tall, skinny old freak, with a dyed mustache.

7. one who enjoys non-standard sexual practices.

[US]E. Paul Impromptu 33: It was understood that the ‘heavies,’ being less in demand, had to entertain the rough men, the freaks, and those that were so drunk that they were hard to handle [HDAS].
[US]‘Boxcar Bertha’ Sister of the Road (1975) 178: The big money is in the ‘queer’ guys. And what freaks some of ’em are!
[US]H. Greenwald Call Girl 132: What do you mean so-called respectable members of society? they’re the worst freaks (perverts) of all.
[US]C. Cooper Jr Syndicate (1998) 109: I labeled you a pantie freak.
[US]C. McFadden Serial 25: He was just your ordinary sadomasochist freak.
[US]E. Leonard Glitz 151: She decides to do some business there and gets a freak wants to ball her hanging off the fucking balcony or some fucking thing.
[US]J. Ridley Love Is a Racket 241: You want to watch me masturbate? You want to pee on me or something? You a freak . . . ’cause that costs more.
L.L. Meyer No Paltry Thing 200: That’s the kind of pain-freak you don’t want to hang out with in your golden years.
[US]‘Dutch’ ? (Pronounced Que) [ebook] He continued to piss in her face [...] she was actually enjoying it. The bitch is a freak! Shameeq thought.

8. an impotent man.

[US]N. Algren Man with the Golden Arm 28: The years of boozing would betray him and he would succeed only in showing her what a freak she had.

9. (orig. US black) an effeminate man, a male homosexual.

[US]D.W. Cory Homosexual in America 104: Best known among these words are fairy [...] freak.
[US]B. Jackson Get Your Ass in the Water (1974) 148: Jim, you talk about freaks, man, they was there, / bulldaggers and punks from almost everywhere.
[US]E. Torres Q&A 155: Don’t put the knock on the gay freak squad.
[US]C. White Life and Times of Little Richard 194: They called you ‘sissy’ back then. Or ‘freak.’ Or ‘faggot’.
[US]N. McCall Makes Me Wanna Holler (1995) 198: I had always called gays ‘sissies’ and ‘freaks’.
[US]W. Shaw Westsiders 59: Santa Monica Boulevard, where all the gays clubs and bars are. ‘Freaktown’ is what Silas calls it.

10. (US black, also freakette) a woman, usu. sexually aggressive and adventurous.

[US]W. White ‘Wayne University Sl.’ AS XXX:4 302: crazy freak [...] Girl, usually pretty. Often used to refer to a woman of loose morals. ‘That chick is a real cool freak.’.
[US] ‘Duriella du Fontaine’ in D. Wepman et al. Life (1976) 45: When from the side, with a sexy stride, / Came a broad that looked like some boss freak.
[US]E. Torres After Hours 22: The li’l black freak that was behind the bar looped around.
[US]H. Gould Fort Apache, The Bronx 155: She was a freak, all right, a hot little mama after all.
[US](con. 1985–90) P. Bourjois In Search of Respect 291: If I was a girl, I’d be a freak [nymphomaniac]; but I’d make the niggas pay.
[US]J. Stahl Plainclothes Naked (2002) 185: I’d love to blow some of this candy and go Rick James on her ass. Get freaky with the freakette.
[US]G. Pelecanos Night Gardener 68: Her eyes were lively and told him that she’d be a freak in bed.
[US]G. Pelecanos (con. 1972) What It Was 115: I got a freak waitin on me in the car.

11. a piece of bad luck.

[US]T.I. Rubin Sweet Daddy 12: What the hell, this bust was a freak.

12. (orig. US) a young person devoted to the ‘counter-culture’ or ‘alternative society’; by extension, a drug user [like many parallel usages on the bad = good model, the young people in question adopted the name, which is synon. with ‘extreme hippie n.2 (3)’, after they had been branded as ‘freaks’ by their critics].

[US] in Thom Subterraneans [film script] This neighborhood’s filled with freaks – artists and bums [HDAS].
[UK]Oz 7 28/2: Long-haired ‘freaks’ and minimally dressed ‘teenyboppers’.
[US]M. Scorsese Mean Streets [film script] 2: A longhaired ‘freak’ is about to shoot up.
[US]D.E. Miller Bk of Jargon 341: freak: One who uses drugs, particularly the hallucinogens or marijuana, as an important aspect of his life, and/or adheres to the associated life-style and manners.
[UK]G. Burn Happy Like Murderers 151: Bikers, druggies, drongos, pseuds, freaks and students.

13. (US campus) an unattractive person.

[US]Baker et al. CUSS 121: Freak An ugly person.
[US]P. Munro Sl. U.

14. a lesbian; a prostitute who deals with lesbian clients.

[US]Milner & Milner Black Players 42: Women who have lesbian tendencies or who cater to lesbians are called freaks.
[US]E. Folb Runnin’ Down Some Lines 161: Expressions like real women for a heterosexual woman and freak for a lesbian are terms used among women.
[US]T.R. Houser Central Sl. 49: straight freak A lesbian who takes the male part.

15. (US campus) an extremely beautiful, good-looking woman, usu. but not always a member of one’s own peer group.

[US]Eble Campus Sl. Mar.
[US]Da Bomb [Internet] 11: Freak or Freaky: [...] 2. Gorgeous woman.
[US]Teen Lingo: The Source for Youth Ministry [Internet] freak n. 1. a very good looking female.

In derivatives

freak-a-zoid (n.) [-zoid sfx]

(US black teen) an eccentric, an obsessive, a freak; also as adj.

[US]Eble Campus Sl. Sept. 3: freakazoid – person involved in the ‘new wave’.
Spy July/Aug. 15: But of the more serious allegation — being a total freakazoid — Jacko seems guilty as charged.
[US]Eble Sl. and Sociability 36: Slang words formed by clipping sounds from the beginning of the word are [...] zoid ‘fan of punk rock music and styles’, from freakazoid.
L.A. Auerbach Reply to Letter 8 Nov. on Amer. Homebody [Internet] We’re not sure if he’s a freakazoid Libertarian, a stodgy old Republican, or a crusty Dem.
[US]J. Lethem Fortress of Solitude 144: What passed for an entorage, a couple of freakazoid chicks.
J. Arnold In the Dark 102: ‘They used to call me freakazoid.’ ‘Freakazoid?’ ‘Freak, for short’.
freaksome (adj.) [coined in late 1990s US TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer]

eccentric, bizarre.

[US]Des Hotel & Batali ‘Phases’ 27 Jan. episode of TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer in Adams Slayer Sl. 179: It’s not every day you find out you’re a werewolf: that’s fairly freaksome.
[US]USA Today 23 Dec. 04D: Among other terms: ‘vague,’ as in ‘Can you vague that up?’ (sarcastically, be more precise); [...] and ‘freaksome,’ as in ‘That’s fairly freaksome’ (bizarre).
W. Davis My Side of the Story 211: Anyway, what’s coming up here is basically totally freaksome.

In compounds

freak book (n.)

(US prison) a pornographic book.

[US]M. Braly On the Yard (2002) 108: Give your north and south a rest so I can read this freak book.
freak daddy (n.) [daddy n. (7)]

(US campus) an attractive man.

[US]P. Munro Sl. U.
[US]D. Lypchuk ‘A dirty little story’ in eye mag. 8 July [Internet] She thought he was a bit of all right, a bitch magnet, a real hootchie freak daddy flyboy rack smasher, but now she felt herself dreaming of putting him on a tight leash.
freak fuck

see separate entries.

freak magazine (n.)

(US black) a pornographic magazine.

[US]N. McCall Makes Me Wanna Holler (1995) 200: I [...] stopped cruising through freak magazines that would get me upset.
freak mama (n.) [mama n. (1)]

(US campus) an attractive woman, with overtones of sluttishness.

[US]P. Munro Sl. U.
[US]L’il Wayne ‘Hoes’ [lyrics] I am lookin’ for a freak mama take me there yeah.
freaknasty (adj.) [nasty adj. (2)]

(US) sexually exciting and poss. perverse.

[US]Hope College ‘Dict. of New Terms’ [Internet] freak nasty n. A person of either gender who has little or no dancing ability and yet proceeds to freak a member of the opposite sex.
[US] 8 Nov. [Internet] The other woman [...] is responsible for doing all of the freak nasty shit the lil woman won’t.
Dappwood Divide & Conquer 19: Regardless of her freaknasty ways, Tony wasn't going to let Jim tell him who he should or shouldn't have feelings fo.
freak party (n.)

perverted or otherwise out of the ordinary sex.

[UK]J. Colebrook Cross of Lassitude 299: Remember how gettin’ someone into a coat closet was a freak party, and a little bit of hand action – that was really something!
[US](con. 1945) M. Angelou Gather Together In My Name 160: Clara runs a straight house. No three-way girls and no freak parties.
freak show (n.)

a sexual display or performance, usu. of unorthodox sex.

[US]Baker et al. CUSS 121: Freak show A wild party.
[US]D. Goines Dopefiend (1991) 12: If you want to watch a freak show, lay it out.
[US]‘Master Pimp’ Pimp’s Rap 63: The guerilla cop and his light-skin stallion made an exit after the freak show.
[US]W. Ellis Crooked Little Vein 59: Did you read what these people do to themselves? It’s a freakshow.
[US]H. Davidson ‘This Little Piggy’ in Pulp Ink [ebook] Lysandra hated her clients [...] Freakshows she called them, though she had special nicknames for the real weirdos.

In phrases

get one’s freak on (v.)

1. (US) to get into a particular mood, usu. with ref. to sex.

[US]Eble Campus Sl. Apr. 4: get someone’s freaks on – date, woo, court: ‘Mario is trying to get his freaks on with Schawanda’.
[US]J. Ridley Everybody Smokes in Hell 155: I’m trying ta git my titty-bar freak on.
[US]J. Stahl Plainclothes Naked (2002) 242: I don’t want to dry-fuck your bitch up the ass [...] But I’m gonna have to get my freak on till she tells me where she put a certain very important something she stole.
[US]T. Dorsey Atomic Lobster 183: He may be rich but he still likes to get his freak on.
[US]S.M. Jones Lives Laid Away [ebook] Royal Oak was once a funky little upper-middle-class hippy enclave [...] where aging white liberals could get their ‘freak’ on.

2. to enjoy sexual eccentricities.

[UK]A. Wheatle Dirty South 84: You could be a rapist. A psycho. You might be one of those people who get their freak on in a weird way.
B. Torres Vegan Freak 57: We also know that you need to get your freak on and all that, and we’d never want to deny you the many pleasures that human sexuality can offer .