Green’s Dictionary of Slang


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Nashe, Thomas Pierce Pennilesse (London 1592)
Nashville Globe (Nashville, TN 1906-)
Nashville Union & American (TN 1868-75)
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Nason, Leonard H. Chevrons (New York 1926)
Nason, Leonard H. Sergeant Eadie (New York 1928)
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Nason, Leonard H. Top Kick (New York 1928)
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Nation (New York 1865–)
National Advocate (New York, 1812-1829)
National Advocate (Bathurst, NSW 1889-1963)
National Geographic Magazine (Washington, DC 1888–)
National Institute on Drug Abuse Glossary of Drug Terms [Internet] (?1980–2009)
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National Review (New York 1955-)
The National Standard of Literature (London 1833-34)
National Tribune (Washington, DC 1877-1917)
Native Virginian (Orange Court House, VA 1867-7?)
Naughton, Bill Alfie (London 1963)
Naughton, Bill Alfie Darling (London 1970)
Naughton, Bill Late Night on Watling Street (London 1969)
Naveen Lifescapes (New Delhi 1999)
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Neal, John Down-Easters (New York 1833)
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Neal, Joseph C. Peter Ploddy and Other Oddities (Philadelphia 1844)
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Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW 1882-1962)
‘Nerf, Swasarnt’ Gaedicker’s Sodom-on-the-Hudson (New York 1949)
‘Nerf, Swasarnt’; ‘Asti, Peter’; ‘Dilldock, Daphne’ The Gay Girl’s Guide (New York 1949)
‘Neuf’, ‘Swasernt’ (pseud. ? Edgar Leoni) Gay Girl’s Guide to New Yoek
Neurotica (New York 1948)
Nevada State Journal (Reno, NV 1870-1983)
Neve, Richard The Merry Companion (London 1716)
Nevile, Henry The Ladies’ Parliament (London 1647)
Nevile, Henry (ed.) Newes from the New Exchange (London 1650)
Neville, Richard Hippie Hippie Shake (London 1996)
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New Atlantis (London 1758)
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The new brawle, or, Turnmill-street against Rosemary Lane (London 1654)
The new British theatre a selection of original dramas, not yet acted (London 1814)
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New Call (Perth, WA 1931-1934)
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New English Dramatists (11) (Harmondsworth, UK 1967)
New English Dramatists [radio plays] (12) (Harmondsworth, UK 1968)
New English Dramatists (8) (Harmondsworth, UK 1965)
New English Dramatists (6) (Harmondsworth, UK 1963)
New English Dramatists (5) (Harmondsworth, UK 1962)
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The New European (London 2016-)
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Newland, Courttia Society Within (London 1999)
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Newman, G.F. A Prisoner’s Tale (London 1977)
Newman, G.F. S A Villain’s Tale (London 1977)
Newman, G.F. S ir, You Bastard (London 1970)
Newman, G.F. S You Flash Bastard (London 1974)
Newman, John Scamping Tricks (London 1892)
New Mirth and Glee, or, the Songster’s Favourite (London c.1780)
New Monthly Magazine (London 1814-44)
New Monthly Magazine (London 1814–84)
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News (Frederick, MD 1883-)
News (Adelaide, SA 1923-1954)
News (Apache Junction AZ)
News (Apache Junction, AZ current)
News and Citizen (Morrisville, VT 1881-)
News and Courier (Charleston, SC 1873-1991)
News and Herald (Winnsboro, SC 1881-1900)
New Scientist (London 1956-) [Internet] (1998–)
Newsday (Melville, NY 1940–)
News Herald (FL)
News Herald (Panama City, FL 1937-)
News-Herald (Highland Co., OH 1886-1973)
New Singer’s Journal (London 1869)
News-Journal (Mansfield, OH 1964-)
News Journal (Wilmington, DE 1989-)
News-Journal (Wilmington, DE 1919-)
Newsletter: an Australian Paper for Australian People (Sydney 1900-1919)
New Society (London 1962–88)
News of the World (London 1843–)
New Sporting Magazine (London 1831-44)
The New Sprees of London, or, a guide to all the flash cribs of the metropolis (London 1844)
News-Press (Fort Myers, FL 1985-)
News Scimitar (Memphis, TN 1907-1926)
New Statesman (London 1913-)
Newsweek (New York 1933–)
Newsweek on Campus (New York 1982-88)
Newton, Esther Mother Camp (Englewood Cliffs, CO 1972)
Newton, Francis The Jazz Scene (New York 1959)
Newton, Peter Big Country of South Island (Wellington, NZ 1973)
Newton, Peter Wayleggo (Wellington 1947) [Wellington 1953]
Newton, Thomas The true tryall and examination of a mans owne selfe (London 1586)
Newton, William Secrets of Tramp Life Revealed (Ashton-under-Lyne, UK 1886)
New Ulm Weekly Review (New Ulm, MN 1878-92)
New Vocal Enchantress (London 1791)
New York Age (New York City 1887-1960)
New-York American (New York 1895-1937)
New York American and Journal (New York 1937–66)
New York Amsterdam News (New York 1909-)
New York Arena (New York fl. 1842)
New York Aurora (New York 1842-1844)
New York Clipper (New York 1853-1924)
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New York Daily Express (New York 1836-43)
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New York Daily Herald (New York 1835-1924)
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New York Daily News (New York 1919–)
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New York Dispatch (New York) [31 May 1885]
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New-York Flagellator, and Police Bulletin (fl. 1828)
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New York Herald Tribune (New York 1924-66)
New York Magazine (New York 1968–)
New York Mercury (New York 1839-1896)
New York Mirror (New York 1823-1842)
New York Morning Express (New York 1843-1864)
The New York Pick (see Pictorial Pick)
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Nifty Erotic Stories Archive [Internet] (1992–)
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Niland, D’Arcy The Big Smoke (Sydney 1959) [London 1974]
Niland, D’Arcy Call Me When the Cross Turns Over (Sydney 1957) [London 1958]
Niland, D’Arcy Dead Men Running (London 1969)
Niland, D’Arcy Gold in the Streets (Sydney 1959) [London 1966]
Niland, D’Arcy Pairs and Loners (London 1966)
Niland, D’Arcy The Shiralee (Sydney 1955) [London 1957]
Niles, Blair Strange Brother (New York 1931) [London 1932]
Niles, John J. Singing Soldiers (New York 1927)
Nimmo, A. Songs and Ballads of Clydesdale (Edinburgh 1882)
Nimrod, Windsor Songs of the Chace (London 1788)
‘Ninnyhammer’, ‘Nickydemus’ (pseud. Thomas Tooly) Homer in a nut-shell: or, the Iliad of Homer in immortal doggrel (London 1715)
Nisbet, Hume ‘Bail Up!’ (London 1890)
Nisbet, Hume The Bushranger’s Sweetheart (London 1892)
Nisbet, Hume In Sheep’s Clothing (London 1900)
Niven, John Kill Your Friends (London 2008) [London 2009]
Nkosi, Lewis Mating Birds (London 1986)
Nkosi, Lewis The Rhythm of Violence (London/Nairobi 1964)
‘No. 35’ The Argot (Sydney NSW 1950)
Nobbs, David The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin (London 1975) [London 1976]
Nobbs, David Second from Last in the Sack Race (London 1983) [London 1984]
Noblesville Ledger (Noblesville, IN 1988-)
Noctes Ambrosianae (Edinburgh 1863)
Nocturnal Revels, or the History of King's-Place and Other Modern Nunneries 2 vols. (London 1779)
Nolan, Christopher Under the Eye of the Clock (London 1987)
Non-Partisan Leader (Fargo, ND 1915-1921)
Norfolk Chronicle (Norwich, Norfolk 1786-1955)
Norfolk News (Norwich, Norfolk 1845-1961)
Norfolk Virginian (Norfolk, VA 186?-189?)
Norfolk Weekly News (Madison County, NE 1900-17)
Norman, Frank Banana Boy (London 1969)
Norman, Frank Bang to Rights (London 1958)
Norman, Frank The Dead Butler Caper (London 1978)
Norman, Frank Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be (London 1959)
Norman, Frank The Guntz (London 1962)
Norman, Frank Norman’s London (London 1969)
Norman, Frank Stand On Me (London 1959)
Norman, Frank Too Many Crooks Spoil the Caper (London 1979)
Norman, Tom The Penny Showman ed. G.B. Norman (written London c.1921; edited version published London 1985)
Norr, William Stories of Chinatown (New York 1892)
Norris, Frank McTeague (New York 1899) [New York 1958]
Norris, Frank Moran of the Lady Letty (New York 1898)
Norris, Frank Vandover and the Brute (New York c.1895) [New York 1914]
Norroy, Phyllis Private Letters from Phyllis to Marie, or the Art of Child-Love, or the Adventures and Experiences of a Little Girl, showing how pretty little maidens indulge those secret passions together and alone with others, which often lead to their seduction at an early age (London 1898)
North, Eric Nobody Stops Me (London 1960)
North, Roger Examen, or, an Enquiry into the Credit and Veracity of a Pretended Complete History (London 1740)
North, Roger Lives of the Norths (London 1742-4) [London 1826, 1890]
Northall, G.F. Folk-Phrases of Four Counties (London 1894)
Northall, G.F. The ‘Momus’ Miscellanies (London 1880)
Northall, G.F. Warwickshire Word Book (London 1896)
Northall, William Knight (ed.) Life and Recollections of Yankee Hill (New York 1850)
North American Review (Boston, MA 1815-)
Northampton Mercury (Northampton, Northants., 1770-1954)
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph (Kettering, Northants 1897-)
North Australian (Brisbane, Qld 1863-1865)
Northbrooke, John A treatise against dicing, dancing, plays, and interludes. With other idle pastimes (London 1577) [London 1843]
North Carolinan (Fayetteville, NC 1839-1861)
North Carolina Standard (Raleigh, NC 1850-1866)
The North Country Maid (Limerick, Ireland 1790)
North Devon Journal (Barnstaple, Devon 1824-)
North Eastern Ensign (Benalla, Vic. 1872-1938)
Northern Argus (Rockhampton, Qld 1865-1874)
Northern Champion (Taree, NSW 1913-1954)
Northern Echo (Darlington, UK 1870-)
Northern Herald (Cairns, Qld 1913-1939)
Northern Liberator (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK 1837-40)
Northern Miner (Charters Towers, Qld 1874-1954)
Northern Standard (Monaghan 1839-1871)
Northern Standard (Darwin, NT 1921-55)
Northern Star (Lismore, NSW 1876-)
Northern Star and Leeds General Advertiser (Leeds, Yorks. 1838-1852)
Northern Territory Times and Gazette (Darwin, NT 1927 - 1932)
Northern Times (Carnarvon, WA, Australia 1905-1983)
Northern Tribune (Sheboygan, MI 1875-1885)
Northern Warder and General Advertiser for the Counties of Fife, Perth and Forfar (Dundee, Scotland 1841-1869)
Northern Whig (Antrim 1832-1933)
North Melbourne Advertiser (Melbourne, Vic. 1873-94)
North Melbourne Gazette (Melbourne, Vic. 1894-1901)
North Platte Semi-weekly Tribune (North Platte, NE 1895-1922)
North Platte Tribune (North Platte, NE 1890-94)
Northrop, William B.; Northrop, John B. The Insolence of Office (New York 1932)
Northup, Solomon Twelve Years a Slave (Auburn, NY 1853)
North Wales Chronicle (Bangor, Gwynedd 1808-)
North Wales Gazette (Bangor, Gwynedd 1808-27)
North West Chronicle (fl. 1883)
Norton, Oliver Willcox Army Letters 1861–65 (Chicago 1903)
Norton, R.A. Through Beatnik Eyeballs (London 1961)
Norton, Rictor Mother Clap’s Molly House 2nd edn (London 2006)
Norwich Bulletin (Norwich, CT 2011-)
Norwood, Edwin P. The Other Side of the Circus (New York 1926)
Notes and Queries (London 1849-)
Nott, Charles C. Sketches in Prison Camps (New York 1865)
Nottingham Evening Post (Nottingham, 1878-)
Nottingham Review And General Advertiser For The Midland Counties (Nottingham 1825-1852 )
Nottinghamshire Guardian (Nottingham 1849-1900)
Nova (London 1965–76)
The Novel Newspaper (London 1839-45)
Novotny, Mariella Kings Road (London 1971)
NSFWCorp [Internet] (2011–2013)
NT News [Internet] (Northern Territory News) (2003–)
Number 1500 Life in Sing Sing (Indianapolis 1904)
Number One Adult Sexual Health Terms Advisor [Internet] (2002–)
Nunnery versus Fuckery (London c.1950)
‘‘N.W. Clerk’’ (pseud. C.S. Lewis) A Grief Observed (London 1961)
N.Y. Advertiser and Express (New York 1836-39)
N.Y. Amsterdam News (New York, 1909-)
‘Nye, Bill’ (pseud. Edgar Nye) Bill Nye and Boomerang (Chicago 1881)
Nye, Bill; Riley, James Whitcomb Nye and Riley's railway guide (Chicago, IL 1888)
Nye, Edgar Baled Hay (London 1884)
Nye, Edgar Bill Nye’s Remarks (New York 1900)
Nye, Edgar Forty Liars and Other Lies (Chicago 1882) [Chicago 1888]
Nye, Nelson C. Breed of the Chaparral (London 1948) [London 1949]
Nye, Nelson C. Long Run (Boston 1959) [Boston 1983]
Nyren, John Cricketers of My Time (London 1833) [London 1902]
N.Y. Sunday News (New York 1866-c.1975)
N.Y. Tribune / N.Y. Daily Tribune (New York, 1866-1924)