Green’s Dictionary of Slang


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The Fool-killer (Boomer, NC 1919-1922)
The Fool-killer (Moravian Falls, NC 1910-1917)
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Frank, Scott Get Shorty [film script] (1996)
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‘Franklin, Miles’ (pseud. Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin) My Beautiful Career (London 1901)
‘Franklin’, ‘Miles’ (pseud. Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin) Old Blastus of Bandicoot (Sydney 1931)
‘Franklin, Miles’ (pseud. Stella Maria Sarah Miles Franklin); Dymphna, Cusack Pioneers on Parade (Sydney/London 1939)
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Franklyn, Julian The Cockney (London 1953)
Franklyn, Julian This Gutter Life (London 1934)
Franklyn, Julian Visitor by Night (London 1948)
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Frayn, Michael Now You Know (London 1992)
Frayn, Michael Spies (London 2002)
Frayn, Michael Towards the End of Morning (London 1967) [London 2000]
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Frede, Richard Entry E (New York 1958) [London 1961]
Frede, Richard The Nurses (Boston, MA 1985)
Frederic, Harold Seth’s Brother’s Wife (New York 1887)
Free, Richard Seven Years Hard (London 1904)
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Free Lance (Wellington 1900-1920)
Free Lance (Fredericksburg, VA 1885-)
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French Broad Hustler (Hendersonville, N.C. 1896-1912)
Frewin, Anthony London Blues (London 1997)
Friedman, Ralph Street Warrior (New York 2017)
Friend of China (Hong Kong fl. 1850-1900)
Frontline (Braamfontein, South Africa fl. 1979-83)
Frontline magazine (Johannesburg, South Africa 1978-91)
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Fry, Christopher Dark is Light Enough (London 1954)
‘Fry’, ’Monroe’ (pseud. John L. Spivak) Sex, Vice and Business (New York 1959)
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Fulton County News (McConnellsburg, PA 1899-)
Fulwell, Ulpian The Art of Flattery (London 1576)
Fulwell, Ulpian Like Will to Will (London 1568)
Fumblers-Hall, kept and holden in Feeble-Court, at the sign of the Labour-in-vain, in Dee-little-Lane, wherein divers complaints & agrievances, out of the feminines in Cornucopia, are presented to the grave wisdoms of the masters of that company: concerning non-performance, want of due benevolence, deficiencie and corporal disabilities in man-kind, whereby poor distressed females languish under a pressing weight of misery, not only to the great decay of their trade and occupations, but to the destruction of generation it self. Whereunto is added the second part, newly discovered and set forth for information of delinquents that are to answer to these interrogations that shall be objected against them (London 1675)
Fun (London 1861-1901)
FunnyDaze [Internet] (2002–c.2012)
Funny Wonder [comic] (London 1914–42)
Furnivall, Frederick J. (ed.) Digby Mysteries (London c.1485) [London 1882]
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Furphy, Joseph Rigby’s Romance (Sydney c.1903) [Sydney 1921:]
Furphy, Joseph Such is Life (Sydney 1903)