Green’s Dictionary of Slang


Idaho Semi-Weekly World (Idaho City, ID 1864-1918 )
Idaho World (Idaho City, ID 1864-1918)
Idriess, Ion L. The Cattle King (Sydney 1936)
Idriess, Ion L. Flynn of the Inland (Sydney 1932)
Idriess, Ion L. Horrie the Wog-Dog (Sydney, Australia 1945)
Idriess, Ion L. One Wet Season (Sydney 1949)
Idriess, Ion L. The Opium Smugglers (Sydney 1948)
Iggulden, John Dark Stranger (London 1965)
Iggulden, John Storms of Summer (London 1960)
Il Dado [Internet] (‘Bingo Nicknames’) (2000–)
Iles, Greg Turning Angel (London 2006)
Illawarra Mercury (Woolongong, NSW 1855-)
Illinois Free Trader (Ottowa, IL 1840-41)
Illustrated Bee (Omaha, NE c.1900-c,1904)
Illustrated Bits (London 1884-c.1918)
Illustrated Chips (London 1890-1953)
Illustrated London News (London 1842–1995)
Illustrated Magazine (London fl. 1947-50)
Illustrated Police Budget (London 1899)
Illustrated Police News (London 1864-1938)
Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News (London 1874-1970)
Illustrated Sydney News (Sydney, Aus. 1853-94)
Imperial Press & Farmer (San Diego, CA 1901-08)
Imperial Valley Press (El Centro, CA 1907-)
Independent (Honolulu, HI 1895-1905)
Independent (Footscray, Vic. 1883-1933)
Independent (London 1986–)
Independent (Long Beach, CA 1938-?)
Independent on Sunday (London 1990–)
Independent Record (Helena, MT 1874-)
Index Expurgatorius of Martial (trans. London 1868)
Index-Journal (Greenwood, SC 1919-)
Indiana, Gary Rent Boy (London/New York 1994)
Indian Advocate (Sacred Heart, OK fl. 1895-1904)
Indiana Evening Gazette (1890-)
Indiana Gazette (Indiana, PA 1982-)
Indianapolis Freeman (Indianapolis, IN 1888-1926)
Indianapolis Journal (Indianapolis, IN 1867-1904)
Indianapolis Leader (Indianapolis, IN 1879-90)
Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, IN 1876-1999)
Indianapolis Star (Indianapolis, IN 1903-)
Indiana State Sentinel (Indianapolis, IN 1841-1853)
Indiana Weekly Messenger (Indiana, PA 1874-)
Indian Chieftain (Vinita Indian Territory, OK 1882-1902)
Indian Express (Madras (Chennai) 1932-)
India-Rubber Face Song Book (London 1877)
India Sporting Review (Calcutta 1845-1857)
Inge, M. Thomas (ed.) High Times and Hard Times (Sketches and Tales by George Washington Harris) (Nashville, TN 1967)
Ingelend, Thomas The Disobedient Child (London c.1560) [London 1570]
Ingraham, Joseph Holt Pierce Fenning (Boston 1846)
Ingram, George Cockney Cavalcade (London 1935)
Ings, Welby Trolling the Beat to Working the Soob: Changes in the Language of the Male Sex Worker in New Zealand (in International Journal of Lexicography (2010) 23:1 55-82) (Oxford 2010)
Inks, James M. Eight Bailed Out (New York 1954)
Inman, Arthur C. The Inman Diary ed. Daniel Aaron (Cambridge, MA 1985)
Inquirer & Commercial News (Perth, Aus. 1855-1901)
The Institucion of a Gentleman (London 1568)
Intelligent Life (London 2007-)
Interior Journal (Stanford, KY 1872-1910)
Intermountain Catholic (Salt Lake City, UT 1899-)
International Herald Tribune (New York 1959–)
International Independent (London 2011)
Inter Ocean (Chicago 1879-1902) [Internet]
Inverness Courier (Inverness, Scotland 1817-)
Iola Register (Iola, KS 1875-1902)
IOL News [Internet] (Western Cape, SA 1999–)
Iowa Press-Citizen (Iowa City, IA 1920-)
Ipswich Journal (Ipswich, Suffolk 1720-1900)
Ireland, David Burn (Sydney 1974)
Ireland, David Chantic Bird (London 1968)
Ireland, David The Glass Canoe (Sydney 1976) [Victoria, Australia 1982]
Ireland, David The Unknown Industrial Prisoner (Sydney 1971) [Sydney 1982]
Ireland, T. Momus Elenticus (London 1654)
Irish, Lola Time of Dolphins (Melbourne 1972)
Irish Independent (Dublin, 1905-)
The Irishman (Dublin 1858-1885)
The Irish Times (Dublin 1859–)
Irish Weekly Independent (Dublin 1891-1963)
Iron County Record (Cedar City, UT 1893-1982)
Iron County Register (Ironton, Iron County, MO 1867-1965)
Iron Molders’ Journal (Cincinnati, OH 1870-1940)
Irvine, Alexander My Lady of the Chimney Corner (New York/London 1913)
Irving, Washington Adventures of Captain Bonneville (New York 1837)
Irving, Washington History of New York (New York 1809)
Irving, Washington; Irving, William; Paulding, James K. Salmagundi (New York 1807) [New York 1860]
Irwin, Godfrey American Tramp and Underworld Slang (London 1931)
Irwin, Wallace The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum (San Francisco 1901)
Irwin, Will (ed.) Confessions of a Con Man (New York 1909)
‘i-Sabbah, Hassan’ Leaves of Grass (Brighton, UK 1971)
Islander (Friday Harbor, WA fl. 1895)
Isle of Man Times (Douglas, Isle of Man 1861-1987)
Isle of Wight Observer (Ryde, Isle of Wight 1852-1900)
Islington Gazette (London 1856-)
Islington Weekly Herald (London fl. 1999)
Isman, Felix Weber and Fields (New York 1924)
It (Lawrenceburg, KY 1902-19??)
Izikhotane News (S. Afr. current)