Green’s Dictionary of Slang


Jack Adams his perpetual almanack with astrological rules and instructions, directing to an exact knowledge of all future things till the morrow after doomsday. Together with his rare art of fortune-telling, and interpretation of dreams (London 1662, 1663)
Jack Dempsey’s Fight Magazine (New York 1934)
Jackie (Dundee 1964–93)
Jackson, Albert Trader on the Veld (Cape Town 1958)
Jackson, Alfred T. Diary of a Forty-Niner (written 1850s; publ. New York 1906)
Jackson, Bruce A Thief’s Primer (New York 1969)
Jackson, Bruce Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me (Cambridge, MA 1974)
Jackson, Bruce In the Life: Versions of the Criminal Experience (New York 1972)
Jackson, Bruce Killing Time (Ithaca, NY 1977)
Jackson, Bruce Wake Up Dead Man (Harvard, MA 1972) [Athens, GA 1999]
Jackson, Bruce; Christian, Diane Death Row (Boston 1980)
Jackson, George Stuyvesant Early Songs of Uncle Sam (Boston 1933)
Jackson, Jenny Pineapple Street (New York 2023)
Jackson, Louis E.; Hellyer, C.R. Vocabulary of Criminal Slang (Portland, OR 1914)
Jackson, Stanley An Indiscreet Guide to Soho (London 1946)
Jackson Daily Standard (Jackson, OH 1873-188?)
Jackson Herald (Jackson, MO 1897-1911)
Jackson Hole Guide (Jackson Hole, MT 1952-)
Jackson Sun (Jackson, TN 19??-)
Jacob, Charles Treatise of Hermaphradites 2 vols. (London 1718)
Jacob, Naomi The Man Who Found Himself (London 1929) [London 1952]
Jacobs, Jane The Death and Life of Great American Cities, (New York 1961)
Jacobs, Jim; Casey, Warren C. Grease (New York 1972)
Jacobs, Steve The Enemy Within (Oxford 1995)
Jacobs, W.W. The Monkey’s Paw (London 1962)
Jacobson, Dan A Dance in the Sun (London 1956)
Jacobson, Julius The Revelations of a Police Court Interpreter, or, ‘Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction’ (London 1866)
Jacoby, Richard Conversations With the Capeman: The Untold Story of Salvador Agron (New York 2000)
Jah Lyrics Dictionary [Internet] (Jamaica 2009-)
Jahrbuch für sexuelle Zwischenstufen No.11 (Leipzig 1910)
Jamaica Gleaner (Jamaica Gleaner Kingston, Jamaica 1834-)
Jamaica Journal (Jamaica, West Indies 1967-)
Jamaican Patwah [Internet] (Jamaica 2013-)
Jamaica Observer (Jamaica, West Indies 1993-)
Jamaica Star (Kingston, Jamaica 1951-)
James, Antony America’s Homosexual Underground (New York 1965)
James, Bill The Detective is Dead (London 1995)
James, Henry The Ambassadors (Boston, MA 1903)
James, Hugo A Volunteer’s Scramble Through Scinde, the Punjab, Hindostan, and the Himalayah Mountains 2 vols. (London 1854)
James, P.D. Innocent Blood (London 1980) [London 1981]
James, Stanley The Vagabond Papers: Sketches of Melbourne Life (series 1–5) (Melbourne 1876–8)
James, Will The Drifting Cowboy (New York 1924) [New York 1931]
James, Will Lone Cowboy (New York 1930)
James, Will Smoky (New York 1926)
Jamestown Weekly (ND 1882-1925)
Jamestown (Weekly) Alert (Jamestown, ND 1882-1925)
Jamieson, John Etymological Dictionary of the Scottish Language (Edinburgh 1808; Supplement 1825)
Jankowski, Martin S. Islands in the Street (Berkeley and Los Angeles/London 1991)
‘Janson, Hank’ Revolt (London 1957)
‘Janson, Hank’ Situation Grave (London 1958)
Jarman, Derek Smiling in Slow Motion (London 2000)
Jarrow Express (Jarrow, 1873-1920)
Jasper News (MO 1898-1924)
Jasper Weekly Courier (Jasper, IN 1858-1922)
Jay, Karla; Young, Allen (eds.) The Gay Report (New York 1979)
Jay, Karla; Young, Allen (eds.) Lavender Culture (New York 1978) [New York 1979]
Jay, Paul (ed.) Selected Correspondence of Kenneth Burke and Malcolm Cowley (Berkeley and Los Angeles 1990)
Jazz for Moderns (New York 1959)
Jefferson County Republican (Jefferson County, Golden, CO fl. 1945)
Jeffersonian Republican (Stroudsburg, PA 1840-1853)
Jekyll, Walter Jamaican Song and Story (London 1907)
Jen, Gish Typical American (Boston 1991) [London 1998]
Jenins, Dan The Money-Whipped Steer-Job Three-Jack Give-Up Artist (New York 2001)
Jenins, Dan; Shrake, Edwin Limo (New York 1976)
Jenkins, Dan Baja Oklahoma (New York 1981)
Jenkins, Dan Dead Solid Perfect (New York 1974)
Jenkins, Dan The Dogged Victims of Inexorable Fate (New York 1970)
Jenkins, Dan Fast Copy (New York 1988)
Jenkins, Dan The Franchise Babe (New York 2008)
Jenkins, Dan His Ownself (New York 2014)
Jenkins, Dan Life Its Ownself (New York 1984) [New York 1985]
Jenkins, Dan The Reunion at Herb's Café (Fort Woth, TX 2019)
Jenkins, Dan Rude Behavior (New York 1998)
Jenkins, Dan Saturday's America (New York 1970)
Jenkins, Dan Semi-Tough (New York 1972)
Jenkins, Dan Slim and None (New York 2001)
Jenkins, Dan Stick a Fork in Me (New York 2017)
Jenkins, Dan ‘You Call It Sports, But I say It's a Jungle Out There’ (New York 1989)
Jenkins, Dan You Gotta Play Hurt (New Yrok 1991)
Jenkins, Edward The Captain’s Cabin: A Christmas Yarn (London 1877)
Jenkins, Edward The Coolie, His Rights and Wrongs (New York 1871)
Jennifer’s Jibberish [Internet] (a.1999–)
Jennings, Christian Mouthful of Rocks (London 1989)
Jennings, David Skinflicks : the inside story of the x-rated video industry (Bloomington, IN 2000)
Jennings, Frank Tramping with Tramps (London 1932)
Jennings, Gertrude Poached Eggs and Pearls (French’s Acting Edition of Plays No.2535) (London 1917)
Jennings, Humphrey; Madge, Charles (eds.) May the Twelfth: Mass-Observation Day-Surveys 1937 (London 1937)
Jephcott, Agnes P. Time of One’s Own (Edinburgh 1967)
Jephson, R. Mounteney The Roll of the Drum and Other Tales (London 1880)
Jeremie, W.H. Furlough Reminiscences, Thoughts and Strayings, The Kote Masool, and The Duel (Calcutta 1849)
Jeremie, William Henry Furlough Reminiscences, Thoughts and Strayings, The Kote Masool, and The Duel ([‘only a few copies printed and solely for private circulation’]) (Calcutta 1849)
Jerome, Jerome K. Second Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (London 1898)
Jerome, Jerome K. Three Men in a Boat (London 1889)
Jerome, Jerome K. Three Men on the Bummel (London 1900)
Jerrold, Douglas Ambrose Gwinett (London 1828)
Jerrold, Douglas Black-Ey’d Susan (London 1829)
Jerrold, Douglas Catspaw (London 1850)
Jerrold, Douglas The Golden Calf (London 1828) [London 1832]
Jerrold, Douglas Heart of Gold (London 1854)
Jerrold, Douglas Men of Character 3 vols. (London 1838)
Jerrold, Douglas Mrs Caudle’s Curtain Lectures (London 1846)
Jerrold, Douglas St Giles and St James (London 1857)
Jerrold, Douglas The Story of a Feather (London 1844)
Jerry on the Job (cartoon strip) (New York 1913-32)
Jersey Independent & Daily Telegraph (St Helier, Jersey 1855-1862)
Jervis, Eustace 25 Years in Six Prisons (London 1925)
Jesse, John H. George Selwyn and his Contemporaries (London 1843)
Jessop, George H. ‘Dreams Go by Contraries’ (New York 1893) [in McClure’s Magazine Sept.]
Jessup, Richard Sailor (Boston 1969)
Jet Magazine (Chicago, IL 1951-)
Jewett, Sarah Orne Deephaven (Boston, MA 1877)
The Jewish Chronicle (London 1841-)
Jewish Guardian (London 1919-31)
Jewish Herald (Houston, TX 1908-1914)
Jewish South (Richmond, VA fl. 1897)
The Jew Swindler (London 1790)
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer Three Continents (London 1987) [London 1988]
Jim Crow’s Song-Book (Newcastle 1839)
Jimplecute (Jefferson, TX 1848-)
The Jive Bible [Internet] (1996–c.2008)
Joaks upon Joaks; or, no joak like a true joak (London c.1770)
Joburg [Internet] (City of Johannesburg) (c.1998–)
Jocknick, Sidney Early Days on the Western Slope of Colorado (Glorieta, NM 1913)
Johansen, Lenie Dinkum Dictionary (Melbourne 1988)
John, Binoo K. Entry From Backside Only: Hazaar Fundas of Indian-English (Kolkata 2007)
John, Colin Nothing to Lose (London 1955)
John Bull (London 1822-1892)
John O’Groat Journal (Edinburgh fl. 1839-71)
John O’Groat Journal (Wick, Scotland 1836-)
John O’London’s Weekly (London 1919–54)
Johnson, Albert My Infamous Life (New York 2011)
Johnson, B.S. All Bull: The National Servicemen (London 1973)
Johnson, Charles Cælia : or, the perjur'd lover (London 1732)
Johnson, Charles History of the Lives and Adventures of the most famous Highwaymen, Murderers, Street Robbers, &c. (London 1734)
Johnson, Charles S. Growing Up in the Black Belt (Washington, DC 1941)
Johnson, C.S. Shadow of the Plantation (Chicago 1934)
Johnson, Donald M. Indian Hemp (London 1952)
Johnson, George W. The Stranger in India, or, Three Years in Calcutta 2 vols. (London 1843)
Johnson, James The Influence of Tropical Climates, more especially the Climate of India, on European Constitutions (London 1813)
Johnson, James The Recess, or Autumnal Relaxation in the Highlands and Lowlands (London 1834)
Johnson, James Weldon The Autobiography of an Ex-Coloured Man (New York 1912)
Johnson, James Weldon Black Manhattan (New York 1930)
Johnson, John The Academy of Love (London 1641)
Johnson, Linton Kwesi Dread Beat and Blood (London 1975)
Johnson, Linton Kwesi Inglan Is A Bitch (London 1980)
Johnson, Linton Kwesi Mi Revalueshanary Fren (London 2002)
Johnson, Linton Kwesi Voices of the Living Dead (London 1974)
Johnson, Owen Max Fargus (New York 1906)
Johnson, Owen The Varmint (New York 1910)
Johnson, Paul A History of the Jews (London 1987)
Johnson, Samuel Dictionary of the English Language 2 vols. (London 1755) [London 1785]
Johnston, Charles Chrysal, or the Adventures of a Guinea 2 vols. (London 1760)
Johnston, Máirín Around the Banks of Pimlico (Dublin 1985)
Johnstone, Gordon The Fish Factory (Palmerston North, New Zealand 1981)
Joliet Signal (Joliet, IL 1844-18??)
Jones, Charles; Jones, Eugene The Face of War (New York 1951)
Jones, Edwin E. Diary (from First World War) [Internet:]
Jones, Erasmus A trip through London : Containing observations on men and things. Viz. An account of the vast numbers of forreigners yearly imported. How Wales sends more footmen than gentlemen to London, with an account of their behaviour. A reason why the streets and highways in the city and liberty of Westminster, are kept in no better repair. A description of the Coffee-Houses about Whitehall. A merry dissertation upon news-papers, authors, printers, and publishers. An entertaining description of St. James's Park ; how the horse guards ; are worse soldiers and better subjects than the foot guards: A remarkable recounter between a bawd and a sodomite, on one of the seats near Buckingham-House [etc.] (London 1728)
Jones, Jack Rhyming Cockney Slang (Bristol, UK 1971)
Jones, James From Here To Eternity (New York 1952) [London 1998]
Jones, James The Thin Red Line (New York 1962) [London 1963]
Jones, James A. Haverhill: Or, Memoirs of an Officer in the Army of Wolfe 3 vols. (New York 1831)
Jones, J.S. The People’s Lawyer (Boston, MA 1839)
Jones, Lesley Ann TeenSpeak [Internet] (1996–c.2002)
Jones, Lisa Bulletproof Diva (New York 1994)
‘Jones, Major Joseph’ (pseud. William T. Thompson) Major Jones’s Sketches of Travel (Philadelphia 1848)
Jones, Stephen Mack August Snow (New York 2017)
Jones, Stephen Mack Lives Laid Away (New York 2019)
Jones, Terry The Curse of the Vampire Socks (London 1988)
Jones, T.F. Jones Stairway to the Sea (New York 1962)
Jones, Thom The Pugilist at Rest (London 1993)
Jones, Tristan Adrift (New York 1980)
Jones, Tristan Heart of Oak (London 1984)
Jones-Parry, S. An Old Soldier’s Memories (London 1897)
Jonson, Ben The Alchemist (London 1610)
Jonson, Ben Bartholomew Fair (London 1614)
Jonson, Ben The Case Is Altered (London 1597–8)
Jonson, Ben Cynthia’s Revels (London 1600)
Jonson, Ben Devil is an Ass (London 1616)
Jonson, Ben (ed.) Epicene, or, The silent woman (London 1609)
Jonson, Ben Every Man In his Humour (London 1598)
Jonson, Ben Every Man Out of his Humour (London 1599)
Jonson, Ben The Gypsies Metamorphosed (London 1621) [Text C ed. G.W. Cole; New York 1931]
Jonson, Ben The Irish Masque (London 1616) [London 1692]
Jonson, Ben The Magnetic Lady (London 1632)
Jonson, Ben The New Inn (London 1629)
Jonson, Ben The Poetaster (London 1601)
Jonson, Ben Q. Horatius Flaccus: His Art of Poetry Englished; with other workes (London 1640)
Jonson, Ben Sejanus (London 1603)
Jonson, Ben The Silent Woman (London 1609)
Jonson, Ben The Staple of News (London 1626)
Jonson, Ben Tale of a Tub (London 1633)
Jonson, Ben Volpone (London 1605)
Jordan, John-Paul Joys of War (Barnsley, Yorks 2018)
Jordan, Thomas A Royal Arbor of Loyal Poesie (London 1664)
Jordan, Thomas The Walks of Islington and Hogsdon (London 1657)
Joseph, Michael K. A Pound of Saffron (London 1962)
‘‘Josephine Tey’’ (pseud. Elizabeth MacKintosh) Brat Farrar (London 1949)
Joshi, Ruchir Last Jet-Engine Laugh (Noida, Uttar Pradesh 2001)
Joso, Jayne Soothing Music for Stray Cats (London 2009)
Joubert, Elsa Poppie (London 1980)
Journal (Adelaide, SA 1912-1923)
Journal and Confederate (Camden, SC 1865)
Journal-Courier (Jacksonville, IL 1830-)
Journal Gazette (Mattoon, IL 1991-2010)
Journal News (White Plains, NY 1852-)
Journal of American Folklore (New York c.1890–)
Journal of Discourses (Los Angeles, CA fl. 1854-61)
Journal of Homosexuality (New York 1974–)
Journal of Social Hygiene (New York fl. 1920s)
Journal of Social Psychology (Washington, DC 1929-)
Journal of the American Institute of Criminal Law and Criminology (Chicago, IL) [1918-1919]
Journal of the East India Association (London 1867-c.1885)
Journal of the History of Sexuality (Chicago, IL )
Journal-Times (Racine, WI 1972-)
Joyce, James Dubliners (London 1914) [London 1956]
Joyce, James Exiles (London 1916) [London 1979]
Joyce, James Finnegans Wake (London 1939) [London 1959]
Joyce, James Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (London 1916)
Joyce, James Ulysses (Paris, France 1922) [facsimile of 1st edn London 1993]
Joyce, P.W. English as We Speak it in Ireland (Dublin 1910) [facsimile London 1979]
Juarez, Juan Antonio Brotherhood of Corruption (Chicago, IL 2004)
Judd, Sylvester Margaret 2 vols. (Boston 1845) [Boston 1851]
Judd, Sylvester Richard Edney and the Governor’s Family (Boston, MA 1880)
The Judge (New York 1881-1947)
Judges, A.V. The Elizabethan Underworld (London 1930)
Juliet Courier (Joliet, IL 1840-43)
‘Juniper, William’ The True Drunkard’s Delight (London 1933)
Jurgensen, Randy; Cea, Robert Circle of Six (New York 2006)
Justin, John Prisoner (Christchurch 1973)
‘Justinian’ Americana Sexualis (Chicago 1938)
‘J.W.L.’ (pseud. John W. Lethaby) Slave Stories in Rubber Seeking (London 1913)