Green’s Dictionary of Slang

love n.

any person or thing that is pleasant or attractive, e.g. it’s a real love.

[US]T. Haliburton Letter-bag of the Great Western (1873) 32: She paddled like a duck, and hissed like a swan. She ran a race with mother Carey’s chickens, and beat them by a neck. O she is a dear love of a smoke-jack.
[US]W.K. Northall Life and Recollections of Yankee Hill 190: Oh, thuch a love of a dreth. I am going to appear ath a Highland Thotch Lath. Than’t I look a divinity?
[Aus]Bell’s Life in Sydney 16 Feb. 2/5: Ann leaned over Mrs Mulligan’s shoulder to look at a ‘love of a print’ .
[UK]‘Shadow’ Midnight Scenes 53: ‘Stop, dear! did you ever see such a love of a bonnet!’.
[UK]T. Taylor Ticket-Of-Leave Man Act III: What loves of gloves.
[UK]Illus. Sporting & Dramatic News 5 Apr. 18/3: I’ve purchased a love of a bonnet.
[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life (1966) X 2160: They would get me a love of an Italian boy to bugger.
[Aus]Dead Bird (Sydney) 19 Oct. 1/4: We have found what some of our lady readers would describe as a love of a spanner.
[UK]‘Green Brougham’ in Cabinet of Venus 121: A tiny love of a lap-dog, hidden in the folds of her fur cloak.
[UK]‘Ramrod’ Nocturnal Meeting 42: He’s a regular love Mamma, and I’m so glad we fell in with him.
[UK]H. Champion [perf. Harry Champion] ‘The Best That Money Can Buy’ 🎵 And oh she was such a love of a lump / I used to call her jelly because / She was so nice and plump.
[Aus]E. Dyson Fact’ry ’Ands 26: ‘Ain’t he a bute?’ said Annie. ‘A little love!’ said Kitty Conroy.
[Aus]Sport (Adelaide) 30 Aug. 9/1: Jack T. says Mabel S. is a love.
[Ire]Joyce Ulysses 335: She wore a coquettish little love of a hat.
[Aus]K. Tennant Joyful Condemned 260: There was a gypsy in last night [...] with a little baby. Gee! it was a love.
[UK]G.F. Newman Villain’s Tale 48: She nodded. There’s a love. C’mon, give us a kiss or you’ll be the biggest dunce in the class.
[UK]J. Stevenson London Bridges (2001) 220: I just didn’t make time to go and see the old love, which I perfectly well could’ve.

SE in slang uses

Pertaining to sex

In compounds

lovebird (n.)

(Aus.) a young woman who is free with her sexual favours.

[Aus]Truth (Melbourne) 9 Sept. 7/6: In a few words, what we said was that the great number of the girls called ‘love-birds,’ whose existence this war had made manifest, constituted a most serious menace to our soldiers and other members of society.
[Aus]Truth (Perth) 3 Mar. 5/1: Any woman of ill fame, street stroller, feculent flapper, or ‘love-bird’ should undoubtedly be publicly exposed and held up as a danger.
[Aus]Truth (Brisbane) 12 Oct. 11/7: [T]he principal source of infection is not the professional prostitute, but the ostensibly respectable girl or woman popularly known as a ‘privateer,’ ‘love bird,’ or ‘half square tart’.
love bone (n.) [bone n.1 (1a)]

(US black) the penis.

[US]P. Crump Burn, Killer, Burn! 386: Ya make me nervous with that death talk and my love bone goes down.
[US]ZZ Top ‘Gun Love’ 🎵 She’s kinda shy but make no mistake, / She’ll shoot you full of love till your love bone aches.
love bug (n.) [bug n.4 (4b)]

1. an imaginary virus, the symptons of which are being in love; thus the disease itself.

[US]T.A. Dorgan in Zwilling TAD Lex. 55: (The Little Love Microbe That Does The Mischief) Oh I do wish at one o dem love bugs would spear him.
[US]Perrysburg Jrnl (Wood Co., OH) 22 May 2/1: I got the love-bug, kid!
M. Fulcher ‘Believe Me’ in Afro-American (Baltimore, MD) 13 Apr. 12/1: Tiny claims he is bitten by the love bug.
[US]‘Digg Mee’ ‘Observation Post’ in N.Y. Age 31 Jan. 9/1: The love bug’ll bite you.
Marcy Playground Shapeshifter [album] ‘Love Bug’ 🎵 Here is love bug / Found in heaven / Yeah, love bug is blind / And one of a kind / It is growing / It’s all knowing / It is glowing bright / Bright red / And so, I’m in love / Yeah, love bug, his kind / Will forever shine / So open up your heart and let it in / Or, or check inside.

2. (US gay) a pubic louse.

[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular 55: crab lice infecting the pubic areas [...] love bugs.

3. a person who is in love with being in love.

[US](con. 1930s) O’Day & Eells High Times Hard Times 52: Trilby was a lovebug, in and out of love every week.
[US]C. Heath A-Team 2 (1984) 27: ‘Mornin’, love bug,’ he greeted her.
love button (n.)

(orig. US) the clitoris.

[US]P. Beatty White Boy Shuffle 82: Grinding her crotch oon my thigh [...] and begging to tickle her love button with my big toe.
[UK]Roger’s Profanisaurus in Viz 98 Oct. 25: skipper n. A lady’s clematis; a love button. From ‘man in a boat’.
rtw132 Maureen’s Lusty Confessions 🌐 Push my love button like a game show contestant bound and determined to ring in first in a contest of love.
[US]Sandmann ‘Burning Down the House’, Planet Sex Stories 🌐 I dug my fingers between her labia until I found her clitoris. As I started rubbing on her love button she let out a long wail.
love canal (n.) [play on SE + pun on 1993 ecological abuse of the Love Canal, New York]

(US) the vagina.

[US]H. Gould Fort Apache, The Bronx 185: You been sittin’ here cuttin’ some of the meanest farts from that fuckin’ sausage sandwich [...] You smell like the Love Canal at low tide.
[US]Lewin & Lewin Thes. Sl. 411/1: Vagina [...] bearded clam, [...] love canal.
lovecull (n.) [SE love + cull n.1 (1)]

(US) a young man who is kept by a prostitute, but is not her pimp.

[US]Whip & Satirist of NY & Brooklyn (NY) 14 May n.p.: These loveculls [...] [are] young men who might be an honor to their friends and country if only they would reform.
[US]Flash 31 July n.p.: He never kept a house, but has been a common love cull with a great many of the prostitutes here. he will cohabit with a woman as long as she will support him.
love custard (n.) [note custard n.]


Desdemona at 🌐 Most of the time they wouldn’t actually fuck, because Harry usually spilled his love custard as soon as Cherry described how good his asshole looked all filled with cock.
love glove (n.) (US)

1. a condom.

W. Kempton Sex Education for Persons with Learning Disabilities 55: Erection safe raincoat love-glove hard-on stiff bone boner Can you think of some other words to top this list?
[US]TV Guide 7 Nov. 6: But although their standards and practices permitted the words ‘prophylactic’ and ‘contraceptive’ [on a network TV program], and even a student who calls a condom a ‘love glove,’ the word ‘condom’ was not allowed [HDAS].
T. Palermo Sex Adviser 113: He’s an adult, and if he is determined to behave stupidly, then it’s his choice, not yours. You can’t make him put the love glove on.
[US] in B. Shapiro Porn Generation 96: Once you read our manual of racy roll-on maneuvers and saucy love-glove styles, no man will eschew safe sex with you again.

2. a vagina.

[US]Playboy Feb. n.p.: The pet name for his yang (Enormous Heat-Seeking Moisture Missile, [etc.]) and for her love glove (Alice, Gertrude and One Size Fits All) [HDAS].
love grenades (n.)

the testicles.

[UK]Indep. Rev. 1 Oct. 5: ‘You’re walking funny,’ he said. ‘What’s wrong? Pain in the old love grenades?’.
love gun (n.) [ext. of gun n.1 (2)]

(US) the penis.

[US] in Maledicta VI (1982) 23: gun.
[UK]Penthouse Apr. 12: My love gun was aiming right at her face [HDAS].
Movieline May 58: He...whips out his jaw-dropping love gun [HDAS].
love handles (n.) (also love rungs) [the idea being that one can hold on to them during sex]

the excess flesh around a portly stomach that may be seen in a kinder light by those who appreciate the Rubenesque figure (cf. bar handles under bar n.2 ).

[US] in Current Sl. IV:3–4 (1970).
[US]L. Kramer Faggots 25: Years of a slight inner tube of fat amidships, ‘love handles’.
[US]R. Price Ladies’ Man (1985) 61: A girl [...] grabbed a fistful of flab over each of my hips, and said ‘Love rungs, too much love rungs’.
[US]C. Hiaasen Skin Tight 278: The object of their complaint was medically mundane [. . .] droopy buttocks, gelatinous hips, or old-fashioned ‘love handles’ at the waist.
[UK]N. Barlay Curvy Lovebox 182: Them’s my love handles innit.
[UK]Observer Mag. 13 June 62: If only we could [...] send our unwanted ‘spare tyres’ and ‘love handles’ to sub-Saharan Africa.
[US](con. 1973) C. Stella Johnny Porno 35: He had retained some muscle definition [...] but there were love handles now he hadn’t noticed.
Yahoo 23 Apr. 🌐 What are some good exercises that will get rid of my love handles?
[UK]R. Milward Kimberly’s Capital Punishment (2023) 436: I retreat up Kimberly’s lovehandles.
[Scot]I. Welsh Decent Ride 117: That fill breakfast looks good, but ah gits a feel ay ma love handles and thinks: mibbe some porridge n berries.
love hole (n.)

(US) the vagina.

[US] oral testimony in Lighter HDAS II.
Desdemona at 🌐 By the time the bids took place, every man was chomping at the bit to get a crack at Cherry. And Cherry’s love hole was greased up with excitement.
love juice (n.) [ext. juice n.1 (2a)]

1. vaginal secretions.

[UK]Loves of Venus 44: I positively allowed him to finger me at pleasure, till I came down with my love juice all over his hand.
[UK]Farmer & Henley Sl. and Its Analogues.
[US] in P. Smith Letter from My Father (1978) 135: In a minute or two her love juice came.
[UK]K. Lette Mad Cows 66: The chicks in this nick are so horny, you can ski on all that love-juice.
[UK]A. Sillitoe Birthday 7: His fingers always closed on the vital spot, which led to the soaking of camiknickers in love juice (the embarrassing term came back to him).

2. semen.

[US] ‘Laurel and Hardy “Doing Things”’ [comic strip] in B. Adelman Tijuana Bibles (1997) 83: Pump me full of love juice.
[US]Guild Dict. Homosexual Terms 28: love juice (n.): Semen.
[US]B. Rodgers Queens’ Vernacular.
[UK]M. Amis London Fields 328: Love juice. Ungovernable passions. The earth moved innit.
[US]Alt. Eng. Dict. 🌐 love juice semen.
[US]Eight Hand Reviews ‘Devinn Lane’s Succulent Blossom’ Adult Novelty Reviews 🌐 These silly devices seem to all carry the same Modus Operandus. That is; lube up, insert, stroke ’till your unit pukes up it’s love juices.
lovelips (n.)

(US) the labia.

[US]J. Stahl Permanent Midnight 38: We’d kick around, say, the best words for vagina [...] ‘lovelips’.
[US]J. Stahl Plainclothes Naked (2002) 77: Letting his fingers linger over that shaved slope down to her no-doubt chubby lovelips.
love machine (n.)

(US) a sexually virile man, a womanizer .

[US]J. Susann Love Machine 1: Robin Stone was a handsome man. He could smile with his lips. He could think without emotion. He could make love to her with his body. Robin Stone was the Love Machine.
The Miracles City of Angels [album] ‘Love Machine part I’ 🎵 I’m just a love machine / And I won’t work for nobody but you / I’m just a love machine / A hugging kissing fiend.
[US]M. Petit Peacekeepers 71: ‘Long schlong!’ Archie whooped. [...] ‘I ain’t nothin’ but a love machine,’ Ross began to sing. ‘Pull my thing and watch me sing!’.
love muffin (n.) [muffin n.1 (8)]

(US) a sexually attractive person.

[US]Sports Illus. 28 Sept. n.p.: Cornell players are a bunch of love muffins [HDAS].
[US]Jim Hinde ‘Upwardly Mobile Blues’ 🎵 She used to call me ‘Studly Hung Low’ / And ‘Love Muffin’ all night long.
L. Chamberlain Factory Rat 128: One worker scrawled atop his machine’s front ‘I love you, love muffin.’.
J. Jabroni Everyday, Ordinary, Insane Life 10: Well, it would be nice to have a love muffin to rush home to after a trying day at work.
love muscle (n.)

1. (US) the penis.

[US](con. 1950) E. Frankel Band of Brothers 302: This weather could dry up a feller’s love muscle.
[US]T. Berger Sneaky People (1980) 142: ‘Squeeze,’ said he. ‘That’s my love muscle.’.
[US] in Randolph & Legman Ozark Folksongs and Folklore (1992) II 663: Shall we dunk the old love-muscle / In the sweetest soup what am?
[UK]K. Lette Mad Cows 114: Trying to locate the love muscle of an overweight man in the dark is a little like attempting to land on an aircraft carrier in a hurricane without radar.
[UK]Blak Twang ‘On Line’ 🎵 To the tip of my love muscle.
[UK]J. Meades Empty Wigs (t/s) 500: ‘Ian Noel Horrocks. Your partner... ex partner ... sex partner... ooh you two and your love muscles Sir’.

2. (N.Z. prison) a inmate who is vain about their appearance.

[NZ]D. Looser Boobslang [U. Canterbury D.Phil. thesis] 111/1: love muscle n. a vain inmate obsessed with his physical appearance: ‘Oh, there’s love muscle coming across the yard.
love pump (n.) [popularized by the film This is Spinal Tap (1984)]

(US) the penis.

Reiner, McKean, Guest & Shearer This Is Spinal Tap [film script] marty: What do you call this? nigel: Well, this piece is called ‘Lick My Love Pump’.
Rick Bass ‘Postwar Paris: Chronicles of a Literary Life’ Paris Rev. Issue 150 Spring 🌐 The young couple was off their blanket by that time, writhing in the grass. The young lady had her hand in his pants and appeared to be applying manual administration to his love pump.
love rug (n.)

the female pubic hair.

[UK]K. Lette Mad Cows 78: I’m about to be raped by a woman who has the words ‘Hoover My Love Rug’ tattood on her lower abdomen.
love’s cabinet (n.)

the vagina.

[UK]N. Ward Hudibras Redivivus II:4 17: Pray therefore let me truly know, / Whether Love’s cabinet below, / For which we have such Veneration, / Varies an Inch in Situation.
love seat (n.)

the vagina.

[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life (1966) VIII 1526: Her love seat was that of a girl of full sixteen.
love shack (n.) (orig. US)

1. a room or apartment that a man keeps for seductions and sex.

[US]Belleville News Democrat (IL) 22 May 7/1: [headline] Citizens Burn ‘Love Shack’ Enraged over the discovery of two white women and a negro man in a two-room house [...] citizens [...] set fire to the house.
[US]Dly News (NY) 22 June 6: [headline] [Of ‘love cult’ mansion] Rival 2-Million Love Shack Faces Oom. / The current depression has not yet affected the love cult business [etc].
[US]Consolidator (San Diego) Aug. 16/2: ‘Dutch’ Kling had an old trailer in his yard that he couldn't use because he did not have a license for it. Russ Kern, head Hull Inspector, was building a love shack in the mountains and wanted to borrow ‘Dutch’s’ trailer.
B52’s Cosmic Thing [album] ‘Love Shack’ 🎵 The Love Shack is a little old place where we can get together / Love Shack baby! Love Shack baby! Love Shack, that’s where it’s at! / Love Shack, that’s where it’s at! Huggin’ and a kissin’, dancin’ and a lovin’, wearin’ next to nothing.
[US]J. Ellroy ‘My Life as a Creep’ in Destination: Morgue! (2004) 116: The cloud was a motel/love shack. It housed the Sexcapades of 1966.
A. Bruzesse 45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy 13: Treating the Office Like It’s Your Love Shack Dear Anita, I was recently caught by my boss with a coworker’s tongue in my mouth.
[US](con. 1962) J. Ellroy Enchanters 40: We three-car caravanned over to the love shack.

2. a lover, an object of sexual desire (and conquest) [fig. use of sense 1 + ? shack-up n. (1)].

J.J. Barker Still Life 36: ‘Love Shack, baby, Love Shack.’ ‘You’re in a good mood,’ Mara laughed. Adam [...] kissed the top of her head.

3. (US) the vagina.

T. Tea Atlanta Nights 90: As his hand has now slipped from my navel to my love shack, I’m in no position to do more than wiggle.
love’s paradise (n.)

the vagina.

[UK]School of Venus 107: What they usually called Loves Paradise and the centre of delight they now in plain English call a Cunt.
love staff (n.)

the penis.

[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life in Mills (1983) 273: To the bed they went where side by side she fondled his love staff, then he mounted her.
lovesteak (n.)

(US campus) the penis.

[US]P. Munro Sl. U. n.p.: Playgirl always has men with big lovesteaks as their centerfolds.
[US]A. Heckerling Clueless [film script] I don’t see no lovesteak squeezed into your 501’s so I can’t call you ‘Man’.
love stick (n.) [stick n. (1a)]

(US) the penis.

[US]‘Bob Sterling’ Town-Bull 26: Won’t it be lovely, with you between us, both playing with your love-stick.
[UK]G.R. Bacchus Maudie 66: Some Spanish Armada prisoner who had dropped his lovestick in a Northumberland wench.
[US](con. 1880–1924) F.J. Wilstach Anecdota erótica 5: Negro came back from the war. Told his wife he brought back two love sticks, but he gave one of them to Jim Johnson. His wife was late coming home one day; she’d been to visit Jim Johnson. Asked where she had been she replied, ‘All I got to say, nigger, is you gave away the best stick.’.
[US]O. Hawkins Ghetto Sketches 236: It’s me, baby lady [...] Me, Mr. Bam Lovestick.
review of Man Academy 2 at 24 Apr. 🌐 Kelley proves more than able to take on Johnson’s 11x7-inch love stick.
love torpedo (n.)

the penis.

[UK]Roger’s Profanisaurus in Viz 87 Dec. n.p.: beef bayonet euph. Penis; cock, pork sword; love torpedo.
Desdemona at 🌐 The fact was, Cherry wanted that love torpedo inside her.
[UK]Guardian 7 Aug. 🌐 I have seen men do amazing things with their ‘love torpedoes’ but they were sadhus in India.
love truncheon (n.)

the penis.

[UK]‘Walter’ My Secret Life (1966) IX 1739: How soft and smooth, tho solid and stiff, yet semi-elastic is the male love truncheon.
[UK]Roger’s Profanisaurus in Viz 87 Dec. n.p.: love torpedo n. boastful Penis. As in: ‘I sank her bacon battleship with my love torpedo’. Also love truncheon.
love weeds (n.)

(US black/drugs) marijuana, which supposedly possesses aphrodisiac properties.

[US]E. Freeman ‘The Whirling Hub’ in Afro-American (Baltimore, MD) 6 Apr. 15/1: They were found guilty of possessing a drug known as love weeds [...] The gendarmes testified that he [...] had love weeds in his possession.
[US]E. Freeman ‘The Whirling Hub’ in Afro-American (Baltimore, MD) 13 Apr. 15/3: The gendarmes are making a ruthless attack against the users and sellers of those Mexican narcotic fags, called love weeds.

In phrases

make (some)one’s love come down (v.)

(US black) to stimulate or be stimulated sexually, thus to achieve orgasm.

[US]Z.N. Hurston Mules and Men (1995) 21: ‘What is coon dick?’ ‘Aw, Zora, jus’ somethin’ to make de drunk come. Made out uh grape fruit juice, corn meal mash, beef bones and a few mo’ things. Come on le’s git some together. It might make our love come down.’.
[US]Mezzrow & Wolfe Really the Blues 35: A woman who really knows how to sing and means it can make your love come down.
[US]C. Himes Pinktoes (1989) 215: ‘Oh, so your love has come down,’ she said.
[US]C. Himes Blind Man with a Pistol (1971) 121: Listen to the loverboy! When yo’ love come down last?
[US]R.D. Pharr S.R.O. (1998) 188: Just like that, her came down all over again and she touched Jinny’s forehead.
[US]O. Hawkins Chili 115: Her love was always down. It oozed, trickled, dripped, pulsed, throbbed.

General uses

In compounds

love curls (n.)

a hairstyle in which the hair is cut short and worn low over the forehead.

[US](con. 1843) Melville White-Jacket (1990) 356: Many sailors, with naturally tendril locks, prided themselves upon what they call love-curls, worn at the side of the head, just before the ear.
[UK] divorce court report 9 Feb. in Ware (1909) 171/2: For the defence the respondent, Mr Robert Nathaniel Latham, was called. He gave a positive denial to the charge of cruelty. He had objected to his wife wearing what she called ‘love curls’.
love drug (n.) [among the drug’s primary effects is a sense of world-embracing benevolence]

(drugs) MDMA.

Sasha Shulgin Epilogue to Myron Stolaroff Secret Chief 🌐 This was in the pre- MDMA era, when MDA (the ‘Mellow Drug of America,’ sometimes called the ‘love drug’) was very much the favorite of the therapists and the psychedelic explorers of the time.
[US]Community Counseling and Resource Center 🌐 ‘Designer Drugs’: MDA – love drug, speed for lovers, mellow drug of America.
love weed (n.) [weed n.1 (1d)]

(US drugs) marijuana.

[US]R.P. Walton Marihuana.
[US] ‘Jargon of Marihuana Addicts’ in AS XV:3 Oct. 336/2: The drug, itself, is known as [...] love weed.
Drum (Johannesburg) Sept. 12: It is known in the slang as [...] ‘love weed’ [DSAE].
[SA]L.F. Freed Crime in S. Afr. 102: Young men [...] as well as a number of young girls, were going in for the ‘love-weed’.
[US]E.E. Landy Underground Dict. (1972).
[US]ONDCP Street Terms 14: Love weed — Marijuana.

In phrases

give love (v.)

(black) to respect, to praise.

[US]Source Oct. 196: The Source giving us love, calling our albums classics.
make love (v.)

(N.Z. prison) to restrain a troublesome or violent inmate.

[NZ]D. Looser Boobslang [U. Canterbury D.Phil. thesis] 112/2: make love v. Restrain a troublesome or violent inmate.
much love (n.)

(US black) popularity, respect.

[US]Rosemary Jacobs in San Jose Mercury News 11 May n.p.: Late (n) – A form of saying goodbye, derived from ‘later.’ After five rings, a voice said, ‘You have reached Michelle’s voice mail pager. Leave me a message after the beep. Much love, late.’.
[US]P. Beatty Tuff 165: Mamí had me in the buck. I was the bitch, my knees all in my ears, her tongue showing a nigger’s anus much love.
show love (v.)

(US) to support.

[US]W.D. Myers Cruisers: A Star is Born 59: I had been thinking of going over to Frederick Douglass Academy to show the Da Vinci girls’ track team some love.

In exclamations

for the love of Mike! (also for the love of Heaven! ...holy Buddha! …Jupiter! ...Michael Angelo! …Moses! …Pete (and Alf)! …Peter the hermit! …Polly Simpkins!) [Mike, like Pete, is irrelevant, other perhaps than as a euph. for Moses]

(orig. US) a euph. excl. of exasperation or surprise, for goodness’ sake!

[UK]Broad Arrow Jack 24: The work was beautifully done, and I wouldn’t have had a grip like it on me for the love of Polly Simpkins.
[US]S. Crane in N.Y. Press Nov. in Stallman (1966) 106: Well, for the love of Mike! Holy smoke, ain’t we in it!
[US]S.E. White Westerners 131: For the love of Peter the Hermit, shut up, you fellows!
[Scot]Edinburgh Eve. News 10 Nov. 6/1: For de love of Moses gimme a word to rhyme with Maggie.
[US]S. Ford Odd Numbers 80: ‘For the love of Mike,’ says I, how do you stand it?’.
[US]J.N. Hall High Adventure 151: If you are going to be a military pilot, for the love of Pete and Alf be one!
[US]Ade Hand-made Fables 25: [They] had the instinctive Desire to give Eloise a Wallop between the Shoulder-Blades and beg her, for the love of Michael Angelo, to brace up.
[UK]‘Sapper’ Female of the Species (1961) 73: For the love of Mike don’t get behind the light.
[US]‘Ellery Queen’ Roman Hat Mystery 252: But, Mr. Queen, for the love of Pete – ceilings!
[Aus]L. Lower Here’s Luck 35: ‘For the love of Mike, father! We haven’t enough lager for the fire brigade’.
[US]Llewellyn Hughes ‘Gangster in Khaki’ in Battle Stories 🌐 For the love of Pete! [...] You here again?
[US]W. Coburn Law Rides the Range 187: For the love of Jupiter, wash that smelly junk off your hair.
[UK]J. Curtis There Ain’t No Justice 78: You’re spoiling Tom’s chances. Have a bit of sense for the love of Mike.
[US]E.S. Gardner Case of the Crooked Candle (1958) 50: But for the love of Mike, don’t call me after that unless it’s something damned important.
[UK]‘Henry Green’ Loving (1978) 63: Don’t stand there like a stuck pig my lad. Get down to it for the love of Moses.
[NZ]I. Hamilton Till Human Voices Wake Us 29: [T]urn it off, boy, for the love of Mike.
[Aus]D. Niland Shiralee 71: Hurry up, for the luvva Mike.
[US]Q. Reynolds Police Headquarters (1956) 92: ‘For the love of Heaven,’ he said.
[US]R. Prather Scrambled Yeggs 9: For the love of Pete, woman, [...] take it easy.
[US]‘Ed McBain’ Killer’s Wedge (1981) 119: Oh, for the love of holy Buddha!
[UK]C. Stead Cotters’ England (1980) 66: Sit down, Mother, for the love of Mike: it’s enough to drive a body from home.
[US]G.V. Higgins Digger’s Game (1981) 17: For the love of Mike, will you come on.
[US]G.V. Higgins Patriot Game (1985) 99: Well, for the luvva Mike [...] he’s the damned warden, isn’t he?
[UK]M. Dibdin Dying of the Light 99: For the love of ... !
[US]J. Ridley Love Is a Racket 127: Aw, for the love of Pete, Jeffty. How long you been away that you got so stupid?
[US]Mad mag. Aug. 9: For the love of Pete, can somebody feed me a clue here.
Robert Dichiara Stukk in the Burbs 262: ‘Come on, Mary, for the love of Mike—’ [...] ‘Its ‘For the love of Pete,’ Mr English Teacher.’.