Green’s Dictionary of Slang


Table Talk (Melbourne 1885-1939)
Tablet Magazine (New York 2009-)
Tacoma Times (Tacoma, WA 1903-49)
‘Taffrail’ (pseud. H.T. Dorling) The Little Ship (London 1928)
‘Taffrail’ (pseud. H.T. Dorling) Pincher Martin (London 1916)
‘Taffrail’ (pseud. H.T. Dorling) Stand By! (London 1916)
‘Taffrail’ (pseud. H.T. Dorling) The Sub (London 1917)
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Tallahassee Democrat (Tallahassee, FL 1949-)
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Talsman, William The Gaudy Image (Paris 1958) [London 1966]
Tamony, Peter (ed.) Americanisms : content & continuum (San Francisco, CA 1964-73)
Tampa Bay Times (Tampa Bay, FL 2012-)
Tampa Tribune (Tampa, FL 1958-2016)
Tamworth Daily Observer (Tamworth, NSW 1910-1916)
Tamworth Herald (Tamworth, Staffs 1868-)
Tangney, Robert E. Other Days Around Me (Brandon, Ireland 1989)
Taralgon Record (Taralgon Vic. 1883-1932)
Taranaki Herald (New Plymouth, NZ 1852-1989)
Tarantino, Quentin; Avery, Roger Pulp Fiction [film script] (New York 1993)
Tarboro Press (Tarboro, NC 1835-1851)
Tarboro Southerner (Tarboro, NC 1852-1873)
Target, George W. The Teachers (London 1960) [London 1962]
Tarkington, Booth The Gentleman from Indiana (London/New York 1899)
Tasker, Robert J. Grimhaven (New York 1928)
Tasmanian Hansard (Hobart, Tasmania 1979-)
Tasmanian News (Hobart, Tas. 1883-1911)
Tasmanian Times (Hobart 1867–70)
Tate, Greg Flyboy in the Buttermilk (New York 1992)
Tate, Greg Midnight Lightning (Chicago 2003)
Tate, Robert D. The Doughman (Sydney 1933)
Tatham, John The Rump, or, The Mirrour of the Late Times (London 1660)
Tatler (London 1709–11; 1901–)
‘Tattle-well’, ‘Mary’ The womens sharpe revenge: or an answer to Sir Seldome Sober that writ those railing pamphelets called the Iuniper and Crabtree lectures, &c. (London 1640)
Taunton Courier (Taunton, UK 1832-)
Taverner, William The Maid the Mistress (London 1708)
Taylor, Cecil P. Happy Days are Here Again (London 1967) [New English Dramatists No.12 Harmondsworth, UK 1968]
Taylor, Elizabeth Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont (London 1971) [London 1982]
Taylor, Fred Auf Wiedersehen Pet Two (London 1986)
Taylor, Henry Philip van Artevelde (London 1834)
Taylor, John A Juniper Lecture (London 1639)
Taylor, John Ale ale-vated into the ale-titude (London 1653)
Taylor, John Divers crabtree lectures Expressing the severall languages that shrews read to their husbands, either at morning, noone, or night....Also a lecture betweene a pedler and his wife in the canting language (London 1639)
Taylor, John St. Hillaries teares. Shed upon. all professions, from the judge to the petty fogger. From the spruce dames of exchange, to the durty walking fishmongers. From the Coven-Garden lady of iniquity, to the Turne-bal-streete-Trull, and indeed from the tower-staires to Westminster ferry, for want of a stirring midsomer terme, this yeare of disasters, 1642 (London 1642)
Taylor, John Tom Nash his Ghost (London 1642)
Taylor, John ‘The Water Poet’ Drinke and Wecome (London 1637)
Taylor, John ‘The Water Poet’ Laugh and Be Fat (London 1612)
Taylor, John ‘The Water Poet’ Works ed. C. Hindley (London 1872)
Taylor, John ‘The Water Poet’ Works (London 1630) [facsimile Manchester 1869]
Taylor, Philip Meadows Confessions of a Thug 3 vols. (London 1839)
Taylor, Robert The Hog Hath Lost His Pearl (London 1614)
Taylor, Royall The Yankey in London (London 1809)
Taylor, Tadhg Top Fellas The Story of Melbourne’s Sharpie Cult 3rd edn (Melbourne 2004) [Melbourne 2013]
Taylor, Terry Baron’s Court All Change (London 1961) [Nottingham 2011]
Taylor, Tom New Men & Old Acres (London 1869)
Taylor, Tom Still Waters Run Deep (London 1855)
Taylor, Tom The Ticket-Of-Leave Man (London 1863)
Taylor, William Life in the Ranks (London 1847)
Tazewell Republican (Tazewell, VA 1892-1919)
‘T.B. Junr’ The Pettyfogger Dramatized (London 1797)
‘Teague’ Teagueland Jests or Bogg-Witticisms (London 1690)
Tegg, Thomas Tegg’s Prime Song Book (London 1810)
Teggart, F.J. (ed.) The Diary of Nelson Kingsley (Berkeley, CA 1914)
Telegram-Herald (Grand Rapids, MI 188?-1892)
Telegraph (Brisbane 1872–1988)
Telegraph, St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra Guardian (Victoria 1866-1888)
Telescope (Manchester NH fl. 1849)
Telltroth’, ‘Franck The Lunatick (London 1705)
Tempest, Paul The Lag’s Lexicon (London 1950)
Temple, Peter Bad Debts (Melbourne 1996) [London 2012]
Temple, Peter Black Tide (Melbourne 1999) [London 2012]
Temple, Peter The Broken Shore (Melbourne 2005) [London 2007]
Temple, Peter Dead Point (Melbourne 2000) [London 2008]
Temple, Peter High Art (unpub. incl in The Red Hand) (Melbourne 2019)
Temple, Peter Truth (Melbourne 2009) [London 2009]
Temple, Peter White Dog (Melbourne 2003) [London 2008]
Temple Bar Magazine (London 1860–1906)
Ten Detective Aces (New York 1933–49)
Tennant, Kylie The Battlers (London 1941)
Tennant, Kylie Foveaux (London 1939)
Tennant, Kylie The Joyful Condemned (London 1953)
Tennant, Kylie Lost Haven (Sydney 1946)
Tennant, Kylie Tell Morning This (London 1967; retitled reissue of The Joyful Condemned)
Tennant, Kylie Tiburon (Sidney, 1935)
Tennant, William Anster Fair (Edinburgh 1812)
Tennessean (Nashville, TN 1907-)
Tennyson, Alfred The Devil and the Lady (London c.1824)
‘Tensas, Madison’ (pseud. Henry Clay Lewis) Old Leaves from the Life of a Louisiana ‘Swamp Doctor’ (Philadelphia 1843) [Philadelphia 1850]
Tensas Gazette (St Joseph, LA 1852-1871)
Ten-Story Detective (New York 1938-1949)
Ten Story Gang (New York 1938–39)
Ten Story Sports (New York 1937–57)
Terkel, Studs American Dreams (New York 1980) [London 1982]
Terkel, Studs Giants of Jazz (New York 1957)
Terkel, Studs (ed.) The Good War (New York 1984)
Terkel, Studs The Great Divide (New York 1988)
Terkel, Studs Talking to Myself (New York 1977)
Terkel, Studs Working (New York 1974)
Territorial Enterprise (Virginia City, NV 1858-)
Terry, Marshall Old Liberty (London 1961) [London 1962]
Terry, Wallace Bloods (New York 1984) [New York 1985]
Terson, Peter A Night to make the Angels Weep (London 1964) [New English Dramatists No.11 Harmondsworth, UK 1967]
Terson, Peter The Apprentices (London 1968) [London 1970]
Tevis, Walter The Hustler (New York 1959) [London 1998]
Texas Lawyer (TX, 1989-)
Texas Monthly (Austin, TX 1973-)
‘Tey’, ‘Josephine’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) The Franchise Affair (London 1948) [London 1954]
‘Tey’, ‘Josephine’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) The Man in the Queue (London 1929) [New York 1929]
‘Tey’, ‘Josephine’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) Miss Pym Disposes (London 1946) [London 1957]
‘Tey’, ‘Josephine’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) The Singing Sands (London 1952)
‘Tey’, ‘Josephine’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) To Love and Be Wise (London 1950)
‘Tey’, ‘Josphine’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) A Shilling for Candles (London 1936)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Adventures of Philip (London 1862) [see Works Vol. XI]
Thackeray, William Makepeace A Shabby Genteel Story (Oxford 1840) [New York 1853]
Thackeray, William Makepeace Barry Lyndon (London 1844) [London 1905]
Thackeray, William Makepeace The Book of Snobs (London 1846–8) [see Works Vol. XIV]
Thackeray, William Makepeace Burlesques (London 1903)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Catherine (London 1842) [London 1905]
Thackeray, William Makepeace The Diary of C. Jeames de la Pluche (London 1846) [see Works Vol. III]
Thackeray, William Makepeace Early and late papers hitherto uncollected (Boston, MA 1867)
Thackeray, William Makepeace English Humorists (London 1853)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Henry Esmond (London 1852) [see Works Vol. VII]
Thackeray, William Makepeace Irish Sketch Book (London 1843)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Mr and Mrs Frank Berry (London c.1840) [London 1887]
Thackeray, William Makepeace The Newcomes 2 vols. (London 1854–5)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Paris Sketch Book (London 1840)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Pendennis 2 vols. (London 1849–50)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Ravenswing (London 1837) [London 1887]
Thackeray, William Makepeace Vanity Fair (3 vols. London 1848; 1 vol. London/Glasgow 1848)
Thackeray, William Makepeace The Virginians (London 1857)
Thackeray, William Makepeace Works 13 vols. (London 1898–9)
Thackeray, William Makepeace The Yellowplush Papers (London 1837–9) [see Works Vol. III]
Thackrey, Ted The Gambling Secrets of Nick the Greek (New York 1968)
Thackrey, Ted The Thief (New York 1971)
Thames Star (Waikato, NZ 1874-19??)
Tharunka (Sydney 1953-)
Thatcher, Charles R. The Canterbury Songster (Dunedin 1862)
Thatcher, Charles R. Colonial Songster (Melbourne 1857)
Thelwell, Michael The Harder They Come (London 1980)
‘There’s More to Life than Heaven and Earth’ [Internet] (2012–)
Theroux, Alexander Three Wogs, Gambit, Inc. (Boston, MA 1972)
Theroux, Louis Call of the Weird (London 2005)
Theroux, Paul The Collected Short Novels (London 1999) (including Murder in Mount Holly 1969)
Theroux, Paul The Family Arsenal (London 1976)
Theroux, Paul Kowloon Tong (London 1997)
Theroux, Paul The London Embassy (London 1982)
Theroux, Paul Murder in Mount Holly (London 1969) [London 1999]
Theroux, Paul My Secret History (London 1989) [London 1990]
Theroux, Paul Picture Palace (London 1978)
Thieves Slang (list from District Police Training Centre, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwicks 1935)
Thirkell, Angela Trooper to the Southern Cross (London 1934) [London 1975]
This Week Magazine (New York 1935-69)
Tholo, Maria Diary of Maria Tholo ed. C. Hermer (Johannesburg 1980)
Thomas, Herbert T. The Story of a West Indian Policeman (Kingston, Jamaica 1927)
Thomas, Leslie The Virgin Soldiers (London 1966)
Thomas, Lowell Woodfill of the Regulars (London 1929)
Thomas, Piri Down These Mean Streets (New York 1967) [London 1970]
Thomas, W.H. A Goldhunter'A adventures : or Life in Australia (Boston, MA 1864)
Thomas County Cat (Colby, KS 1885-1891)
Thomason, John W. Fix Bayonets! (London/New York 1926)
Thomason, John W. Red Pants (London/New York 1918)
Thomes, William H. A Slaver’s Adventures (Boston 1873)
Thomes, William H. The Bushrangers (New York 1873)
Thompson, Claude These My People (Kingston, Jamaica 1943)
Thompson, Daniel P. The adventures of Timothy Peacock, Esquire, or Freemasonry practically illustrated (Middlebury, VT 1835)
Thompson, Daniel Pierce The Trappers of Umbagog (Boston 1857)
Thompson, Earl A Garden of Sand (New York 1970) [London 1981]
Thompson, Earl Caldo Largo (New York 1976) [London 1980]
Thompson, Earl Tattoo (New York 1974) [London 1977]
Thompson, Edward An Indian Day (London 1933) [London 1940]
Thompson, George Anna Mowbray (New York c.1850)
Thompson, George The Gay Girls of New York (New York 1858)
Thompson, George Jack Harold (New York 1851)
Thompson, George Life and exploits of the noted criminal, Bristol Bill (as ‘Greenhorn’) (New York 1851)
Thompson, George Venus in Boston and Other Tales of Nineteenth-century City Life (New York 1849)
Thompson, Hamilton Ballads About Business and Back-Block Life (Dunedin, New Zealand 1909)
Thompson, Harold William Body, Boots and Britches (Philadelphia 1940)
Thompson, Hunter S. The Great Shark Hunt (New York 1979) [London 1980]
Thompson, Hunter S. Hell’s Angels (New York 1966) [London 1967]
Thompson, Hunter S. The Proud Highway (London 1997)
Thompson, Jim The Alcoholics (New York 1953) [New York 1993]
Thompson, Jim A Swell-Looking Babe (New York 1954)
Thompson, Jim The Criminal (New York 1953) [New York 1993]
Thompson, Jim Fireworks: The Lost Writings (New York 1988)
Thompson, Jim Four Novels (London 1983) (including Getaway 1959; Pop. 1280 1964)
Thompson, Jim Heed the Thunder (New York 1946) [New York 1994]
Thompson, Jim King Blood (written 1968) (London 1973) [London 1989]
Thompson, Jim Savage Night (New York 1953) [New York 1991]
Thompson, Jim South of Heaven (New York 1967) [London 1994]
Thompson, Jim Texas by the Tail (New York 1965) [New York 1994]
Thompson, Maurice Hoosier Mosaics (New York 1875)
Thompson, Mr The female Amazon, or a genuine accgunt [sic] of the most remarkable adventures, and complicated intrigues, displayed in the life of the celebrated and notorious Miss Fanny Davies, the Borough beauty (London 1783)
Thompson, Nathaniel A choice collection of 120 loyal songs, all of them written since the two late plots (London ante 1687)
Thompson, Nathaniel A choice collection of 180 loyal songs (London 1685)
Thompson, Roger (ed.) Pepys’ Penny Merriments (London 1976)
Thompson, William T. Chronicles of Pineville (Philadelphia 1845)
Thompson, William T. Major Jones’s Courtship (Philadelphia 1843) [New York 1872]
Thompson, William T. Major Jones’s Sketches of Travel (Philadelphia 1848)
Thoms, David The Motor Car and Popular Culture (London 1998)
Thomson, James An Uncle Too Many (London 1828)
Thorburn, Septimus Smet David Leslie: A Story of the Afghan Frontier (London 1880)
‘Thormanby’ (pseud. William Willmott Dixon) Famous Racing Men (London 1882)
Thornburg, Newton Cutter and Bone (Boston 1976) [London 2001]
Thorne, Anthony (ed.) ‘Drill Slang Glossary’ (at Forensic Linguistic Databank [online]) (London 2018-2021)
Thorne, Sandy I’ve Met Some Bloody Wags! (Sydney 1981)
Thornton, Alfred Don Juan in London 2 vols. (London 1825, 1836)
Thornton, Edward Illustrations of the History and Practices of the Thugs (London 1837)
Thornton, R.H. An American Glossary 2 vols. (Philadelphia 1912)
Thorp, C.H. A Handful of Ausseys (London 1919)
Thorp, C. Hampton A Handful of Ausseys (London 1919)
‘Thorp, Raymond’ Viper (London 1956)
Thorpe, Billy Sex and Thugs and Rock ’n’ Roll: A Year in King’s Cross 1963-1964 (Sydney 1996)
Thorpe, James (ed.) Sir George Etheredge: the Poems (Princeton, NJ 1963)
Thorpe, Thomas B. Mysteries of the Backwoods (Philadelphia 1846)
Thrale, Hester Lynch Thraliana ed. Katherine C. Balderston 2 vols. (orginal ms in 6 vols written late 18C-early 19C) (London 1942, London 1951)
Thrasher, Frederick M. . The Gang (Chicago 1927)
Three Negro Plays (Harmondsworth, UK 1969) (including Amiri Baraka (formerly LeRoi Jones) The Slave 1964; Lorraine Hansberry The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window 1964; Langston Hughes Mulatto 1935)
Thrilling Detective (New York 1931–53)
Thrilling Sports (New York 1936-51)
Thrilling Western (New York 1934–53)
Thurber, James The Years with Ross (New York 1959)
Thurman, Wallace; Rapp, William J. Harlem: A Melodrama of Negro Life in Harlem (in Collected Writings) (Rutgers, NJ/London 2003)
Thurmond, John Harlequin Sheppard (London 1724)
Thurston, Edgar; Rangachari, K. Castes and Tribes of Southern India 7 vols. (Madras 1909)
Thwaite, Anthony (ed.) Selected Letters of Philip Larkin (London 1992)
Tidyman, Ernest Shaft (New York 1970) [London 1997]
Tiffin Tribune (Tiffin, OH 1848-)
Tiffin Weekly Tribune (Tiffin, OH 1859-1868)
Tijuana Bibles (
Tilley, Morris Palmer Proverbs (London 1950)
Tillotson, F.H. How I Became a Detective (New York 1909)
Timaru Herald (Canterbury 1864-1928)
Time (New York 1923–)
Time Out (London 1968–)
Time Out Guide to New York (11th edn) (New York 2003)
Times (Washington, DC 1895-1939)
Times (Philadelphia, PA 1875-1902)
Times (London 1788–)
Times (Owosso, MI 1897-1926)
Times (Munster, IN fl. 1936-1959)
Times (Richmond, VA 1890-)
Times (Shreveport, LA 1871-)
Times and Democrat (Orangeburg, SC 1881-)
Times Democrat (Orangeburg, SC 1881-)
Times-Democrat (New Orleans 1881-1914)
Times Dispatch (Richmond, VA 1903-)
Times Literary Supplement (London 1902-)
Times of India (Bombay (Mumbai) 1861-)
Times of India (Bombay (Mumbai) 1838-)
Times-Picayune (New Orleans, LA 1914-1980)
Times-Record (Troy, NY 1935-1988)
Times Recorder (Zanesville, OH ) [Mar.-Nov. 1966]
Times-Tribune (Scranton, PA 1990-)
Tipperary Free Press (Tipperary, Eire 1826-1870)
‘Titcomb, Timothy’ (pseud. Josiah Holland) Titcomb’s Letters to Young People, Single and Married (New York 1859)
Tlali, Miriam Footprints in the Quag (Cape Town/Johannesburg 1989)
Toby the sapient pig, the greatest curiosity of the present day (London c. 1820)
Tocsin (Melbourne, Vic. 1897-1906)
Todasco, Ruth Intelligent Woman’s Guide to Dirty Words (Chicago, IL 1973)
Toiler (Cleveland, OH 1919-1922)
Toldervy, William History of the Two Orphans (London 1756)
‘Tolhurst’, ‘Geoffrey’ (pseud. Rena Cross) Flat 4 King’s Cross (Sydney 1963) [Sydney 1966]
Tomahawk (Becker Co., MN. 1903-192?)
Tomalin, Catain Venturesome Tom (London 1908)
Tombstone Epitaph (Tombstone, AZ 1880-)
Tomkis, Thomas Albumazar (London 1614)
Tomlinson, Ralph Slang Pastoral (London 1780)
Tom Tel-Troths message, and his pens complaint (London 1600)
The tongue combatants, or A sharp dispute between a comical couragious country grasier, and a London bull-feather'd butchers twitling, twatling, turbulent, thundering, tempestuous, terrifying, taunting, troublesome, talkative tongu’d wife (London 1684)
Took, Barry (ed.) The Max Miller Blue Book (London 1975)
Took, Barry; Feldman, Marty Round the Horne (BBC radio scripts) (1966-67)
Toole, F.X. Pound for Pound (New York 2006)
Toole, F.X. Rope Burns (New York 2000)
Tooly, Thomas Homer travestie (London 1720)
Topeka Capital (Topeka, KS 1879–)
Topeka Daily Herald (Topeka, KS 1901-1907)
Topeka Journal (Topeka, KS 1885–)
Topeka State Journal (Topeka, KS 1892-1980)
Topix Local News (Johannesburg, Sth Afr. current)
Top Notch (New York 1910–37)
Topping, Eugene S. The Chronicles of the Yellowstone (1883) [Minneapolis 1968]
Topsell, Edward The History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents and Insects (London 1608)
Toronto Star (Toronto, Canada 1892-)
Toronto Sun (Toronto, Canada 1971-)
Torres, Edwin After Hours (New York 1979) [London 1999]
Torres, Edwin Carlito’s Way (New York 1975)
Torres, Edwin Q&A (New York 1977)
Tosches, Nick Trinities (New York 1994)
Tosches, Nick Where Dead Voices Gather (New York 2002) [ms. 2001]
Totally True Diaries of an Eighties Roller Queen [Internet] (1983–1992) [? early 2000s Internet edition]
‘Touré’ The Portable Promised Land (Boston 2002) [ms. 2002]
Tourgée, Albion A Fool’s Errand (New York 1879)
Tourneur, Cyril The Revenger’s Tragedy ed. B. Gibbons (Mermaid Series) (London 1607) [London 1967]
Town & Country Magazine (New York 1901-)
Towneley Mysteries and Miracle Plays (c. 1460) [facsimile of Huntingdon Library Ms.; San Marino, CA/Leeds Univ. UK 1976]
Townley, James High Life Below Stairs (London 1759)
Townsend, Edward A Daughter of the Tenements (New York 1895)
Townsend, Edward Chimmie Fadden (London edn only 1897)
Townsend, Edward Chimmie Fadden and Mr Paul (New York 1902)
Townsend, Edward Chimmie Fadden Explains (New York 1895)
Townsend, Edward Near a Whole City Full (New York 1897)
Townsend, Edward Sure (New York 1904)
Townsend, G.A. Bohemian Days (New York 1879)
Townsend, John The Legion of the Damned (London 1961)
Townsend, Joseph Phipps Rambles and Observations in New South Wales (London 1849)
Townsville Daily Bulletin (Townsville, Qld 1881-)
Town Talk (London 1858-59)
Trace (New York 1996–)
Tracey, Hugh T. (ed.) Lalela Zulu (100 Zulu Lyrics)
Tracks (orig. Queensland, now New South Wales, Aus. 1970–)
Tracy, Honor Mind You, I’ve Said Nothing (London 1953) [London 1961]
‘Traill, Armitage’ (pseud. Maurice Coons) Scarface (Chicago 1930)
Traill, Sinclair; Lascelles, Gerald Just Jazz (London 1957)
Train, Arthur True Stories of Crime from the District Attorney’s Office (New York 1908)
Tralee Chronicle (Tralee, Eire 1843-1870)
Trans-action (St. Louis, MO 1963-1967)
Traven, B. Death Ship (Brooklyn, NY 1934)
Traven, B. Treasure of the Sierra Madre (New York 1935)
Travers, Susan Tomorrow To Be Brave (New York 2000)
Trebek, Alex The Answer Is... (New York 2020)
Tregaskis, Richard Vietnam Diary (New York 1963)
Treherne, John Dangerous Precincts (London 1987)
Tremlett, George Little Legs: Muscleman of Soho (London 1989)
Tressell, Robert The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (London 1914) [London 1955]
Trevelyan, G.O. The Competition Wallah (London 1864)
Trevelyan, G.O. ‘The Dawk Bungalow, or, ‘Is his Appointment Pucka?’’ (London 1866) [in Fraser’s Magazine Mar.]
Trevor, William Angels at the Ritz (London 1975)
Trevor, William Felicia’s Journey (London 1994) [London 1995]
Trevor, William Fools of Fortune (London 1983)
Tribune (Seymour, IN 1920-)
The Tricks of the town laid open; or, A companion for country gentlemen; Being the Substance of Seventeen Letters from a Gentleman in London to His Friend in the Country, to Dissuade Him from Coming to Town … with a Description of the Present State of It 4th edn (London 1755)
Trimble, John 5,000 Adult Sex Words and Phrases (North Hollywood, CA 1966)
Trinidad Sentinel (Trinidad fl.1850s)
Triple-X Magazine (New York 1924-36)
Tritton, Harold P. Time Means Tucker (Sydney 1964)
Tri-Weekly News (Winnsboro, SC 1865-1876)
Trollope, Anthony Dr Thorne (New York 1858)
Trollope, Anthony The Duke’s Children (London 1880) [London 1954]
Trollope, Anthony Framley Parsonage (London 1861)
Trollope, Anthony South Africa (London 1878)
Trollope, Anthony The Three Clerks (London 1857) [London 1869]
Trollope, Anthony The Way We Live Now (London 1875)
Trosper, Guy Jailhouse Rock (film script) (Hollywood, CA 1957)
Troubridge, Laura Life amongst Troubridges (written 1873–84) [London 1966]
‘Trovato, Ben’ On the Run (Cape Town 2007)
Trowbridge, John T. Cudjo’s Cave (Boston 1864)
Troy Herald (Troy, MO 1873-90)
‘Truck, Bill’ (pseud. John Howell) The Man o’ War’s Man (London 1843)
The True Colonist : Van Diemen’s Land political despatch, and agricultural and commercial advertiser (Hobart, Tas., 1834-1844)
True Detective (New York 1925–95)
The True Flash (New York fl. 1841)
True Magazine [April 1966]
True Northerner (Paw Paw, MI 1855-1920)
‘Truhen’, ‘Aidan’ (pseud. Nick Harkaway) Seven Demons (New York 2021)
‘Truhen’, ‘Aiden’ (pseud. Nick Harkaway) The Price You Pay (London 2018)
Trumble, Alfred The Heathen Chinee (New York, 1882)
Trumble, Alfred Man-Traps of New York (New York 1881)
Trumble, Alfred The Mott Street Poker Club (New York, 1888)
Trumble, Alfred The Mysteries of New York (New York, 1882)
Trumble, Alfred Slang Dictionary of New York, London and Paris (New York 1881) [New York 1890]
Trumble, Alfred The Thompson Street Poker Club (New York 1906)
Truran, John Where the Plain Begins (Sydney 1933)
Truscott, Lucian K. Dress Gray (New York 1978) [London 1979]
Trussell, Jake After Hours Poetry (New York 1958)
Truth (Brisbane, Qld 1900-1954)
Truth (Sydney, NSW 1890–1958)
Truth (Salt Lake City, UT 1901-1908)
Truth (Melbourne 1914-1918)
Truth (Perth, WA 1903-1931)
Truth (London 1877-1957)
Truth (Wellington, NZ 1905–c.1982)
Trynski, Tom (ed.) Old Fulton New York Post Cards (website:
Tuapeka Times (Otago, NZ 1873-1941)
Tucker, Abraham Light of Nature (London 1765)
Tucson Weekly (Tucson, AZ 1984-)
Tucumcari News (Tucumcari, NM 1905-1933)
Tucumcari News and Times (Tucumcari, NM 1907-21)
Tudury, Henry Jetton Diary (from First World War) [Internet:]
Tuff Shit Comics (Berkeley 1972)
Tufts, Henry A Narrative of the Life, Adventures, Travels and Sufferings of Henry Tufts (Dover, NH 1807) [New York 1930]
Tullipan, Ron Follow the Sun, a novel of the Australian waterfront (Sydney, Australia 1960)
Tully, Jim Beggars of Life (London 1925)
Tully, Jim The Bruiser (London 1937)
Tully, Jim Jarnegan (New York 1926) [London 1928]
Tully, Jim Shadows of Men (New York 1930)
Tully, Jim Shanty Irish (London 1929)
Tulsa Daily World (Tulsa, OK 1905-1919)
Tunberg, Karl; Ware, Darrellq Orchestra Wives (film script) (Hollywood, CA 1942)
‘Tunney, Jack’ The Cutman [ebook] (2011)
‘Tunney, Jack’ Split Decision (New York 2011)
‘Tunney, Jack’ Tomato Can Comeback (New York 2012)
Tuohy, Ferdinand Inside Dope (London 1934)
Tupper, Vernon; Wortley, Richard Australian Prison Slang Glossary (Charles Sturt University, New South Wales 1990)
Turbervile, George The Booke of Falconri or Hawking (London 1611)
Turnbull, Andrew (ed.) The Letters of F. Scott Fitzgerald (London 1964)
Turner, Ethel Little Larrikin (London 1896)
Turner, George W. The English Language in Australia and New Zealand (London 1966; 2nd edn 1972)
Tuscaloosa News (Tuscaloosa, AL 1818–)
Tusser, Thomas Five Hundred Pointes of Good Husbandrie (London 1573) [London 1878]
TV Guide (New York 1953–)
‘Twain, Mark’ (pseud. Samuel Clemens) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Hartford, CT 1876)
‘Twain, Mark’ (pseud. Samuel Clemens) A Tramp Abroad (New York 1880)
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