Green’s Dictionary of Slang


Oakland Tribune (Oakland, CA 1874-)
Oakleigh Leader (North Brighton, Victoria, Australia 1887-1902)
Oakley, Barry A Salute to the Great McCarthy (Melbourne 1970)
Oasis (Arizola, AZ 1893-1920)
O’Beirne, Michael Mister, A Dublin Childhood (Dublin 1979)
‘O Bonniclabbero of Drogheda’, ‘Mac’ The Irish Miscellany, or Teagueland jests: being a compleat collection of the most profound puns, learned bulls, elaborate quibbles, Amorous Letters, Sublime Poetry, and wise Sayings, of the natives of Teagueland (originally published as Bog Witticisms (c. 1687) (qv)) (London 1746)
O’Brien, Edward J.; Cournos, John (eds.) The Best British Short Stories of 1922 2 vols. (Boston 1922)
O’Brien, Edward J.; Cournos, John (eds.) The Best Short Stories of 1923 (London 1923)
O’Brien, Eugene One Way Ticket (New York 1939)
‘O’Brien, Flann’ At Swim-Two-Birds (London 1939)
‘O’Brien, Flann’ The Hair of the Dogma (London 1977) [London 1989]
‘O’Brien, Flann’ The Hard Life (London 1961) [London 1962]
‘O’Brien, Flann’ Stories and Plays (London 1973)
‘O’Brien, Flann’ The Third Policeman (London 1940) [London 1974]
O’Brien, Howard Vincent Wine, Women and War (New York 1926)
O’Brien, Tim Going After Cacciato (New York/London 1978) [London 1980]
O’Brien, Tim If I Die in a Combat Zone (New York 1979)
Observer (London 1791–)
Observer (Auckland 1880-1920)
Observer (Wellington 1880-1920)
Observer and Freelance (Wellington, NZ 1880-1900)
O’Byrne Files: Dublin Slang Dictionary and Phrasebook [Internet] (2000–)
Ocala Banner (Ocala, FL 1890-)
Ocala Evening Star (Ocala, FL 1895-1943)
O’Casey, Sean Drums Under the Window (London 1945)
O’Casey, Sean I Knock at the Door (London 1939)
O’Casey, Sean Pictures in the Hallway (London 1942)
O’Casey, Sean Plays (London 1998) (including Cock-A-Doodle-Dandy 1949; Juno and the Paycock 1925; Red Roses for Me 1942; Within the Gates 1933)
O’Casey, Sean Three Dublin Plays (London 1998) (including The Plough and the Stars 1926; The Shadow of the Gunman 1925)
‘O’Connor, Frank’ (pseud. Michael F. O’Donovan) An Only Child (London 1961) [London 1970]
O’Connor, Frank Traveller’s Samples (London 1951)
O’Connor, John Broadway Racketeers (New York 1928)
O’Connor, John Come Day – Go Day (Dublin 1948) [Belfast 1984]
O’Connor, John Wanderings of a Vagabond (New York 1873)
O’Connor, Joseph The Salesman (London 1998)
O’Connor, Joseph The Secret World of the Irish Male (London 1994) [London 1995]
O’Connor, Winfield Scott Jockeys, Crooks and Kings (New York 1930)
O’Day, Anita; Eells, George High Times Hard Times (New York 1981)
The Odd Fellow (London 1839-42)
Odessa American (Odessa, TX 1940-)
Odets, Clifford Awake and Sing! (New York 1935)
Odets, Clifford Golden Boy (New York 1937)
Odets, Clifford Rocket to the Moon (New York 1938)
Odets, Clifford Waiting for Lefty (New York 1935)
O’Donnell, Dennis The Locked Ward (London 2012) [London 2013]
O’Donnell, Peadar Islanders (London 1927) [London 1933]
O’Donoghue, John In Kerry Long Ago (London 1960)
Odum, Howard W. Wings on my Feet (Indianapolis 1929)
Odum, Howard W.; Johnson, Guy B. The Negro and His Songs (Chapel Hill, NC 1925) [facsimile Hatboro, PA 1964]
Odum, Howard W.; Johnson, Guy B. Negro Workaday Songs (Chapel Hill, NC 1926)
O’Faolain, Nuala Are You Somebody? (Dublin 1998)
O’Faoláin, Seán Stories of Seán O’Faoláin (Dublin 1970)
O’Farrell, Maggie After You’d Gone (London 2000) [London 2001]
O’Farrell, Padraic The Book of Irish Farmers’ Jokes (Dublin 1977)
O’Farrell, Padraic The Book of Irish Soldiers’ Jokes (Dublin 1976)
O’Farrell, Padraic Tell Me, Sean O’Farrell (Dublin 1986)
O’Farrell, Terry Behind enemy lines : an Australian SAS soldier in Vietnam (Crow’s Nest, New South Wales, Australia)
Office of National Drug Control Policy Street Terms: Drugs and the Drug Trade (Washington, DC 1995)
O’Flaherty, Liam Informer (Dublin 1925)
O’Flaherty, Liam Insurrection (London 1950)
Ogden Standard-Examiner (Ogden, UT 1888-)
Ogilvie, William G. Cactus Village (Kingston, Jamaica 1953)
O’Grady, Dennis A Bottle of Sandwiches (Sydney 1968)
O’Grady, John It’s Your Shout, Mate! (Sydney, Australia 1972)
O’Grady, John P. Aussie English (Sydney 1965) [London 1966]
O’Grady, John P. Gone Troppo (Sydney 1968) [London 1969]
O’Hagen, Andrew The Missing (London 1995)
O’Hagen, Andrew Our Fathers (London 1999)
O’Hara, John Henry Appointment in Samarra (New York 1934) [London 1935]
O’Hara, John Henry Pal Joey (New York 1940) [London 1999]
O’Hara, Kane April-Day (London 1778)
O’Hara, Kane Midas (London 1764)
O’Hara, Kane Tom Thumb (London 1730)
O’Hara, Kane The Two Misers (London 1775)
Oh Boy! (London 1950–54)
Ohinemuri Gazette (Waikato, NZ 1891-)
Ohio Democrat (New Philadelphia, OH 1865-1897)
Ohio Organ (Cincinatti, OH 1853-54)
Ohio Star (Ravenna, OH 1830-1854)
O’Keeffe, John The Dead Alive (London 1781) [Dublin 1783]
O’Keeffe, John Dramatic Works of John O’Keeffe 4 vols. (London 1798) (including Fontainebleau 1784)
O’Keeffe, John The Farmer (Dublin 1788)
O’Keeffe, John The Highland Reel (London and Dublin 1789)
O’Keeffe, John Life’s Vagaries (London 1795) [Dublin 1795]
O’Keeffe, John The London Hermit (London 1793) [Dublin 1794]
O’Keeffe, John Modern Antiques (London 1789) [Dublin 1792]
O’Keeffe, John The Mysteries of the Castle (London 1795) [Dublin 1795]
O’Keeffe, John Patrick in Prussia (London 1786)
O’Keeffe, John Peeping Tom of Coventry (London and Dublin 1786)
O’Keeffe, John The Prisoner at Large (London and Dublin 1788)
O’Keeffe, John The She-Gallant (London and Dublin 1767)
O’Keeffe, John The Son-in-Law (London 1779) [Dublin 1783]
O’Keeffe, John Sprigs of Laurel (London and Dublin 1793)
O’Keeffe, John Tony Lumpkin in Town (London 1774) [Dublin 1780]
O’Keeffe, John The Wicklow Mountains (London 1796) [Dublin 1797]
O’Keeffe, John Wild Oats (London 1791) [Dublin 1792]
O’Keeffe, John The World in a Village (London 1793) [Dublin 1794]
O’Keeffe, John The Young Quaker (London and Dublin 1784)
O’Keeffe, Pàdraig Hidden Soldier (Dublin 2007)
O’Keeffe, Phil Down Cobbled Streets, A Liberties Childhood (Dublin 1995)
O’Kelly, Seumas Leprechaun of Kilmeen (Dublin 1920) [Dublin 1968]
Oklahoma Miner (Krebs, OK 1912-22)
Okolona Messenger (Okolona, MS fl. 1902)
Old and Sold [Internet] (2000–)
Oldham, John Poems (London 1683)
The Oldie Magazine (London 1992-)
Olds, Robert Helldiver Squadron (New York 1944)
‘Old Sleuth’ (pseud. Harlan P. Halsey) Dock Rats of New York (New York 1908) [Teddington, UK 2006]
Old Tom of Oxford (ed.) The Radical Harmonist (London 1820)
Oldys, Alexander The Female Gallant, or, The Wife’s the Cuckhold (London 1692)
Oliphant, Laurence Minnesota and the Far West (Edinburgh/London 1855)
Oliphant, Laurence Piccadilly (London 1870)
Oliver, Paul Hereford Blues Fell This Morning (London 1960)
Oliver, Paul Hereford Screening the Blues (London 1968)
Oliver, William Eight Months in Illinois (Newcastle, UK 1843)
Olmstead, Francis A. Incidents of a Whaling Voyage (Rutland, VT 1841)
Olmsted, Frederick Law A Journey Through Texas (New York/London 1857)
Olsen, Jack The Secret of Fire Five (New York 1977)
Olsen, Theodore V. The Hard Men (New York 1966) [London 1974]
Olympia Pioneer (Washington Territory fl. 1855-61)
Omaha Daily Bee (Omaha, NE 1871-1937)
Omaha World-Herald (Omaha, NE 1885-)
Once a Week (London 1859-1880)
O’Neil, Lydia Dinkum Aussie and Other Poems (Brisbane 1924)
O’Neill, Eugene Anna Christie (London 1920)
O’Neill, Eugene Beyond the Horizon (New York 1920)
O’Neill, Eugene Hairy Ape (London 1923)
O’Neill, Eugene The Iceman Cometh (New York 1940)
O’Neill, Eugene Long Day’s Journey into Night (London 1940)
O’Neill, Eugene The Moon of the Caribbees and Six Other Plays of the Sea (London 1923) (including Bound East for Cardiff 1918; The Long Voyage Home 1917; The Rope 1918)
O’Neill, Eugene The Rope (New York 1918) [New York 1923]
O’Neill, Eugene Ten ‘Lost’ Plays (New York/London 1995) (including Abortion 1914; The Movie Man 1914; Recklessness 1913–14; Servitude 1914; Warnings 1913–14; The Web 1913–14; A Wife For Life 1913)
O’Neill, Gilda My East End (London 1999) [London 2000]
O’Neill, Ryan The Drover’s Wives (Sydney 2018) [Rickmansworth 2019]
‘One of the Fancy’ (pseud. Thomas Moore) Tom Crib’s Memorial to Congress (London 1819)
‘One of Them’ Indoor Paupers (London 1885)
‘‘One Who Has Been There’’ (pseud. J.H. Banka) Illustrated History & Description of State Prison Life (Cincinnati, New York, etc. 1871)
‘One Who Knows’ (pseud. W.A. Coffey) Inside Out; or, an Interior View of the New-York State Prison (New York 1823)
Oney, Re’al ‘Bull’ Hellions! (2006)
Onions, Oliver Peace in Our Time (London 1923)
The Online Dictionary of Playground Slang [Internet] (2001–)
The Online Slang Dictionary [Internet] (1996–)
The only True LIST, of those celebrated SPORTING LADIES, or Petticoat Amblers, who afford the Bucks and Bloods an amorous Felicity every Evening during the RACES (broadsheet) (c.1780)
Opelousas Courier (Opelousas, LA 1852-1910)
Operative (London 1838-1839)
‘Operator 1384’ (pseud. John H. Barrington) The Black Arab (London 1937)
‘Operator 1384’ (pseud. John H. Barrington) The Devils’s Diplomats (London 1935)
‘Operator 1384’ (pseud. John H. Barrington) McCann of the Legion (London 1939) [London 1941]
‘Operator 1384’ (pseud. John H. Barrington) McCann the Spy (London 1940)
‘Operator 1384’ (pseud. John H. Barrington) McCann the Spy (London 1940)
‘Operator 1384’ (pseud. John H. Barrington) The Scourge of the Desert (London 1936)
Opie, Peter; Opie, Iona Lore and Language of Schoolchildren (London 1959) [London 1977]
‘Optic, Oliver’ (pseud. William Taylor Adams) Fighting Joe (New York 1893) [New York 1911]
‘Optic, Oliver’ (pseud. William Taylor Adams) In School and Out; or, The Conquest of Richard Grant (Boston, MA 1863)
Oracle Magazine (UK fl. 19th century)
The Orange Boven Songster (London 1820)
The Orangeburg News (Orangeburg, SC 1867-1875)
Ordinary of Newgate Account of the Malefactors executed at Tyburn (1738–1808) [Internet:]
Oreals Independent Standard (Irasburgh, VT 1856-1871)
Oregon Argus (Oregon City, OR 1855-63 )
Oregon Daily Journal (Portland, OR 1902-1972)
Oregon Weekly Times (Portland, OR 1851-63)
O’Reilly, Edward S. Roving and Fighting (New York 1918)
O’Reilly, Harrington Fifty Years on the Trail (London 1889)
O’Reilly, ‘Tiger’; Elliott, William J. The Tiger of the Legion (London 1936)
Orford, Margie Like Clockwork (Cape Town 2006)
Oriental Herald and Colonial Review (London 1824-?)
Oriental Sporting Magazine (London 1828-1833) [London 1873]
Orkin, Martin (ed.) At the Junction: Four Plays by the Junction Theatre Co. (Johannesburg 1995) (including Sophiatown 1986)
Orkney Herald and Weekly Advertiser (Orkney Isles 1860-1940)
Orlando Evening Star (Orlando, FL 1947-1973)
Orlando Sentinel (Orlando, FL 1876-)
Orleans County Monitor (Bartin, VT 1872-1953)
Orleans Independent Standard (Irasburgh, VT 1856-1871)
Ornitz, Samuel Haunch, Paunch and Jowl (New York 1929)
O’Rourke, P.J. (ed.) Give War a Chance (New York 1992)
Oroville Weekly Gazette (Oroville, WA 1905-19??)
Orr, James Poems (Edinburgh (?) 1804)
Orsman, H.W. (ed.) The Dictionary of New Zealand English (Auckland 1998)
Orsman, H.W.; Hurley, D.E. (eds.) The Beaut Little Book of New Zealand Slang (Auckland 1994) [Auckland 2008]
Orton, Joe Crimes of Passion (London 1967) (including The Erpingham Camp first performed 1966; A Ruffian on the Stair first performed 1966)
Orton, Joe Entertaining Mr Sloane (London 1964) [London 1973]
Orton, Joe The Erpingham Camp (London 1966)
Orton, Joe Loot (first performed 1965) [London 1985]
Orton, Joe The Orton Diaries ed. John Lahr ([London 1986)
Ortzen, Len Down Donkey Row (London 1938)
Orvis, Kenneth The Damned and the Destroyed (London 1962)
‘Orwell, George’ (pseud. Eric Blair) Burmese Days (London 1934)
‘Orwell, George’ (pseud. Eric Blair) Complete Works ed. Peter Davison 20 vols. (London 1986–1998)
‘Orwell, George’ (pseud. Eric Blair) Down and Out in Paris and London (London 1933)
‘Orwell, George’ (pseud. Eric Blair) Keep the Aspidistra Flying (London 1936) [London 1962]
Osborn, J.M. (ed.) The Autobiography of Thomas Whythorne (London c.1576) [Oxford 1961]
Osborne, John Plays (London 1996) (including Déjàvu 1991; Epitaph for George Dillon 1958; Look Back in Anger 1956; The World of Paul Slickey 1959)
The Osteralia (London 1917)
O’Sullivan, Vincent G. The Pilate Tapes (Auckland, New Zealand 1986)
O’Sullivan, Vincent Gerard The Boy, The Bridge, The River (Dunedin, New Zealand 1978)
Otago Daily Times (Otago, NZ 1861-)
Otago Witness (Otago, NZ 1851-1932)
The Other Side of the Wall: A Prisoner’s Dictionary [Internet] (1995–c.2007)
Ottawa Daily Republic (Ottawa, KS 1890-1914)
Ottawa Free Trader (Ottawa, IL 1843-1916)
Ottawa Sun (Ottawa, Ontario 1988-)
Otter, William History of My Own Times (Emmitsburg, MD 1835) [Ithaca, NY 1995]
Ottley, Roi; Weatherby, William (eds.) The Negro in New York (New York 1967)
Ottowa Citizen (Ottowa, Canada 1845-)
Ottowa Citizen (Ottowa 1898-2019)
Ottowa Journal (Ottowa, Ontario 1858-1980)
Ottumwa Tri-Weekly Courier (Ottumwa, IA 1903-1916)
Otway, Thomas The Atheist (London 1683)
Otway, Thomas The Cheats of Scapin (London 1677)
Otway, Thomas Friendship in Fashion (London 1678)
Otway, Thomas The Soldier’s Fortune (London 1681)
Otway, Thomas Venice Preserv’d (London 1682)
Ouachita Telegraphy (Monroe, LA 1865-89)
Oui (Chicago 1972–2007)
‘Ouida’ (pseud. Marie Louise de la Ramée) Signa (London 1875)
‘Ouida’ (pseud. Marie Louise de la Ramée) Under Two Flags (London 1869)
Our Army (fl. 1930-37)
Our Navy (1897-)
Outdoor Life (New York 1898–)
Outing (New York 1882-1923)
Outlook (New Delhi 1995-)
Out of the Meshes 3 vols. (London 1868)
Out West (CA c.1902–23)
Ovens and Murray Advertiser (Beechworth, Vic. 1855-1918)
Overbury, Thomas His Wife, with New Characters (London 1638)
Overbury, Thomas His Wife, with New Elegies (London 1616)
Overbury, Thomas New and Choise Characters (London 1615) [reprint London 1936]
Overholser, Wayne D. Buckaroo’s Code (New York 1947) [London 1948]
Overholser, Wayne D. Fabulous Gunman (New York 1952) [London 1954]
Overland Monthly (CA 1868–1975)
Overs, John Evenings of a Working Man (London 1844)
Ovington, J. A Voyage to Suratt, in the Year, 1689 (London 1696)
Owen, Mary A. Voodoo Tales (New York 1893)
Owens, Tuppy Sex Maniacs’ Diary (London 1991)
Owingsville Outlook (Owingsville, KY 1879-192?)
The Owl (New York fl. 1830)
Owosso Times (Owosso, MI 1897-1926)
Oxberry, William The Actress of All Work (London 1819)
Oxberry, William Oxberry’s Weekly Budget of Plays (London 1843)
Oxford and Cambridge Review (Oxford 1907-1913)
Oxford Book of Contemporary Verse (Oxford 1980)
Oxford Chronicle & Reading Gazette (Oxford 1837-1870)
Oxford Journal (Oxford 1753)
Oxford Times (Oxford 1862-)
Oxford University and City Herald (Oxford 1806-1870)
Oz Magazine (London 1967–73)
Ozwords [Internet] (newsletter of the Australian National Dictionary Centre) (1989–)